No Terrorist Prick Can Pop The Media Bias Cherry

The far left Washington Post dared to stare into the navel of darkness. A phone call from Mujahideen Mateen in the middle of his queer killing rampage.

The shock hits the Ace Reporter like a letter to the editor he doesn’t agree with. He’s taken aback. His safe space in the newsroom had its pretty panties yanked down over the phone, and what happened next – only a licensed otolaryngologist or speech pathologist will ever know:

And he was speaking it very quickly. And that is when I said to him, ‘Sir. Please. Speak in English, please.’”

“I did it for ISIS,” the caller said, according to Gentili, “I did it for the Islamic State.”

Clearly confused by Madeen’s admission of being an ISIS supporting jihadi, the audial rorschach of his keenly honed journalistic training took over:

Ace Reporter: Sir, I don’t understand. Did you say you’re a Trump loving, gayhating, Christian bigot?

The gentle refugee, seemingly more incensed in a fit a righteous rightwing rage continued…

Mateen: In shallah, with Allah as my witness, we are taking the fight to the great Satan America, and I have hostages in the bathroom of the club Pulse.

Ace Reporter:. Let me write this down…you plan on making America great again by locking the LGBT community out of a public bathroom. Is that what this is about?

Mateen:. For fuck’s sake, are you listening to me? My father is an inspiration and who has spoken with John Kerry and Charles Rangel personally about becoming the rightful president of Afghanistan and I am going to take my MCX rifle and exact divine justice on the amyl popping infidels!

Ace Reporter: You said Trump’s speech in Florida inspired you to buy a fully automatic AR-15 machine gun because of same sex bathrooms?

Mateen:. Are you using a Boost Mobile or some shit? I’m going to hang up and kill these fucking ankle grabbing rump rangers now. Your time will come.


And with that, my ear cried in awareness of the diversity being silenced by the consequence of Republican intolerance. Another AR-15, the deadliest, most high powered weapon conceived, weapon of choice that was only meant for the battlefield was in the hands of another bitter clinging NRA supporter.

If I had something to pray to, I’d do it. Hopefully, a cop not beating an innocent, unarmed African-American bound for college could use his gun to persuade this wayward son of climate change refugees out of the Faux News echo chamber of homphobic hate.

Or, an offering to Gaia to balm the feelings of shame I feel as an American college graduate, at all those Christian bakers cheering in the streets for cakes not being delivered to same sex marriage ceremonies. Now their ovens of hate will stay as cold as their bigoted hearts. As cold…as the graves.

It Starts With An “F” and Ends With a “t”

Always addressing his most urgent presidential duties, Ayatollah Obama The Pious counsels his vaginally afflicted constituents with another round of confusing doublespeak:

Fresh off endorsing a woman to succeed him in the Oval Office, President Barack Obama stood before 5,000 convened as part of a White House summit on women and delivered his most robustly feminist speech yet.

“I may be a little grayer than I was eight years ago,” Obama told the advocates. “But this is what a feminist looks like.”

It may start with an “f” and end with a “t” but “feminist” was not the first word that came to mind as to what you look like, oh, Mad(emoiselle) Mullah.

Ayatollah Obama The Pious

In case anyone missed it, Ayatollah Obama the Pious held a bitter, angry press conference today because he was mad he was being forced to say “radical Islam”. Ayatollah Obama – the ultimate arbiter of what is and what isn’t Islam.

In it, he showed more flashes of anger than he did at his fellow Muzzloid that killed 50 of his fellow gays. And still, you see which one he sided with.

You can’t defeat what you’re afraid to call by it’s name. The disease of Islam that infects the civilized world from the podium of The White House.

Orlando Gay Nightclub Absorbs Islamic Terrorism Attack

Thanks for taking one for the team. And let’s not overreact, ok?

We likely have hundreds of thousands of Islamic radicals in the U.S. who have overstayed their visas, snuck across the border, imported as “refugees” of climate change, or just lied their way through our intentionally broken screening process – and they haven’t attacked our amoral country yet. An acceptable level of exceptions perhaps.

Nothing to worry your pretty, little head over.

But America puts that hunky Brawny paper towel man to shame with our absorption rate and Orlando Police and EMTs are the quicker picker uppers this weekend.

Let me break down the media narrative for how this is going to go.

1) Pretend that it was white, christian, ambiguously named “domestic terrorism” until reality can no longer be denied.

2) Once Islamic terrorism is established, humanize the murderer as having a hard life and who may have had legitimate grievances against our country for some perceived injustice.

3) Call the terrorist a “US citizen” to explain away that he is a Muslim who was either born here from refugees or was navigated through aforementioned broken screening procedures. Also, to muddy the waters and confuse LIVs as to who was responsible again.

4) Make this about “gun violence” and our wholly inadequate way to keep firearms out of the hands of people who our government was wholly inadequate in keeping out of the country in the first goddamn place.

5) Assiduously avoid blaming Obama, the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, or any of our other government employees who are monitoring everyone’s cellphones and bank records but, yet, can never arrest these kinds of people in advance even when their file has more red flags than a Moscow military parade.

The Shame Sticks To You Like ____________

We’ll file this Saturday afternoon (April 16, 2016) interview with Monica Lewinsky under battlestation prep. They tried to rehabilitate Lewinsky last year with some Ted Talks about how she was the first victim of internet bullying which is a newsflash to anyone who had ever engaged in a discussion with anyone else on the internet prior to 1998.

In comes the Guardian to try and wipe off Lewinsky’s stain from the front of Hillary’s Mao Tse Tung housecoats:

“That people could read the transcripts was horrific enough,” Lewinsky said in her TED talk, “but a few weeks later the audio tapes [the telephone calls Tripp secretly recorded] were aired on TV, and significant portions made available online. The public humiliation was excruciating. Life was almost unbearable.”

“I felt like every layer of my skin and my identity were ripped off of me in ’98 and ’99,” she tells me now. “It’s a skinning of sorts. You feel incredibly raw and frightened. But I also feel like the shame sticks to you like tar.”

So the publicity of the Tripp transcripts coming out installed an, heretofore, unknown feeling of “shame” into Ms. Lewinsky that was not present as she was having sex with a married man who happened was faceblasting her with his presidential payload while on her knees upon the eagle carpeting of the Oval Office.

The transcript coming out is when the shame happened. Everything up to that point was enough to make a Daddy proud.

Lewinsky talking about how shame “sticks” to you could easily fill a library of regrettable similes. All of the abuse she’s had to swallow because she didn’t swallow. But she controls the narrative now, America.

This rehabilitated cumdumpster is going to recycle your insults and sort them into color coded baskets to be harnessed for some useful purpose. Please wash your milky, white tar shame out of any containers before tossing them at the trash can of her life.

She’s developed an entire line of text message “anti-bullying” hug emojis for Vodafone. I am totally not shitting you.

It ends with her and the Guardian writer watching Trump on tv talking about how he’s going to drag her into the campaign as “fair game” to attack Clinton. Which it is.

She’s mad at Trump. The “unmistakable yellow blob” as he’s referred to in the anti-bullying / anti-shaming piece. Will he get an emoji? She’s not mad at Hillary who referred to her as a deranged stalker knowing full well that it was her hubby stalking the husky aisle at Lane Bryant for off-the-rack hoe bags.

But again. This is just prep work for Hillary. She took a round to the chest for Bill and 20 years later she’s going to take another one on the chin for her boyfriend’s wife.

Professional Outsider Seeks Career Insider

Pretzel logic from the carnival barker:

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump said he is “95 percent” sure he would pick a veteran politician for vice president if elected.

He said he would choose “somebody that can walk into the Senate and who’s been friendly with these guys for 25 years, and people for 25 years and can get things done” in an extensive interview with The Washington Post published Saturday.

How does one stay in Congress for 25 years and not be an establishment sell-out? Or the scumbag lobbyist who pays people off for quid pro quos? I’ve been told that Ted Cruz had been there for half a term and that all-of-the-sudden it’s his GOPe ™! If there’s one thing we don’t want it’s that “insider” Cruz who no one likes.

We want that for real insider who can harness his legendary compromising skills that got us 19 trillion dollars in debt in the first place.

Who would this be? Gingrich? Sessions? Kasich? Grassley? DeMint? DeLay? Hatch? Boehner? McConnell? Barbour? Alexander?

Who are these great, elder statesmen of the Republican Party with 25 year, highly overrated track records for “getting things done”? If they’re older than Trump, they’d leave no succession plan in place in the event he won.

Because I can’t think of one that is worth a damn and would shore up skeptical conservatives or not bring on more baggage. None from that list strike me as a game changer.

No former Congressmen turned Governors would seem to fit that description. Pence, Brownback, Snyder, Hutchison, Scott.

Obviously, this would be guided by Black, Manafort, Stone, and Kelly at this point. So someone on their roster that they’ve been lobbying during the last two decades. A known quantity.

Unfortunately, that would be everybody from Bush loyalists, to John McCain, to Jack Abramaoff, to a number of African dictatorships, and a slew of other questionable clients.

And the intellectually dishonest can continue to pretend that Roger Stone wasn’t working for Trump when he was peddling smut on Cruz to the Enquirer when Stone’s own firm was hired as Trump’s delegate counter a week later.

I’d say Trump drafting some old Republican bull to work out some magical deal would be a non-starter for supporters so wed to being an outsider but cults of personality don’t require intellectual consistency.

In other words, what a great idea! This all presupposes that he’s talking about bringing on a Republican as a VP.

Low Rent AM Disc Jockey Has Sources “Deep Inside” Cruz Campaign

I’m repeating myself at this point – nothing makes any sense.

Roger Stone, Trump’s off the books campaign Chief of Staff, gave an interview to a drive-time Atlanta DJ on Easter Sunday to talk about – what else? – how he has absolutely nothing to do with the smear campaign Trump coordinated against Cruz through the National Enquirer.

Because you know Meet the Press, Face The Nation, Stephopottamus, Fox News Sunday, and no big name outlet would want to talk about the biggest story this weekend with the only person named as a source in it. Right? No sirree, we’ll leave that to low watt Atlanta AM disc jockeys getting time and a half on Easter weekend.

Now, we’re to believe that this shit-on-his-shoes AM nobody has sources “deep inside” the Cruz campaign who are feeding him the line that “it’s all true”. Gee, who could that be?

Now Roger Stone bills himself as Lee Atwater without the strong ethical streak. In the interview, he relates the old political cliche that the worst thing that can happen to a pol besides people talking about them is people NOT talking about them. Ba-dum-bump. And, a first for me, here’s a link to Raw Story with some of the other tidbits from the interview and also the audio:

Donald Trump’s BFF Roger Stone knows that Donald Trump couldn’t possibly be behind the Ted Cruz sex scandal story the National Enquirer reported this week. DTrump told ABC’s This Week on Sunday that it was not him behind the story saying, “I have no control over the National Enquirer.” Stone echoed the same sentiment on AM970 where he told host Frank Morano that by definition he couldn’t be one of Trump’s henchmen because he’s not being paid. Cruz not only blamed Trump and Stone but he also accused Stone of being someone who copulates with rodents. “Knowing what a couple of these women look like,” Stone continued, “I actually feel like he’s the one who has been copulating with rodents.”

There’s that gratuitous, characteristic treatment of women from the Trump campaign. Cruz awkwardly implied I’m a ratfuck son-of-a-bitch but it looks like his women are the rats he’s fucking. One of which is Katrina Pierson who is Trump’s campaign spokeswoman. They probably have blood coming out of wherever too. Put that cheese in your mousetrap, Hurricane Katrina. But he continued:

Some have questioned if Ted Cruz will sue the National Enquirer for the story, but Stone claims that Cruz won’t because he can’t. “Again, why won’t he sue. It won’t cost him anything, he’s a lawyer himself…To be absolutely clear, Ted Cruz won’t sue because the allegations are largely true. That’s why he won’t sue.”

Is that Dan Ratherian enough for you? It’s fake but probably accurate. Eh, close enough.

Excuse me, guys and gals. I’ve got to go, uh, wash my hands in that hotel over there. Be right back. Now it’s time to turn on the charm while everyone around me just looks the other way. Right?

Playing coy isn’t exactly Stone’s strong suit. No, that would usually be a pink boa, a ball gag, and a dog collar. But there are several reasons why a lawsuit didn’t get filed over Easter weekend.

The first being, besides defamation and libel lawsuits are notoriously difficult to prove, is that if a candidate or any public figure files that kind of lawsuit, all you’re going to hear for the duration of it is the candidate’s name and “sex scandal” every time their name is mentioned. And he knows this. Please don’t throw me into that briar patch.

Not that any of this deters Trump’s smear merchants at the Conservative Outhouse and Peg Leg Pete’s Gateway Pundit. There is no new “news” in the interview. Just the usual innuendo that because Cruz hasn’t filed a $100 million dollar libel and defamation lawsuit since the story with no names, no sources, and no interviews with any involved parties broke on Good Friday is some Jimmy Swaggart-like admission of guilt. And they were right about John Edwards so they’re right about this too.

So right that they haven’t tried to interview any of the people they named as Cruz’s alleged paramours or his campaign. In fact, the greatest “evidence” they claim to have is a video of him walking in and out of a hotel with a woman NOT his wife. Because a candidate who’s been flying all over the country running for President for the last year doesn’t ever go to a hotel or have a campaign staff around him 24 hours a day. And he’s just going to walk in and out of a hotel over and over again with the national spotlight on him with his mistress at his side at the same time.

As per the script, Stone then implies that Heidi Cruz coordinated the bailout of the awful Goldman Sachs herself. He also claims that Rubio’s private investigators took the information he paid them to gather, continued the investigation on their own dime, and then sold the information themselves to the National Enquirer. He sure does know a lot about Rubio’s private investigators.

Which, again, is odd because why would the National Enquirer ask the allegedly non-affiliated Stone for comment on a story that has absolutely nothing to do with him.

If it comes out that Cruz is a moral shitbag pretender, I’ll be the first to say I’m done with him.

But…if all this turns out to be a lie, there are a bunch of formerly reputable bloggers who are nothing more than low-down, rotten motherfuckers trafficking in slime against the only Tea Party conservative to fight tooth and nail against the GOP establishment and Democrats in Washington.

Hey Jim, you know all those pictures in your masthead of Iraqis holding bloody shirts? Yea, Trump wasn’t for any of that you scumbag sellout.

Is It Possible To Be More Disgusted With People?

I’ve followed politics closely since the mid-90s. Never, that I can recall, have I ever been as disgusted with people allegedly on my own side as I have been in the last few months.

And that is primarily because of Trump and his supporters and is coming to a head over the emaciatingly sourced #CubanMistressCrisis. Ace has had several fire posts on the topic and one of his latest is resonating:

A lot of what you’re going to read below is me being shocked, shocked that there are some politics in politics, and that some political people are employed in the business of spreading derogatory rumors and gossip.

I also rewrote to narrow the focus of who it was, exactly, I was venting at. It’s not all Trump supporters nor all Rubio supporters.

But there is a certain sort of animal, the Political Beast, that just isn’t my cup of tea anymore.

Maybe I’ve just gotten older, and as I realize I have fewer minutes left in my life, I’m less willing to spend them on nasty shit.

Make no mistake – The National Enquirer story on Cruz is said “nasty shit”. Unsourced, completely anonymous, and thus, impossible to fully defend against – which is the point.

Additionally, and in coordination IMO, 3 more alleged bimbos being posted on a pro-Trump site called Avenger Social which, again, makes no sense at all.

Let’s say you’re an escort who has had an affair with a politician. If you are going to talk about it, why would it be with some no name anonymous blogger that no one’s ever heard of? All of this is anonymous. How do no name operatives get in touch with people at the behest of private investigators hired by who knows who?

For the especially hard of hearing, these operatives have names and they are the ones coordinating with the campaign to leak the results of their private investigation. The arms length transaction from Trump is as transparent as Obama claimed he would be.

It’s one thing for the Trump people to try and lay all of this off on bitter Rubio people but that’s a lie. Roger Stone, who still works for Trump even if it’s off the books, is the only named person sourced in the NE story and Avenger Social (who I would swear reads exactly like another rabid pro-Trump blogger everyone would recognize) has nothing but Cruz hit pieces and pro-Trump pieces on their site. While Trump plays like he has nothing to do with any of this. Nice family you’ve got their Lyin’ Ted – be a shame if anything happened to it. Completely unbelievable.

Sometimes you throw a bomb in the beehive and if there was a story there that you didn’t know about then it comes out. At the very least, the person has to deal with this trash can fire you set in their bedroom.

Setting all of this aside, my disgust is with Trump supporters. The unmitigated glee that I’ve seen them smear Cruz with is greater than anything I’ve ever seen aimed at Obama or the Clintons and I don’t know where this comes from.

Is it because of Glenn Beck? It can’t just be that because the rabid Trump supporters hate Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin, Dana Loesch, Ben Shapiro, and a host of other movement stalwarts whose reputations were the gold standard prior to his candidacy.

Is it because of Cruz’s wearing of his religiosity on his sleeve? It’s not my bag but I grew up around Southern Baptists so there’s nothing here I haven’t seen before. Trump attends church less than Obama and previously stated that he has never asked for God’s forgiveness. I’m a fucking atheist and I’m telling you this guy isn’t a Christian. Having asked for god’s forgiveness is about the lowest standard to cross for becoming a Christian outside of having faith in Jesus Christ – and, under questioning, Trump believes he’s never done anything that he ever needed to ask forgiveness for.

A twice divorced real estate mogul from New York with mob ties, scumbag bisexual swinger political operatives, known to Jeffrey Epstein, and donations to the abortion industry has never done anything worth asking forgiveness over? It strains credulity.

Think about that one this Easter weekend.

Websites like Gateway Pundit and Breitbart are cesspits of hate for Cruz. Breitbart is rolling in his grave (at the 7:00 mark) at the behavior of his website. The comments sections of places like Free Republic are fucking sewers of hate for Cruz, as bad or worse than anything on Democratic Underground, and in support of a guy who is an unprincipled, immoral, anti-conservative demagogue who is going to turn on them as soon as he doesn’t need them anymore.

He thinks they’re gullible and he’s not wrong. They’re frustrated by the job situation in this country and they should be. Like me, they’ve seen what unfettered illegal immigration has done to the country at the hands of the Uniparty and are rightfully livid. In that frustration, they’ve turned to easy answers from an unscrupulous narcissist who’s compromised with liberals for his entire 70 year old life.

For the longest time, I’d even considered a Trump-Cruz ticket to be the golden bridge to the White House. That is never going to happen. Too much poison in the well. At this point, someone’s candidacy is going to have to die and for that to happen it’s going to have to get even nastier than it is now.

Whoever emerges is not going to be stronger and will be left with a fractured base who will not show up on election day. It didn’t have to be this way but that’s what it is and it’s because of Trump and the gutter path he and his supporters have taken against the only outsider candidate to risk his career stridently taking an aluminum baseball bat to the Republican establishment.

This could have been an election about issues and now it is at the level that historically could only be settled by pistols at dawn. I’ve said many times that this is not America anymore. It’s going to be less so when our only choice in this election is between Hillary Clinton and one of her many johns.

It’s Called Mempiss For A Reason

So I guess Kellogg’s can change their Frosted Flakes mascot to Tony The Tinkler:

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A video has surfaced on the Internet of a man urinating on a Kellogg assembly line.

It happened in 2014 at a facility in Memphis, Kellogg spokesperson Kris Charles said.

The video was uploaded by Its content is highly graphic.

Kellogg is looking into the incident, and the FDA has started a criminal investigation.

The video was shot during the same time the company and the workers union fell into a nasty labor dispute and those employees were locked out.

At least it wasn’t the pipelayers union.

But if you’ve eaten Rice Krispies in the last year and a half, chances are they were impacted by the pouty union’s tinkle tirade. Not that they’re going to have jobs anyway when that plant closes and they’re put out on a permanent bathroom break.

Thanks again, Mempiss for living down to your reputation and up to your name.

I Don’t Know Who You People Are

It’s been the conservative complaint for as long as I can recall:

The GOP Establishment does not listen to the people and only sends up Northeastern, moderate/liberal candidates that lose. That we shouldn’t buck the system and go third party but rather work within it to change it.

That was certainly the impetus behind the Tea Party and there were even a few of them who were incorruptible in the face of Democrat condemnation, MSM smears, a lying President, and a GOP Establishment who hated their guts and actively undermined them.

One of them, even decided to run for President and isn’t doing too bad.

So I’m confused. Was all that complaining just about the base being able to select a moderate Democrat to lose instead of the Establishment?

Now we have a candidate in Ted Cruz who ostensibly tried to play within the system. George W. Bush can hang out with Barack Obama and even have Obama blame him for everything that’s gone tits up in the last 8 years but the only person who he comes out and says he hates is Cruz.

Cruz – the “insider” that no one likes. He’s failed to make deals with the people whose deals have gotten us into this fucking mess.

When the Gang of Eight was within hours of forcing through Amnesty, Cruz and Sessions fought it and won. He filibustered another godawful budget deal where Obama chose to shut down the entire government and erect barricades overnight to keep veterans out of open air memorials and was thrown under the bus by Mitch McConnell and John Boehner. The man won a landmark Second Amendment rights case against all odds. I don’t have the keystrokes to cover all of the conservative stands Ted Cruz has made but to have one of the only bright lights in the last few years be called a pussy and then cheered by thousands of alleged conservatives in New Hampshire.

I don’t know who the fuck would do this. Much less believe it or cheer it. You’re not conservatives and you’re sure as fuck not Christians. Fools is more like it. Trump’s Chumps.

You’ve chosen to believe a liar because you’ve been losers for so long that you want to play yipping lapdog to big barking dog.

The big barking dog with tiny hands and who wears pink lipstick. The one who implies that he’d be planting an anal creampie in his daughter if they weren’t related. I heard that somewhere. I don’t know for certain that he wants to bake a custard pie in her mouth oven. I in no way think he would ever do that and I reprimand anyone who’d suggest that he’d like to make his daughter sign a non-disclosure agreement for being impregnated with his asshole baby. I’m just re-tweeting what I hear.

I’m not some shrinking violet. I’m as pissed as anyone at what has gone on in this country. When Marco “Mister” Roboto repeats his programming about Obama doing this shit to the country on purpose – just because he’s a one trick pony on it doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Obama is fucking this country up on purpose.

And yet, Trump doesn’t think so. He says “he disagrees respectfully” and that Obama is merely “incompetent”.

There’s your fucking pussy. Take a good whiff.


That Coldplay half-time show made my pussy hurt.

Can we maybe not have Diversity and Inclusion hijack every single Super Bowl and slit our good time’s throat on the 50 yard line?

I especially liked the audience member rubbing the rainbow flag cumkerchief in the lead singer’s face.

This is why ISIS hates us.

And Mini Coopers.

Islam Has Been Woven Into The Fabric of Football Since The Beginning

Can we not have a moment’s peace? Is it not enough that North Korea launched a nuclear capable ICBM in advance of the Super Bowl further demonstrating the unmitigated lunacy of the Iranian Nuke deal?

The answer, yet again, is no (via Newsbusters):

Barack Obama will once again be inserting himself into the Super Bowl on Sunday. This time, CBS has chosen Gayle King, a donor, supporter and family friend to Mr. and Mrs. Obama. Considering that King has partied at the White House, viewers of the pre-game show shouldn’t expect tough questions from the CBS This Morning co-host.

Obama has done an interview before each Super Bowl since 2009 and many of them have included softballs. But none of the previous journalists have been such ardent and open supporters of the President and Mrs. Obama.

Priorities. Many of us would like to finally found out what his favorite kind of ice cream is or what he thinks makes him so great.

I’d like to ask Gayle how many licks it takes to get to the center of Oprah’s twat just for scientific purposes. That question would certainly have more meat to it than whatever ego-stroking, legacy writing hagiography that King plans on donating through the most prized broadcast real estate.

Perhaps we’ll be treated to the telegraphed “Looking back, what’s your greatest disappointment?” softball that invariably ends in “I wish we could have worked together more” as if he did not play the leading part in creating the acrid atmosphere for eight years or “I could have tried harder to explain myself to you morons”.

Regardless, we can’t have a Super Bowl without Mooch the Beard and the Big Me, Me, Me, I, I, I, Mine, Mine, Mine taking a big dump on the country before kickoff.

Now put down those hot wings and pick up some kale chips. You’e got a lot of Let’s Movin’ to do. Gather ’round little churrens so we can find out about how Muslims were woven into the fabric of American football since the very beginning. That “pigskins” were banned after Muslims invented vulcanized rubber.

When Hank Stram and Vince Lombardi would quote inspirational suras before each game and when the adhans were broadcast from the minarets of the Los Angeles Coliseum.

And So It Begins / Ends

I can tell you how long I have been waiting for this day. The day it became apparent that John McCain was going to limp dick his way to the Republican Party nomination. The day another Democrat-Lite lied to Americans about being conservative who was offered up as a sacrifice to a full-blooded Democommie Socialist who lied to the country about being a Hate America radical.

And I’m done with all that. I don’t have a political party and we should all be beyond that. There is only one thing that matters now and that is salvaging this country from the assured destruction of one more socialist administration.

The debt is such that the often promised but never delivered brakes of insincere budget cuts are not going to stop this train from careening off the rails.

There is only one man in this race who has The Will To Fight against this fraudulent system that is going to collapse under the weight of its own corruption. To fight against the Constitutional Atrophy that is simultaneously squandering the greatest gift to humanity in recorded history. The second greatest gift if you’re a Christian.

I don’t even have to say the name of who I support. By that definition, you already know who it is. This country is already too far gone for us to suffer through four years of a lesser candidate.

So it begins in Iowa tonight. The start of the end of one of the most disastrous periods in U.S. History. The end of the historic first – America electing its first Anti-American President. And with him gone, it is time to start settling the scores by ejecting his lackeys from the permanent bureaucracy. There is only one candidate keeping score against the Leftists.

The rest are just running for office.

Lecturing The Wrong People About Tolerance

Is everyone ready for their annual lecture about how they’ve let Obama down but it’s not too late to repent and quit being so unpatriotic? That Is Not Who We Are(tm) as a country! Those Are Not Our Values (c).

In an effort to check off every possible box on the victim grievance scale, Obama has invited the gay boyfriend of one of the men murdered by the San Bernardino islamic terrorists to sit with the Mooch in the balcony at the State of the Union address. This will not be to rally people against the murderous Muslim ideology. It will not be about demanding a change in the Islamic community to embrace tolerance of other religions and other lifestyles.

It will be to lecture decent Americans, who committed no crime, that it’s not too late to love your neighbor and pass some “common sense” Executive Orders:

Touched by the kindness of Muslim neighbors after his boyfriend was killed in the San Bernardino terrorist attack last month, Ryan Reyes became an unplanned spokesman against religious intolerance.

On Tuesday he’ll take his message to Washington, where he’ll sit in the balcony at the State of the Union address, a guest of President Obama.

For Reyes, it will be a moment with potential for healing — for himself and, he hopes, the country.

“If we ostracize people, they can’t help us,” Reyes said in an interview with The Times. “If we embrace, we can all help each other. I’m hoping this can unify us as a nation.”

If “we ostracize people, they can’t help us” what?

Who is doing the ostracizing?

Muslims attacked a Christmas holiday party. The Muslims are not the victims here. The people they killed are the victims.

But at least now we know why Obama stopped off in San Bernardino for a whole three hours before another luxurious, two-week, multi-million dollar Hawaiian vacation. It wasn’t to console the victims’ families or to promise to shutter and prosecute the mosques that radicalized at least one homegrown terrorist.

It was to pick out a pro-gun control, protected minority status tool to pimp his political agenda.

Rather, in his final national address on the state of the country, the president plans to exhort Americans to embrace an optimistic view of themselves and the nation in 2016 and beyond his presidency.

Part of the message, aides say, is about uniting Americans and working to realize their shared potential.

A) Bullshit. Obama is incapable of letting the smallest occasion pass without interjecting his far Left ideology into it much less a national audience with his political enemies in forced attendance. B) So, in other words, Jimmy Carter’s “Crisis of Confidence” speech.

Then, as mourners gathered for a memorial service a few days after the attack, four bearded men in tunics appeared on the sidewalk, Reyes recalled.

The men were leaders in the local Islamic community. One was a member of the mosque attended by the San Bernardino shooters.

Reyes told them about his relationship with Kaufman. During a quiet conversation on the perimeter of the crowd, he accepted their gifts of flowers and tearful condolences.

“I was so moved,” Reyes said. “They risked their own personal safety to come and pay their respects. It really meant a lot to me.”

So, the fellow mosque members of the murderers came to survey the damage but it is *they* were the ones who “risked their own personal safety”.

They would throw Reyes off the highest building within the hour if the could get away with it. But they risked their lives.

From who exactly? Who is going around killing Muslims in the US so much that they fear for their lives?

So nice recovery, Mr. Reyes. I guess you’ve got to suck somebody else’s dick now. Might as we be that of the people who killed your partner before his body got cold so you can lecture the people who didn’t kill him about tolerance and civility.

That is life and death in Obama Bizarro-world these days.

Merry Christmas

For those of you hanging around here instead of spending valuable holiday time with family and friends, Merry Christmas from all both of us at Six Meat Buffet.

BMac has been bringing it while I tend to the real world and try to ignore politics altogether. Between Trump’s (admittedly entertaining) pandering to the lowest common denominator and Ryan’s final betrayal of what used to pass for an “opposition” party, one must ask the question, “why bother?”

My recommendation is to sit down with a quality whiskey, if you’re a believer, celebrate the birth of Christ, and start stockpiling food, fuel and ammo while you still can. And try and relax, it will all be over soon enough.

Merry Christmas!

We Already Have A Religious Litmus Test To Come To The U.S.

There is a tactic being floated around that Donald Trump’s reasonable comments regarding a temporary moratorium on Muslims from certain countries as being used as a “recruitment tool” for ISIS. It is, of course, nonsense. ISIS is the most well-funded, well-equipped, non-state terrorist group in the history of the world and that is not an exaggeration. They don’t need Donald Trump’s comments to have people sign up. They can write a check or they can cut your head off.

No one is sitting around saying, “Well, I was considering working at the falafel stand or joining ISIS – but those comments from Donald Trump made me think – fuck a fucking falafel stand – la-la-la-la-la-la – Allahu Ackbar!”
No one was thinking about going to earn an honest living this morning but decide instead that trading in kidnapped sex slaves, throwing gays off of buildings, watching their five year old shoot a hostage in the back of the head, or thinking up inventive ways to torture people to death following a forced religion conversion offers a more attractive severance package.

It’s nothing but a smear put forth by John Podesta and his DNC/Soros underwritten appartchiks in the paid leftwing blogosphere.

I don’t particularly care for Donald Trump. But the fact of the matter is that if what you are stating as the reasons to combat Islamic Terrorism isn’t being used as a recruitment tool or locker room material then you are not telling the truth about who they are, what they are doing, or their very real threat to civilization. You’re a Religion of Peacemonger.

And the same muslim “refugees” you want to take in today, are the ones who were throwing Christians off their refugee boat yesterday. In the Victim Hierarchy, to be a Christian in any country in the Middle East is on par with being a Jew in Germany in 1943. The only significant difference is that in Germany it was the state performing a genocide but in today’s Middle East the genocide has been effectively handled by the private sector.

In the ranking of people worthy of being refugees coming to the United States, there is no doubt that anyone other than a Muslim should come first. As we’ve learned since the Bataclan attack in Paris, that only 0.4% of the refugees to the U.S. have been Christians.

While thousands of these so-called refugees become “lost” in our country, the only ones being deported – to their certain deaths I might add – are the Christians who sought asylum here.

So there already is a religious litmus test about who is allowed in and allowed to stay this country. Trump is only wanting to stop the bad ones until they can be vetted which is the opposite of the current policy.

Everyone have a Merry Christmas now, while your children are being taught to worship Allah in the public schools.

People Without Morals Can’t Have Moral Outrage

Brace yourselves. Editorials are coming.

The Pollutico is dropping pamphlets across America overnight. Like Obama notifying ISIS truck drivers that they need to abandon their vehicles before air strikes, Pollutico is letting all you RWNJs know – the New York Times is not happy that you still have 2nd Amendment civil rights after some of their preferred Muzzloid invaders attempted kill several dozen of your fellow citizens.

“It is a moral outrage and a national disgrace that civilians can legally purchase weapons designed specifically to kill people with brutal speed and efficiency. These are weapons of war, barely modified and deliberately marketed as tools of macho vigilantism and even insurrection. America’s elected leaders offer prayers for gun victims and then, callously and without fear of consequence, reject the most basic restrictions on weapons of mass killing, as they did on Thursday. They distract us with arguments about the word terrorism. Let’s be clear: These spree killings are all, in their own ways, acts of terrorism.”

“It is not necessary to debate the peculiar wording of the Second Amendment,” the editorial states. “No right is unlimited and immune from reasonable regulation.”

It’s actually not necessary to debate it at all if you want to be specific. I know we can’t be “distracted” by considering what actually happened and factoring that into the argument as to whether some new law would prevent it from happening again because that would make sense. It also wouldn’t promote the New York Times agenda which is anathema to public safety.

The point is we must act now without thinking while the blood on the floor hasn’t dried yet! Because that worked out so well with the Patriot Act, right?

I hope everyone knows what this means when the New York Times moves its usual far leftwing, communist editorials from the backpage to the frontpage – absolutely nothing. The historical significance of their spitflecked rage relies on the public not knowing that the only previous time they did this was to protest a Republican president from being elected after a racist bigot Democrat president whose name is currently being disappeared from campus buildings by college brownshirts all over the country in the fevered state of their high PC dudgeon.

There is no moral high ground for Pinch Sulzberger, Jr. to take here. When you have no morals, you cannot have moral outrage. With unwavering support, the NYT is steadfast in forcing the citizenry to pay for a holocaust of 30 million unborn murdered by Kermit Gosnells and to sell the parts for human experimentation and profit. So spare us the indignation routine or having the temerity to lecture the rest of us about having a “decency” that you are without.

Just the diminishing returns of an all-too-often leftwing temper tantrum for not being able to rule over the several hundred million people who give zero fucks what you or anyone from atop the ivory tower of the incestuously self-absorbed boroughs of New York thinks.

It’s Not Every Day That You Can Say You Were A Part of History

That’s the title above what was formerly Al Gore’s webcast and what was supposed to be his big night to terrorize and fearmonger the world about non-existent climate change from the Eiffel Tower tonight.

*It’s Not Every Day That You Can Say You Were A Part of History*

and above that “The World Is Watching”

They are aren’t they? But will they have the guts to call what they are seeing out for what it is?

So far, CBS Evening News has assiduously avoided saying the words “Muslim”, “Islamic”, “Islamic Terrorism”, “Radical Islam”, or any descriptions of the attackers who launched coordinated attacks across Paris tonight.

Once again, we can safely assume that Amish motorcycle gangs and roving bands of Catholic nuns in matching bowling shirts are burning Western Civilization to the ground.

Coming to a street in America near you in the immediate future thanks to the Moses of Muslims – one Barack Hussein Al-Obama. And who just took credit and declared “Mission Accomplished” for “containing” ISIS ISIL this morning.

Clearly, some bad apples are trying to give The Religion of Peace ™ a bad rap. Not that the media won’t do everything it can to prevent that from happening.

Current count: Over 60 dead. 140+ dead. Approximately 100 hostages are reportedly being executed one-by-one inside the Bataclan Theatre where the American band “The Eagles of Death Metal” were reportedly six songs in to playing a sold out show.

Al Gore’s feed simply reads that the climate terror feed has been suspended out of respect for something else that is apparently going on. Whatever it is.

Also, that “Our thoughts are with all those who are affected and the entire nation”. Again, for whatever is going on.

Noticeably absent – their “Prayers” since they don’t have any. And “affected” by what exactly?

Currently, 60 people have been permanently affected by at least 7 explosions throughout the entire city as martial law has been declared for the first time since 1944.

Looks like you did get to be a part of history after all whether you want to or not. And not that you’re going to learn anything from it.

Related: Yesterday, The University of Minnesota rejected a measure to have college campuses hold annual 9/11 Remembrances because it violates “safe spaces” and probably causes racism against Islam which isn’t a race.

It’s like they said after 9/11 – Never Forget Remember! Or like Todd Beamer said on Flight 93, “Let‘s Roll It Go!”

No matter how many innocent people Muslims kill, Muslims always seem to be hardest hit after these episodes. Why do bad things always happen to such a peace loving people this way?

Further: St. Vincent’s Paris Is Burning.