Month: June 2004

“It’s for your own good… no, wait… it’s for the children…”

San Fransissy rolled out the red carpet for Bubba and the Hag this week. Bubba was peddling his new tedious tome and the Hag was peddling her usual Marxist claptrap.

What is frightening about this particular trip is that Hillary is apparently so comfortable in her fat-assed Senate seat that she isn’t even bothering to hide her agenda. To wit:

Headlining an appearance with other Democratic women senators on behalf of Sen. Barbara Boxer, who is up for re-election this year, Hillary Clinton told several hundred supporters — some of whom had ponied up as much as $10,000 to attend — to expect to lose some of the tax cuts passed by President Bush if Democrats win the White House and control of Congress.

“Many of you are well enough off that … the tax cuts may have helped you,” Sen. Clinton said. “We’re saying that for America to get back on track, we’re probably going to cut that short and not give it to you. We’re going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good.”

This socialist bitch, for the umpteenth time, has made it clear that what you and I are allowed to keep is “given to us” by the federal government. Sadly, this is the view of all Dim-o-crats and many Republicans. They truly believe that what you and I earn is property of the government, and what we are allowed to keep is only by their good graces.

If the Hag’s comments don’t piss you off, then you need to pack up and move to the EU and celebrate diversity over there and allow the rest of us to restore America to what it once was.

The UN celebrates another Hamas success!

Hamas fires missile at Israeli kindergarten, killing a 3-year old boy.

When you look at the Associated Press version, you can see how they sanitize the story with the headline “Palestinian Militants Kill Two Israelis.”

It’s just more of the same bravery from these virtuous “rebels” or “activists” as Al-Reuters would call them. I hope to God that Israel makes an overwhelming statement in response to this recent bloodshed.

Just one more example of the love and brotherhood exhibited by that delightful religion of peace, islam.

Which gaggle of hairy-legged drooling feminists are we supposed to listen to?

Feminists for obscenity – Mike Adams – FrontpageMag.Com.

I had read a while back that the Elizabeth Hoffman, President of the University of Colorado, (yes, an enlightened leftist college administrator, imagine that!) said that the c-word, the slur used to refer to female genitalia, can be used as a “term of endearment.” I’ve never heard it used that way, but I guess in the world of looney leftists, anything is possible.

Anyhoo, now several women are suing the University of Colorado because they were sexually assaulted by CU football players and recruits. There’s another big shock!

This particular article asks the question – are we supposed to be horrified by the c-word, or celebrate it?

The reason for my confusion is an incident that took place on the campus of Wesleyan University a few years ago. Perhaps a brief overview will shed some light on the subject.

It seems that a resident of Middletown, CT (a state abbreviation, but not necessarily an obscenity) took his six-year old child to the homecoming festivities at Wesleyan University. It appears that the boy was very eager to spend five dollars he just got from the tooth fairy (a term probably offensive to the Wesleyan University PRIDE group).

Much to the dismay of his father, after the boy went to buy popcorn he came back with a button on his shirt that said “Vagina Friendly.” The button was sold to the unsuspecting child by members of the “c**t club” at Wesleyan.

Naturally, the father protested by writing a letter to the editor of the school newspaper, saying that “peddling sexually explicit slogans to a six-year old” is “offensive and inappropriate conduct” that “necessarily detracts from the seriousness of (the c**t club’s) message.”

Good answer, right? Well, not according to the feminists.

C**t club members Cara Herbitter, Julia Marcus and Gina Zori issued a joint statement (because feminists are always independent, strong, and don’t all think alike) correcting the misinformed father. It seems that the six-year old actually asked for the pin. Well, I suppose that changes everything!

After that little clarification, the three c**t clubbers took the time to explain the general purpose of the c**t club:

“One of the main goals of the c**t club is to foster healthy attitudes towards women, c**ts (in the appropriate sense) and sexuality. We want women to be proud of their c**ts, demand respect for them, and know how to pleasure themselves and be pleasured by lovers. We strive for a c**t-friendly world that is free from shame and violence towards c**ts”

But, wait, there’s more to the story as the c**t clubbers zero in on the obscenity issue:

“‘Vagina Friendly’ is NOT sexually explicit. Vagina is a medical term referring to a part of the female anatomy. It is, because of the world we live in (as opposed to the world we are trying to create), a frequently stigmatized word that carries various connotations depending on one’s background and experience. Our job is to try to spread OUR meaning: This is a body part that should be loved and respected.”

Take a moment to wipe the tears from your eyes (due to excessive laughter) because the c**t clubbers are not done with this guy yet:

“While we may envision a world in which all little boys and girls wear ‘Vagina Friendly’ pins and grow up to be the ‘Vagina Friendly’ community of which we dream, it is not our choice to decide how others’ children should be raised. However, it is also not our responsibility to teach a lesson of shame to a young boy when he asks for a pin.”

So you can see why I am so confused. Feminists in Colorado think that the word “c**t” is always profane, while feminists in Connecticut think that it is always appropriate. They also think that “vagina” is appropriate. And, of course, feminist English professors at my university put the words “vagina,” “p***y,” and “f**k” on posters that they hang on campus at only a small cost to the taxpayers.

Aborting democrats

The Empty Cradle Will Rock: How abortion is costing the Democrats voters–literally.

This is a great article by Larry Eastland at the American Spectator regarding how legalized abortion has affected the number of dim-o-crat voters in greater proportion to their GOP counterparts. I have always believed that one of the positives – the only positive, really – to come out of legalized abortion is that, odds are, the majority of abortions are being performed on dimwitted left-leaning voters, who would probably raise left-leaning dim-o-crat children.

Sure, that’s a little harsh, but as Eastland confirms in his column, “kids tend to absorb the values of their parents.” To assume that these “missing voters” as Edwards refers to them, would vote like their parents is an obvious conclusion. Edwards delves into some hard statistics, however, which are well worth reading. More:

More than 40 million legal abortions have been performed and documented in the 30 years since the U.S. Supreme Court declared abortion legal. The debate remains focused on the legality and morality of abortion. What’s largely ignored is a factual analysis of the political consequences of 40 million abortions. Consider:

* There were 12,274,368 in the Voting Age Population of 205,815,000 missing from the 2000 presidential election, because of abortions from 1973-82.

* In this year’s election, there will be 18,336,576 in the Voting Age Population missing because of abortions between 1972 and 1986.

* In the 2008 election, 24,408,960 in the Voting Age Population will be missing because of abortions between 1973-90.

These numbers will not change. They are based on individual choices made–aggregated nationally–as long as 30 years ago. Look inside these numbers at where the political impact is felt most. Do Democrats realize that millions of Missing Voters–due to the abortion policies they advocate–gave George W. Bush the margin of victory in 2000?

The number of abortions accumulate in size and political impact as the years roll along. Like an avalanche that picks up speed, mass, and power as it thunders down a mountain, the number of Missing Voters from abortion changes the landscape of politics. The absence of the missing voters may not be noticed, but that doesn’t mean its political impact disappears. As seen during a famine, what no longer exists becomes as relevant as what does.

Very interesting read.

Is “victim” really the right word?

Teacher charged with having sex with student.

In college, it’s called grade inflation, but in high school, it’s called lewd and lascivious battery.

However, if you read the probable cause affadavit at the Smoking Gun, you’ll note that the teenage boy and his both are repeatedly referred to as “victims”.

Having once been a teenage boy myself, I can guarantee you that these two do not see themselves as “victims”. True, in the eyes of the law, “victim” is the appropriate word, but we men know better.

Now, if she wasn’t hot, then, perhaps they could consider themselves victims – if she looked like Nancy Pelosi, for example.

UPDATE: A kind reader has just sent me this link to a host of resources regarding Debra Lafave – including wedding photos, videos, etc.

Where we stand in the War on Terror

Year Three – Victor Davis Hanson – Where do we stand in this disorienting war?

Excellent column at NRO (thanks, LGF) that breaks down where we’ve been, where we are, and hopefully where we’re going – if we can keep the bloodthirsty jackals of the Old Media in their cages long enough to acheive victory.

Hanson writes:

But if the pulse of the strategic, tactical, and ideological theaters suggests we can win this war, the home front is not so bright. The few hundred American lunatics who tried to explain away 9/11 (or apologize for it) turned into thousands a few weeks later who swore we either would or should lose in Afghanistan. Now they are millions who see our ongoing struggle in Iraq as either immoral or inept. George Bush did not create this cascading antiwar movement. It was rather fueled by the blood and treasure spent to eliminate the Taliban and Saddam Hussein, together with a has-been ’60s generation that felt there was still one more creaky return to the barricades left in them.

Right after 9/11, some of us thought it was impossible for leftist critics to undermine a war against fascists who were sexist, fundamentalist, homophobic, racist, ethnocentric, intolerant of diversity, mass murderers of Kurds and Arabs, and who had the blood of 3,000 Americans on their hands. We were dead wrong. In fact, they did just that. Abu Ghraib is on the front pages daily. Stories of thousands of American soldiers in combat against terrorist killers from the Hindu Kush to Fallujah do not merit the D section. Senator Kennedy’s two years of insane outbursts should have earned him formal censure rather than a commemoration from the Democratic establishment.

What a litany of distractions! Words – “preemption,” “unilateralism,” “hegemony,” – whiz by and lose all meaning. Names – “Halliburton,” “Chalabi,” “INC” – become little more than red meat. Vocabulary is turned upside down: “Contractors,” who at great risk restore power and water to the poor, are now little more than “profiteers” and “opportunists”; killers are not even “terrorists” but mere “militants.” “Neo-cons” are wild-eyed extremists; “realists” are no longer cynics – inclined to let thousands die abroad unless the chaos interrupts transit of oil or food – but rather “sober” and “circumspect,” and more likely Kerry supporters.

A depressing array of transitory personalities parades before our screen, entering stage left to grab 15 minutes of notoriety for their scripted invective, only to exit on the right into oblivion. Who can remember all these one-tell-all-book, one-weekend-on-the-Sunday-news-programs personalities – a Hans Blix, Scott Ritter, Howard Dean, Paul O’Neil, Joe Wilson, Richard Clark, or Richard ben Veniste? In between their appearances on Sunday morning television or 60 Minutes, a few D.C. functionaries are carted out for periodic shouting – an unhinged Al Gore, a puffed-up Ted Kennedy, a faux-serious Bob Kerry, and occasionally a Senator Byrd or Hollings. And since the very day after 9/11 we’ve gotten the Vietnam-era retreads – a Peter Arnett, Noam Chomsky, Michael Moore, Robert Scheer, John Dean, or Seymour Hersh – tottering out with the latest conspiracies about the old bogeymen and “higher-ups.”

The article covers more than simply the turncoats on the homefront and is well worth a full read.

Appropriate beating inappropriately caught on tape


Pursuit suspect beaten in controversial use of force.

You’ve got to love the way the media coddles criminals. Even the lead to this story suggests that this innocent victim was hunted down simply because he was black.

Police were investigating officers’ use of force Wednesday during the arrest of an unarmed black man who led them on a chase after allegedly being spotted driving a stolen car…The incident began about 5 a.m. when LAPD officers began chasing a suspected stolen Toyota Camry in an area patrolled by the Southeast Station.

Apparently, this respectable gentleman was simply minding his own business — probably driving to an early revival at church, or perhaps to deliver a meal to a shut-in, or maybe he was even headed to work (chuckle) — and was unfairly targeted and savaged, simply due to profiling.

“How much longer are we going to sit around and watch our brothers and sisters be treated like this,” said Morris Griffin of the Los Angeles Coalition for Justice and Peace to End Police Brutality Committee.

Well, Morris, why don’t you convince your brothers and sisters to quit stealing cars and leading cops on high-speed chases, which could (and occasionally does) result in the deaths of innocent motorists and pedestrians?

“Here we go again,” Ali said. “This is Rodney King all over again … this has got to stop.”

No, this isn’t Rodney King all over again. We’re not sure yet if this suspect was a wife-beating crack-addict criminal like Mr. King. All we know about this one is that he is (allegedly… wink wink) a low-level car thief.

I suppose we should excuse Mr. King’s for his repeated criminal behavior and wife-beating – he’s probably suffering from post-traumatic slave disorder. We’ll just have to wait and see if this car-thief’s beating was as well-deserved as the one leveled upon everyone’s beloved civil-rights hero Rodney King.

Another reason that Dick Cheney kicks ass

Dick Cheney tells Vermont socialist senator Patrick Leahy to go f*** himself on the senate floor.

Profanity aside, this is the kind of fighting back that the Republicrats have been too scared to do ever since they lost the Clinton impeachment battle back in 98. The only thing that could have made this exchange better, would have been if Cheney had unloaded a right hand to Leahy’s glass jaw.

It reminds me of the time during the 2000 campaign when Cheney referred to a reporter as a “major league ass hole.” That was another reason I will always love Cheney. 95% of all reporters are ass holes – especially since 95% of them taint their reportage with leftist tripe in order to make the world a better place for their Marxist totalitarian heroes.

God bless Dick Cheney for finally standing up to these bastards.

I thought this was AOL standard operating procedure

US Charges AOL worker sold customer list for spam.

And here’s more on the story from The Smoking Gun.

I knew that AOL was selling email addresses for spam long ago. I created a screenname on my folks’ AOL account as that was the only way I had of getting on the internet while on the road. I never used the e-mail account to communicate with anyone – and I sure as hell didn’t use it to sign up for any subscriptions or mailing lists.

But lo and behold, the mailbox started filling up with spam nonetheless. I’m sure some of them were spammers using random-guess-type screennames, but I’m sure quite a few of them were not. I just assumed that AOL sold their subscriber lists as standard practice. They’re not known historically as being ethically above such a thing, so it made sense.

Now that it turns out that there were people on the inside selling subscriber lists under the radar, I guess I should give AOL a break.

Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. They still suck.

Prepare to be nauseated

Do you ever wonder where all of this islamofascist hatred for the west comes from? Do you ever wonder when it starts? Well, in the islamic world, it’s pretty much at birth.

Thanks to Little Green Footballs, here are a couple of glimpses into the delightful world of kiddie islam.

The most recent is a new video LGF discovered by way of a Swedish islamic forum where kids have videotaped themselves re-enacting the beheading of Nick Berg.

LGF notes that, in order to properly play-act the video, they must have studied it pretty thoroughly.

You should also enjoy this islamic child abuse slideshow – this will help you understand how deeply rooted this death cult truly is.

If you haven’t fully explored LGF, you should. It is by far the best blog going when it comes to exposing the left and defending the west against islamofascists.

The American left’s hero pens a love letter

Sodomy Insane says “hello to everyone” from his bachelor pad in Iraq.

I’m sure Sodomy has his own television where he can watch satellite feeds of Al Jizzeira (sic), CNN and MSNBC – and get exactly the same sympathetic spin on his plight!

Instead of turning this pile of human excrement over to the Iraqis, we should hand him over to the Kurds – they are the only ones who can provide an adequate measure of justice for Sodomy. It would be fun to watch and see how long it took the Kurds to turn Sodomy into a corpse. Hopefully it would take a good long while. We can keep the Red Crescent tied up while the Kurds took care of business. Then the Red Crescent can go in and clean up the greasy spot that was Sodomy Insane.

Isn’t she a little young?

Virginia ad campaign warns against sex with minors.

RICHMOND, Va. — The blunt message will be pasted on billboards and barroom coasters across Virginia: “Isn’t she a little young?” it will ask in bold pink and white lettering against a black backdrop. “Sex with a minor,” the wording will continue. “Don’t go there.”

The Virginia Department of Health is launching a campaign in northern Virginia, Richmond and Roanoke to stop men from engaging in sex with underage girls. Health officials say they hope their program will reduce the number of pregnancies that result from such illegal conduct.

The campaign, to begin this month with the distribution of hundreds of thousands of coasters, cocktail napkins and postcard-size messages in Arlington, Alexandria and Falls Church, is one of the few such programs in the nation, public health officials…

State officials hope to reach not only men engaged in such conduct but also their male friends, who could talk them out of it. They likened the effort to drunken driving campaigns that implore friends to monitor each other’s drinking.

“What we’re hoping is that men will start to check each other and basically say, `Dude, she’s 16 — you shouldn’t be with her,’ ” said Robert Franklin, male outreach coordinator for sexual violence prevention at the Virginia Department of Health. Franklin helped initiate the campaign.

Are we men this far gone? Even if we are, it’s not our fault. We have post-traumatic-man-disorder. We are victims of constantly seeing 16 and 17 year old girls dolled up like Vegas hookers. How are we supposed to resist? Seems to me, they should try a modesty ad campaign for teenage girls instead. Everyone knows men can’t control themselves.

Another beheading

As soon as these islamofascists put a deadline on their murder of Paul Johnson, I knew it was going to happen. Well, anyone with half-a-brain knew it was going to happen. There’s really not much more to say about it. We know who these people are, we know that the only way to deal with these militants is to kill them. We’re also dreaming if we think the Saudis are going to help with stemming the tide of this type of radicalism in their own country.

If you want to see the photos of this barbaric act, here they are, courtesy of Drudge. These are very graphic photos, and you should not view them if you haven’t truly thought about whether or not you can stomach it.

These are the types of photos and videos that the brain-dead American public should be seeing. They need to see the Nick Berg videos, the Abu Ghraib torture videos (not the “torture” by our troops – but the actual torture commited by the Hussein boys), and first and foremost, the footage from 9/11. They need to see the planes hitting the towers of the World Trade Center.

They need to see the people jumping from the buildings.

The American public are too busy with American Idol and People Magazine to actually pay attention to what is going on in the world and how western culture is under attack by 7th century barbarians. They better wake their asses up before the next terrorist attack becomes their rude awakening.

Leftist radio will never work

Accoring to Drudge, Liberal Radio Network Air America is in Deep Financial Crisis.

The network has already been booted off the air in L.A. and Chicago and is knee-deep in debt. According to Drudge, “creditors are lined up at the door.”

Here in the little burg in which I live, I tried to listen to a liberal talk show just the other night. The guy’s name is Lionel and we get him once a week on one of our piss-poor AM frequencies – you know the kind – the one you land on when you’re tired of looking for something to listen to and you’ve given up searching due to finger fatigue.

Listening to Lionel reminded me why leftist talk radio will never be popular. The primary reason for this is that these people have NO SENSE OF HUMOR. Liberals are the most humorless species on the planet. Granted – there are a handful of liberals who have a sense of humor – the few liberals I count as friends are among them – but on the whole, they’re highly-serious, self-righteous, arrogant bastards.

Lionel is the stereotypical liberal, except that he adds one element – he’s a sniveling liberal. If you’ve ever wondered what sniveling sounds like, tune this guy in. His list of affiliates is pretty short, but perhaps you can find him in your area nonetheless. For the entire half-hour I had the misfortune to listen, he grumbled about how President Junior had misled him on the war, how horrible conservatives are, on and on, blather blather blather. He’s a prime example of why the medium is completely wrong for leftists.

That brings up another question – why do they need a “liberal” radio network? They already have government-funded NPR and PBS. They already have the three major components of the Old Media (CBS, NBC, ABC) as well as CNN, MSNBC and the rest of their ilk. The reason the left vilifies Fox News is because that’s the one network through which they can’t spew their leftist propaganda – except when Geraldo’s on.

I have yet to listen to Al Franken’s show – I have a feeling it’s more of the same, just with a familiar voice. He only proves my point further – has he ever been funny? I never got him with SNL – and I challenge anyone to prove that “Stuart Saves his Family” produced even a single laugh. That’s what I thought. You couldn’t could you?