Ann Coulter vs. USA Today

Well, there’s no doubt who’s side I come down on in this debate. Pun intended. USA Today hired Ann Coulter as a columnist/reporter at the Dim-o-crack convention this week in Beantown. For anyone who may have thought this was a bold, creative move by the national daily asswipe, don’t be fooled. Apparently, they didn’t know who Ann was when they hired her, because as soon as she filed her first column, she got the axe.

Perhaps they thought she was going to send a series of fluff pieces and human interest stories (or maybe even one of those cool infographics that goes in the bottom corner of the rag).

The controversial column is here at World Net Daily. Here’s a sneak peak:

With any luck, Gore will uncork his speech comparing Republicans to Nazis. Just a few weeks ago, Gore gave a speech accusing the Bush administration of deploying “digital Brown Shirts” to intimidate journalists and pressure the media into writing good things about Bush – in case you were wondering where all those glowing articles about Bush were coming from.

The last former government official to slake his thirst so deeply with the Kool-Aid and become a far-left peacenik was Ramsey Clarke and it took him a few years to really blossom. Clinton must have done some number on Gore. Then again, with his yen for earth tones in a man’s wardrobe, maybe Gore’s references to “Brown Shirts” was intended as a compliment.

Only one major newspaper – the Boston Herald – reported Gore’s “Brown Shirt” comment, though a Bush campaign spokesman’s statement quoting the “Brown Shirt” line made it into the very last sentence of a Los Angeles Times article. The New York Times responded with an article criticizing “both” Republicans and Democrats for using Nazi imagery. Democrats call Republicans Nazis, the Republicans quote the Democrats calling Republicans Nazis and “both” are using Nazi imagery. (It’s a cycle of violence!)

Now go read it. You know you want to.