Month: September 2004

Debate night – I can’t look

I can’t look for a couple of reasons. One, I know what’s going to happen. Two, no matter what happens, it’s not going to change my vote, it’s just going to piss me off.

Here’s a sneak peek:

Lehrer: Mr. Bush, why do you enjoy killing Iraqi children for sport?
Bush: [Insert bumbling malaprop here]
Lehrer: Senator Kerry, why do you think Mr. Bush enjoys killing children, drinking their blood and drilling for oil where their carcasses lay?
Kerry: Well… [Insert condescending haughty long-winded prevarication disguised as policytalk]
Thank you gentlemen…

Now do you see why I can’t watch?

Plenty of folks are live blogging in varying states of inebriation. (I’m taking it nice and slow with some bourbon whiskey while I avoid the debate.) Enjoy these roundups:

Blogs of War – stone cold sober
Johnny Walker Red – not live blogging, but probably drinking Budweiser and chain smoking
Ace of Spades – Ace has a hilarious drinking game in which you must participate
The Commissar – he doesn’t appear to be drinking, but hard to say
Spoons – updating so quickly he must be sober
Martinipundit – Martini – shaken – but not sure if it’s Gin or Vodka
Powerline – apparently it’s getting pretty wild over there – well, as wild as bloggers can get
Armies of Liberation – finds good news with a snap bus stop poll

10/1 UPDATE:

The question on everyone’s mind this morning is who won the debate?

From what I can tell, it depends on which way you’re already leaning. I’ve been sampling the right-leaning bloggers mainly, and they’re calling it a wash or a slight Bush victory. If you sample the lefties, it was a blowout for Lurch – he mopped the floor with Bush. What does this add up to? 6 1/2 tons of nothing.

If you’re an elitist, internationalist, bedwetting NY-Times-reading surrender socialist, then you got all the multi-lateral U.N.-loving “Bush lied people died” garbage you wanted out of the debate. All the while, you enjoyed watching President Junior stumble while trying to remember his words.

If you are a Bush supporter, you may have done a lot of cringing, but you got a reminder that Bush is about substance, character and leadership in the global war on islamofascism. That’s the only issue that matters this campaign.

I’m not voting for Bush to go win intellectual bullshit debates against the world’s tin-pot dictators and Al Qaeda leadership. I’m voting for Bush so that all that’s left of these tyrants and islamofascists is a greasy stain in the desert.

No debate is going to change the fact that Bush is willing to fight the war and Lurch is willing to hoist the white flag of surrender. And that’s the bottom line, bitches.

Religion of Peace™ wipes out 34 Iraqi kids

(via Fox News)

Bombs kill 41 in Iraq – 34 of them kids.

BAGHDAD, Iraq — At least three bombs exploded near a U.S. convoy in western Baghdad on Thursday, killing 34 children and three adults, a hospital official said. Hours earlier, a homicide car bombing killed a U.S. soldier and two Iraqis on the capital’s outskirts.

It was unclear if the bombs — which also wounded 137 people, including 10 U.S. soldiers — targeted the convoy or a ceremony marking the opening of a new sewage system in the neighborhood that was taking place at the same time. Also unknown was the nationalities of the casualties or whether there were U.S. soldiers among the dead.

If there are two things that the islamofascists hate more than anything else – it’s the modernization of sewage/water/infrastructure and children who are still alive.

Swamped at work today, so visit these fine folks covering this most recent ROP™ massacre:

Right on Red

Sergeant Gomer Pyle Carter reporting for duty

Excellent piece this morning by one of the intellectuals over at FrontPageMag regarding President Failure’s historical love for tyrants and recent pronouncements that Bush was selected, not elected. It seems that Jimmuh forgot to take his meds and is blathering on about the election has already been stolen again by those meanies down in Florida.

Finally, Jimmy Carter—a man who has given the thumbs up to the “elections� of some of the world’s worst tyrants—has found an election with which he can take issue.

Too bad the one place in the world he is willing to single out for scolding—preemptively—is Florida. (And expect the DNC to be waving it in the event of a close race there.)

Don’t worry – they’re already planning for the recount in several states. Gore set the table, now Lurch & John Boy are going to chow down.

Beyond Carter’s nitwittery about Florida 2000 – which these bedwetting leftists will still not shut up about – Carter’s history is littered with the carcasses of faux elections that he called “fair and square”.

Because of provisions in the infamous Oslo Accords, Palestinians in 1996 had their first—and to date, only—opportunity to elect their own leader. Not that they had much of a choice, though.

Controlling all major television and radio, Yasser Arafat made sure that he dominated the airwaves. Editors and reporters at newspapers not directly under Arafat’s thumb were threatened and intimidated with beatings and arrests. And Arafat’s sole opponent was a 72-year-old woman, a social worker named Samiha Khalil who got, in the words of the New York Times, a “surprisingly high” 9 percent of the vote.

Hardly the stuff of a real election, yet Carter described this mess as “open and fair.”

You know how much Jimmuh loves the PLO and islamofascists in general. So much so, that he donated several of our helicopters to them in Iran back in ’79. While Carter loves those radical islamists – he’s not in love with them – his true loves are Central American Marxists.

Carter’s love of thugs has not waned over the years. Last month, he certified the widely condemned referendum in which Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez supposedly won by a wide margin of 59-to-41.

Exit polling conducted by the highly regarded Penn, Schoen & Berland Associates, however, found the exact opposite result: 59 percent opposed the communist “President,” with only 41 percent in favor.

As explained by the Wall Street Journal’s Mary O’Grady, Carter lacked the ability to prove the exit polls wrong (which could not have been 36 points off), because he only had access to a sampling of the easy-to-manipulate software tabulations printed out by voting booths. Not that it stopped him, though.

It should come as no surprise that Carter sided with the despot over a respected (Democratic) polling firm. Not just because of his disturbing track record, but because he and Chavez share a close, mutual friend: Fidel Castro.

In a stomach-turning first-person essay on his trip to Cuba in May 2002 that reads like a “My summer vacation with a bloodthirsty tyrant,” Jimmy Carter writes, “President Castro and I had a friendly chat about growing peanuts” on the way to the hotel, and then later “[t]hat evening President Castro and I had a general discussion of issues and then enjoyed an ornate banquet.”

With prose that might make even Castro’s PR flacks blush, Carter lavishes praise on Cuba’s “superb systems of health care and universal education,” “a remarkable medical school,” and the “amazing musical and dance performances” of “mentally retarded and physically handicapped children.” Then, this doozy: that the “fundamental right [of civil liberties enjoyed by Americans to change laws] is also guaranteed to Cubans.”

What Carter neglected to mention was that while he was staying at a hotel off-limits to ordinary Cubans, Castro was probably busy killing a political enemy or jailing innocent citizens.

Ol’ Jimmy Carter was and always will be a presidential failure and a mental midget. It is nice to have him around, though. We need the entertainment – all the new, younger leftists are so angry that they’re just no fun.

Others blogging the peanut president:

In the Bullpen – Carter decries Florida
Right on Red – Mondale’s Running Mate Speaks
Bill at INDC – Jimmy Who?
Blogs of War – Democrats floating conspiracy theories again

American traitor sadly still alive, seeks commuted sentence

Yeah, I’d forgotten about him too. John Walker Lindh, hero to American leftists everywhere, is now requesting that his 20-year sentence be commuted.

John Walker Lindh asked President Bush on Tuesday to commute his 20-year prison sentence for aiding the Taliban.

His lawyer, James Brosnahan, said that Lindh was fighting alongside the Taliban in a civil war against the Northern Alliance, that he is not a terrorist and that he never fought against U.S. troops.

The tragedy of this story is that we even know Walker’s name. This should have been a story we never heard about, because it should have been dealt with in Afghanistan with a 40-caliber shell. This traitorous piece of California street trash should have been treated no differently than any of the other Taliban enemies that were appropriately offed.

Instead, we have to keep this scumbag alive in our prison system, listening to his rat-bastard lawyer bleat on about this and that. I hope they’ll extend his prison term just because he had the nerve to ask for clemency.

More on vote suppression efforts

Jeff has received his official VRWC marching orders and has declared that Democracy is too important to leave to the voters. Now more than ever, brother.

Important update: With the ‘election’ 5 weeks away, our Cyberfraudwareâ„¢, aka ‘Black5 2.0,’ is in place. When the tallies come in, Bush will receive 99% of the vote. This crushing defeat will surely silence our adversaries & send them whimpering into the corner to sulk. (See Fox News plant: “Expert Predicts Phreaking Huge Landslide”)

“HOWEVER – we’re still instructing our forces to interfere with the voting, as we did in Florida 2000. You will be assigned a precinct station, & provided with the names & photographs of suspect voters. If you see one arriving, trip them or push them down. Club them over the head. If necessary, a cleaner (code name ‘XRLQ’) will be sent to break their legs. (See Fox News plant: “Precinct Mugging Just Awful New Danger”.)

“A squadron of security moms has been enlisted by a pushy operative (code name ‘Michelle Malkin’) to ferry you from precinct to precinct, in case people become suspicious.”

This is just the tip of the iceberg for outdoing our 2000 VRWC efforts.

Lose/lose on immigration

While surfing from Monday Night Football to Family Guy last night, I tripped and fell upon part of a Bill O’Reilly interview with President Junior. Much like a car crash, I couldn’t look away.

To his credit, Bill asked the President one of the questions I would ask – “how do you plan to stop the flow of an estimated 3 million-plus illegals from streaming into this country?” After stumbling around and trying to find some words, the President said that (paraphrasing) they’re coming here to find work and feed their families. He said they needed temporary worker cards (translation: amnesty) as if this was some kind of answer to the question.

At least the President didn’t hide the Republican agenda of open borders for cheap labor. If illegal immigration is your issue this Presidential election, you’re out of luck. The Republicans want to keep illegals streaming into the country so that they’ll have someone to provide cheap labor for construction, landscaping and other manual labor that the American underclass is too good to perform. The Dim-O-Cracks would like to erase our national borders altogether as an excuse to expand the welfare state and rope in millions more dim-o-crack voters – plus, there’s nothing they can’t stand worse than national soverignity. The Republicans are fools if they think illegals are going to punch any chads for the GOP.

It’s a lose/lose this election cycle for anyone who wants to seal off the borders and protect our economy from the drain of illegals and our cities from the threat of terrorists using the same entries into the U.S.

Why bother shipping jobs overseas when we can have foreigners doing those jobs here at home?

FYI, if any of you illegals are unsure where to cross the border, Michelle Malkin has some helpful directions for you


Diggers Realm has the transcript and more terrorism/immigration details for you

The debate over watching the debates

President Junior came out today and said that Lurch could spend 90 minutes debating himself.

I’ve got to give his handlers some credit. This particular address did have some good zingers buried in it – much better than the usual stump speech.

At an Ohio campaign event, Bush referred to his practice sessions for the debate at his Texas ranch over the weekend.

“It’s been a little tough to prepare because (Kerry) keeps changing positions on the war on the terror,” he joked.

“He voted for the use of force in Iraq and then didn’t vote to fund the troops,” Bush said. “He complained that we’re not spending enough money to help in reconstruction in Iraq and now he’s saying we’re spending too much. He said it was the right decision to go into Iraq and now he calls it the wrong war.

“He could probably spend 90 minutes debating himself,” Bush added to hoots of laughter from his supporters.

Kerry responded that with American soldiers’ lives on the line in Iraq, it was no time for jokes.

“When U.S. soldiers are in harm’s way, the American people don’t want jokes and fantasy spin from their president, they want to hear the truth,” he said in a statement issued from Spring Green, Wisconsin where he is preparing for the debate.

Meanwhile, in Flyover City, USA (and I’m sure it pains Lurch to have to travel to where the commoners live), Lurch is calling for an end to campaign television advertising. That means they must be working.

Kerry said America’s middle classes had suffered from the huge tax cuts that Bush had presided over and which Democrats say mainly benefit the most wealthy.

Yeah, the middle class (myself included) hates it when we get to keep more of our money instead of handing it over to Washington elitists like Lurch, who piss it away with reckless abandon. What an elitist, condescending asshole.

On to the debates – am I the only one dreading them and planning not to watch them at all? There is nothing that makes me cringe quite as much as watching a Bush press conference or debate. Yes, I’m voting for him, but he is absolutely horrible when he has to ad lib. He’s not that much better when the speech is written and fully rehearsed.

My only hope is that Lurch comes off like the haughty, over-priveleged bastard that he is and that Bush comes off as the genuine Texan that I wish he was. I’m sure plenty of good blogfolk will be live blogging the debate, so perhaps I’ll just check out some of their reviews after it’s all over. I just don’t think I have the stomach to watch.

Sinead O’Connor to planet Earth: “Cut it out, you guys!”

Sinead O’Connor has taken out a full page ad in the Irish Examiner asking people to quit poking fun at her.

DUBLIN, Ireland (AP) – One-time pop sensation Sinead O’Connor was back in the news Friday – by taking out a full-page ad pleading for people to stop making fun of her.

O’Connor, who shot to international fame in 1990 with her biggest hit Nothing Compares 2 U, claimed she had been “consistently ridiculed, lashed and called mad” for decades, particularly in her native Ireland.

“I don’t think there can be any person male or female from this country who has been as consistently lashed as I have been and always am no matter what I set out to do,” she complained during her 2,000-word essay published in the Irish Examiner newspaper.

“If ye all think I am such a crazy person why do ye use me to sell your papers?” she wrote, adding, “Please, I just want to be a little old lady now, and not be all controversial and not be bashed and called crazy and laughed at when I open my mouth to sing or speak.”

Call me puzzled, but did I miss something? Has anyone actually talked about her in a decade or so?

It’s a good news Monday

(via Rusty Shackleford)

The islamofascist scumbag who kidnapped and killed Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl has reportedly been killed in Pakistan.

Pakistan says security forces have killed a top al-Qaida militant who was allegedly involved in two assassination attempts on President Pervez Musharraf, a close U.S ally in the war on terrorism.

Officials say that one of the country’s most wanted men, Amjad Hussain Farooqi, was killed in a gunfight with security forces in the southern Pakistani town of Nawabshah. The man had a price of more than $300,000 on his head and was believed to be a key link between local extremist groups and the al-Qaida terror network.

Good riddance to another piece of Al Qaeda human debris and kudos to whomever took the winning shot(s). I share Rusty’s sentiment: Amjad Hussain Farooqi can rot in hell.

Others on the Pearl case include Backcountry Conservative, In The Bullpen.

In other good news today, (via Jihad Watch) there is word that the two Italian hostages may still be alive and in good condition.

I hope to God this is true, and since it’s a good news Monday, I’m going to be optimistic and avoid my tendency towards negativity.

Armies of Liberation and Diggers Realm are both on the case of the Italian hostages. Digger adds:

The terrorist now claim that they will hold the women hostage until Italy pulls all troops out of Iraq.

…”send a clear message to the Italian people and the Silvio Berlusconi government: that the Iraqi people denounces the sending of Italian troops to Iraq and calls for the courageous decision to withdraw them, like the Spanish government which pulled its troops out in order to retain its friendly ties with the Iraqi people.”

Yeah, those courageous Spanish that bowed to terrorists demands.
I’ve been covering this story pretty tightly and am happy if this information is true.

Stop the Vote!

At this time in a presidential election cycle, if you consider yourself to be one of the highly coveted “undecided” voters, you are either lying or a blithering idiot.

Why do I make such a bold assertion? Simple. Anyone who has paid even nominal attention to contemporary world issues, current domestic events or politics should have taken sides by now. I have more respect for the socialist Michael Moore-loving democrat at this point in the campaign than the blessed undecided moderate. At least the Moore sycophant knows where he/she stands and pays attention to the issues – sure, they get it completely wrong, but at least they’re involved.

Whether you’re an anti-Capitalist Ruckus Society™ Marxist Nader voter, a neo-lib democrat, a dope-smoking Libertarian, a big-government Republican or a supporter of any of the other dozens of candidates, you should have paid attention and taken sides by now.

That’s why I’m launching the Six Meat Buffet Stop the Vote campaign!

Much like the left’s many get-out-the-vote efforts (i.e. Rock the Vote, Voters for Choice, blah blah blah), my newfangled KEEP HOME THE VOTE campaign will erase the gains made by these socialist groups and keep uninformed, worthless voters from screwing things up for the rest of us. Most thinking people will agree that it is far too easy to vote in this country – not just for illegal aliens and the deceased, but for the brain-dead government-cheese-eating daytime-soap-watching handout generation.

How does my campaign work? Thanks for asking – it’s a simple, three-pronged approach:

  • Sway
  • Misinform
  • Distract

First – SWAY. This first step is only necessary if you have “undecided” friends who have the capacity for logic. Use the many resources provided by the Blogosphere to inform this person (or people) just what a horrible choice John Kerry is for America. Perhaps have them enjoy Kerry’s book The New Soldier or the Swift Vets’ book Unfit for Command. You have many options that will sway the logical thinker away from the Vietcong candidate. If all else fails, remind them how Kerry will protect us after the next 9/11 happens here on U.S. soil.

Next – MISINFORM. If you’ve determined that this undecided voter is incapable of logic – this will be the case with most of these cretins – then, move to step two, misinformation. (And don’t feel bad about doing this part – Rather, Brokaw, Jennings, Couric, et al, do this to them on a daily basis and they really seem to like it.) Some examples:

If you know this voter is leaning towards Dim-O-Crack candidates AND you live in a swing state, tell them that their vote will be unnecessary because you read in a MacPhereson/Smith poll that the state was no longer in play due to Kerry’s 18 point lead. If they ask who MacPhereson/Smith is, just tell them that they’ve had a 90% effectiveness ratio in the past twelve elections, so you should listen to them.

Another example – ask your leftist-leaning friend if they’ve registered to vote yet. If they say no, tell them that there was a new law passed this year that allows voters to register at the polls on the same day they vote – and you don’t even need I.D. Feel free to add your own misinformation as necessary.

Lastly, DISTRACT. If you haven’t succeeded with your undecided friends in steps one or two, take care of your own voting early (via early voting or absentee ballot) and plan a party/getaway for yourself and some select friends out of state – perhaps even Vegas! Tell them that you got a really good deal on airfare and that’s why you have to take the trip on a Monday – Wednesday instead of a weekend. In addition to being stupid, undecided left-leaning voters are also notoriously cheap. Sure, you’ll spend a couple grand to throw this shin-dig, but you’ll be securing the future for the rest of us. If your budget is tight, then just plan a low-cost fishing or skiing trip. Be creative.

Bloggers, we need you and your sphere on influence to spread the word about the STOP THE VOTE™ campaign. To join up, simply trackback or send an e-mail to sixmeat-at-gmail-dot-com letting me know that you want to join the campaign and I’ll list and link to you here. Feel free to transport the official STOP THE VOTE logo to your own site and link back if you feel so inclined.

I know that if we get enough people involved, we can keep idiots out of the voting booth this November. We may only stop a few hundred nitwits from voting, but remember that Bush only won Florida by 537 votes in 2000 – every stopped vote counts.


Other bloggers joining the Stop the Vote™ Campaign:

Right on Red – young people should get INactive, not PROactive
Beautiful Atrocities – endorses the idea, worried that the VRWC cyberfix may not be ready for the election
Lisa @ Just a Girl – supports the idea, but fears that most politicians would fail any rudimentary voter-qualification exam
My Pet Jawa – Rusty takes a break from grading papers to support the cause
Knowledge is Power – Sondra pitches in with some of her own suggestions for Sway, Misinform, Distract
Dummocrats.Com – Stop the Vote makes Dummocrats’ daily page
The Tiger in Winter – Not exactly a ringing endorsement from Ben, but I made him laugh
Jaf Project – JAF takes a look at Morpho the Magnificent
Packer Fan – K wants in on the fun
KDEWEB – joins the crusade
The wily Canuck – supports the cause
Linda Land gives the Stop the Vote campaign the Goddess Seal of Approval

Bush volunteered for duty

Ex-Tennessean and right-wing crank Johnny Walker Red has scolded me for not watching my local news and missing this story about how President Junior actually volunteered for duty during Vietnam.

First of all, Johnny, I was out of town all weekend, hence the light blogging. Second of all, I would have missed it anyway because I only watch WATE & Fox 43 because I have the hots for newsanchorbabe Danielle Banks. Mrs. Holmes does not understand this attraction. But I digress.

Retired Colonel Ed Morrisey served in the Air National Guard and is familiar with the President’s record since the beginning of his service.

Opposite a portrayal of a soldier not performing his duty he describes a flyer, near the top of his class…

According to Morrisey, then-Lieutenant Bush more than fulfilled his guard requirements.

Morrisey says in the six years the President served he never failed to meet participation point requirements.

“Bush averaged 176 per year. In no year did he have less that 50,” says Morrisey. “He was rated by his commander, Col. Maurice Udell in the top 5 of his pilots.”

One of the criticisms leveled at the President is that he sought guard service to keep him from serving in Vietnam.

Morrisey says, “not so.”

“The Air Force, in their ultimate wisdom, assembled a group of 102’s and took them to Southeast Asia. Bush volunteered to go. But he needed to have 500 [flight] hours, but he only had just over 300 hours so he wasn’t eligible to go,â€? Morrisey recalls.

Johnny Walker Red has been digging around today and has discovered that folks have been covering this story for some time now. Captains Quarters had it last month. Hobbs Online had it here yesterday and here more than a year ago. Powerline had it Friday. This one is being thoroughly debunked all over the blogosphere.

Go check out Johnny’s summary on the subject.

Weekend football picks…

It’s yet another big football weekend – here’s your incredibly murky crystal ball to this weekend’s action.

In semi-pro — er — college ball, Tennessee will throttle Louisiana Tech, but not cover the spread, mainly due to La Tech running back Ryan Moats. Tennessee 34, La Tech 14. Elsewhere, Alabama 24 Arkansas 17 – Brodie Croyle’s backup is no slouch. Florida 51, Kentucky 14; Michigan 31, Iowa 10; Notre Dame 21, Washington 18.

After going 1/5 in the pros last week, this week can only get better. Titans 27 Jaguars 17; Colts 34, Packers 17 (sorry Lisa & Leo – they’re playing indoors – Favre hates that, doesn’t he?); Raiders 28, Bucs 20; Vikings 31, Bears 21; Broncos 26, Chargers 21.

In other NFL news, perpetually stoned running back Ricky Williams now has $8.6 million less to spend on weed. Someone may want to start a dope fund for him.

The John Kerry Comedy Hour featuring John Kerry

For all of Lurch’s many inconsistencies and waffling positions, one thing he’s been consistent about is his penchant for unintentional comedy.

This was in full force in Lurch’s address to the sycophants at Temple University in Philly this morning. Actually, the CNN story doesn’t make it clear if they’re reporting on a speech to be given at Temple or if they received an advance copy of the speech via their DNC faxline.

The CNN story, in fact, is filled with accidental comedy bits. To wit:

“Our goal is that at the end of that, people will say, ‘This guy will seek and defeat the terrorist,'” said spokesman Mike McCurry. (sic)

I don’t think the people are ever going to be saying anything remotely resembling that, but good try, McMuffin. Onward with Lurch’s keen commentary:

Kerry planned to outline his strategy against terrorism on Friday, a day after telling The Columbus Dispatch that the president’s actions in Iraq and elsewhere show Bush masquerading as a mainstream conservative while pursuing extremist policies.

“I don’t view these people as conservatives,” Kerry said. “I actually view them as extreme, and I think their policies have been extreme, and that extends all the way to Iraq, where this president, in my judgment, diverted the real war on terror — which was Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda — and almost obsessively moved to deal with Iraq in a way that weakened our nation, overextended our armed forces, cost us $200 billion and created a breach in our oldest alliances.”

Point by point, Lurch & John Boy have already laid out their strategy against terrorism – cut, run, hide and hope we don’t get hit. Then, after we suffer another slaughter, they’ll really go after those terrorists by begging the U.N. for a strong resolution condemning Al Qaeda.

Lurch does veer into some truth here, though. President Junior’s administration has been anything but conservative. He’s right about that, but not in the way he implies. Additionally, Lurch rolls out the tired old blather about how Iraq is diverting us from the war on terror – when in reality, the war in Iraq is part of the war on terror. This, of course, is too complicated for most liberals to comprehend. There’s more:

To douse the spread of terrorism, Kerry proposes policies aimed at denying individuals and groups the ability to organize and attack.

What he means is that groups like the CIA, FBI and Homeland Security will be denied the opportunity to organize – just as they’ve been denied that opportunity for years now.

Kerry would build a better military and intelligence apparatus to go after enemies, deny terrorists weapons and financing, move against worldwide terrorist havens and recruitment centers, and promote freedom and democracy in Muslim nations.

Build a better military? Just like he has by voting against every important weapons system and military bill since the 1980s? Promote freedom and democracy in muslim nations? Like President Bush is already doing in Iraq? Hilarious!

Kerry has repeatedly argued that the war in Iraq has distracted attention and resources from the pursuit of terrorists, including Osama bin Laden.

Meanwhile, terrorists from all over the middle east are streaming into Iraq, making themselves available as targets for our military – you’d think this might help us in the war on terror. Not by Lurch’s ill-logic.

I know Lurch & John Boy didn’t start out intending to be a two-man comedy troupe, but that’s certainly what they’ve become.

Time out for wrestling

And Lance Russell rings the bell… 10 minutes gone, 20 minutes to wrestle… the rank smell of the Memphis Mid-South Coliseum… the good old days…

Legendary wrestling manager and Hollywood writer/actor Scott Bowden’s Kentucky Fried Rasslin column this week analyzes a new course at Penn State called “The Professional Wrestling Industry: The Business and Spectacle of Populist Sports-Entertainment.” More:

Pin State: According to a recent course catalog, Penn State is offering a course on The Professional Wrestling Industry: The Business and Spectacle of Populist Sports- Entertainment. The catalog describes the class as: “An examination of the history and current popularity of professional wrestling. We will examine the major companies, the behind the scenes workings of the business, the relationship between the Internet and the current “boom” in the business (Bowden: that should be interesting), and important issues that surround the business. One need not be a “fan” (Bowden: i.e., “mark”) of the pro-wrestling industry to study it. Students will have a chance to meet guest speakers from the pro-wrestling industry (Bowden: Who…Johnny Valiant?) as well as attend some live events. Required texts: A three-month subscription to one of the industry newsletters (we’ll do this on the first day of class), access to cable TV (to watch 2 hrs. per week of pro wrestling) and willingness to make extensive use of the Internet. No wrestling required.”

It’s a good thing they included that last disclaimer. In fact, after the controversial first semester in which the class was offered, more disclaimers were added: 1. Foreign objects are strictly prohibited. 2. Further, you cannot carve your initials onto your desk or onto anyone else’s forehead. 3. Hitting your instructor with a folding metal chair will result in an automatic failing grade. 4. The final exam will take place within the confines of a steel cage.

The title of the course reflects what I’m sure is the department’s disdain for “Joe Six Pack” and “Johnny Lunch Pail” – whenever you hear the word populist, you know you’re about to be condescended to. In this case it may be completely warranted.

I wish they had this at my institution of lower learning when I was in school because I wouldn’t have skipped a class, lest I miss an essay on the lineage and character development from Gorgeous George to the Exotic Adrian Street.

Having known Bowden for some years, and having worked with him in a community-outreach program in Memphis called the “Cougars,” I can attest that he is a man of unimpeachable character and even if you’re not a rasslin’ fan, you would do yourself a favor by reading Bowden’s column every week.

Cheney tells Kerry to go F— himself

Well, not really, but that would be sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

Cheney did, however, come out today and attack Kerry for his lack of respect for visiting Iraqi interim leader Iyad Allawi.

Speaking in Columbus, Ohio, shortly after Allawi’s speech, Kerry said the interim Iraqi premier was painting an unrealistically upbeat picture of the situation in his homeland.

Kerry’s comments drew a sharp rebuke from the vice president just 40 days before Americans go to the polls on November 2 to cast their presidential ballots.

“I must say I was appalled at the complete lack of respect Senator Kerry showed for this man of courage when he rushed to hold a press conference and attack the prime minister, a man America must stand beside to defeat the terrorists,” Cheney told an audience in St. Joseph, Missouri.

“John Kerry is trying to tear down all the good that has been accomplished, and his words are destructive to our effort in Iraq and in the global war on terror.

“As Prime Minister Allawi said in his speech, and I quote, ‘When political leaders sound the siren of defeatism in the face of terrorism, it only encourages more violence,'” Cheney added.

At least Kerry is being consistent – all he ever preaches is defeatism and negativism. His outlook for the country is so incredibly bleak that you wonder how the bastard gets up in the morning. Oh yeah, he’s a billionaire.

Back to Allawi, the left continues to discredit Allawi by calling him a “puppet” and a Bush stooge. To be perfectly frank, I hope he is. The Iraqi government should be following our lead on most issues, and not the other way around. It’s nice to have elections, and it’s nice to tout democracy, but democracy will not flourish until the hammer comes down on the islamofascists controlling pockets of the country. And until there is stability, Allawi should lead, with some strong guidance from Iraq’s liberators.

9/24 UPDATE:

Chad from In the Bullpen has an excellent post regarding Kerry’s decision to skip Allawi’s speech to congress yesterday (much like he skipped the vast majority of intelligence committee meetings during his continuing nightmarish tenure as Senator).

Following Allawi’s address, Both Allawi and President Bush held a press conference outside the White House where they gave the media in attention better news than has been reported. Among revelations that came out that I was not aware of is that 15 of 18 provinces inside Iraq are considered safe and ready to proceed with elections. 50,000 Iraqi troops have been trained and another 50,000 will be fully trained by January.

It would stand to reason that it’s better to get information on the country from the mouth of the Prime Minister of Iraq, however not to John Kerry. While the majority of congress was in this joint meeting, Senator John Kerry was in a firehouse in Columbus, Ohio ready to try to trump Allawi’s comments with this week’s stance on Iraq…

There is not one mention of any border in Allawi’s address. The bulk of the address is Allawi thanking the United States for our sacrifice and explaining why he feels this effort is both worth it and has made the nation more safe.

In several of Kerry’s ill-advised stumps, he has scripted the comments well in advance and this is no exception. Of course one would have hoped he would have scripted his comments regarding “Lambert� Field where the Green Bay Packers play. Instead of practicing and writing his stump speech to counter Allawi’s comments, Senator John Kerry should have been at the joint session of Congress. Kerry is still an elected official in the United States Senate, though his attendence record is more than appalling.

Religion of beheadings

Is this the best islam has to offer? More beheadings? How are so many of these hood-wearing islamofascists still living in the year 750 A.D.? What kind of sub-human gutter-dwelling shit-scum could behead any of these people – who came to Iraq to either rebuild the infrastructure – or, in the case of the two Italian women, work with charitable organizations helping Iraqi kids?

This type of homocidal dementia is so foreign to civilized society that it’s nearly impossible to comprehend.

As fully expected, the Jack Hensley beheading video has been released, and Rusty Shackleford has it. Again, make sure you have the stomach for such things. I’m sure plenty of people think it’s morbid to link to such horrific video – but I agree with Rusty – these videos need to be seen by the ignorant unwashed masses in this country who are still in denial about the EVIL we’re up against. And make no mistake, this is EVIL incarnate. I realize that most of you liberals can’t understand that, but try really hard and maybe you’ll get it eventually.

Reports are out now that suggest Simona Pari and Simona Torretta were beheaded and that a video will be forthcoming. If this comes to pass, it will be a new low, even for this pile islamofascist human debris.

Don’t you think it’s long past time to take the politically-correct gloves off, Mr. President?


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How not to discipline a child

15-year-old found chained to bed railing at home in Lebanon (TN).

Lebanon police officers found a malnourished 15-year-old boy chained to a bed railing at his parents’ home Tuesday, police officials said.

The boy’s father, James Osborne III, and his stepmother, Christie Osborne, were charged with aggravated child abuse and neglect and were in jail as of yesterday afternoon, Lebanon Police Chief Scott Bowen said.

The teen “was in a very poor condition,” Bowen said. James Osborne “said it’s been going on for several months. He knew it was wrong.”

Bowen said the father gave a statement that “he’d head for work in the morning and the boy would be chained, and he’d come back home from work and the boy would be chained. The mother said he (the boy) was a troublemaker.”

Bowen said the teenager has been forced to sleep on a mat on a hardwood floor or directly on the floor surface.

He usually was naked or wore a diaper, he said.

Turner said that based on the preliminary investigation, the boy was fed only soup and water.

Two allegations of minor physical abuse were made against the family in 2001 and 2003, Turner said. DCS case managers visited the family both times and found no evidence to support those allegations, she said.

I realize that some people may call me “mean-spirited”, but I hope both parents in this case spend the rest of their lives in prison – and spend a majority of that time being abused by fellow inmates.