Happy Halloween

A safe and happy Halloween to all you freaks. Before you gorge yourself on a deadly mix of candy and alcohol, do something good. Rob over at Say Anything has requested that folks pitch in and help support free mammograms to assist with breast cancer screenings. It’s a good cause and it will exercise your clicker, so go here and click a few times to help fund free mammograms. Do something good with your clicker instead of surfing porn all day.

Rob has also linked to one of my favorite spooky stories of all time, The Masque of the Red Death by Edgar Allan Poe. Happy freakin’ Halloween.


Well, all the trick-or-treaters have gone home to gorge themselves, but I took a picture of the best costume of the night:


Here are our outstandingly carved pumpkins:

And I’ll leave you with this exchange with some snot-nosed punk trick-or-treaters.

ME: So who the hell are you supposed to be?
KID IN PISTONS JERSEY AND AFRO: I’m so-and-so Wallace of the Detroit Pistons
ME: Do you get in as much trouble as he does? Doesn’t he spend his weekends in jail?
OTHER KID: Hey, what NBA star isn’t in jail?
ME: Nice. Happy Halloween, you bastards.