Month: October 2004

Gameday football picks

As Mrs. Holmes and I prepare for gameday festivities and a trip to Neyland Stadium to watch the Vols embarrass the Crimson Tide (sorry Nate), I am reminded that I missed football picks last week so I better get them in quick this morning.

In today’s college matchups, Tennessee will beat Bama 31-21 due to Bama’s injury-depleted ranks. Elsewhere, Georgia 29, Arkansas 19; Auburn 44, Kentucky 14; Purdue 24, Michigan 20; Miami 27, North Carolina St. 17.

In the pros tomorrow, it only gets uglier for my beloved Titans. Vikings 31, Titans 20; Panthers 24, Chargers 17; Packers 28, Dallas 17 (hear that Lisa?); Broncos 17, Bengals 12; and in the battle of unbeatens, the New York Jets stop the Patriots’ winning streak and win 30-28.

Thou shalt not fling custard at a goddess

Two dumbasses arrested for flinging pies at Ann Coulter at the University of Arizona.

Or as the Smoking Gun quipped, Al Pieda Targets Ann Coulter.

TUCSON, Ariz. – Two men ran onstage and threw custard pies at conservative columnist Ann Coulter as she was giving a speech at the University of Arizona, hitting her in the shoulder, police said.

As is typical with the left – they can’t win any arguments based on ideas, so they usually resort to violence.

Lucina Kress, a junior majoring in Spanish, said she and others ran out of Centennial Hall to chase the two men.

Soaking wet from last night’s rain, Kress said as a member of the UA College Republicans, she wanted to do her part to capture the men who disrupted Coulter’s speech.

“They could have combated her with words, but instead resorted to physical violence,” Kress said.

Coulter made light of the situation even after one of the men was taken away in handcuffs.

“From that far away they can’t even hit me?” she joked.

I’m tempted to make a crude comment about Ann Coulter and cream pies, but I’ll keep it out of the gutter – this time.

Who is endorsing whom?

I hope I don’t get cited by the grammar police for that title…

I had been putting together some information on which presidential candidate is getting support from our international “allies” in preparation for a round-up style post. However, I stumbled across Ben Johnson’s article over at FrontPageMag, which provides just such a round-up and is an excellent read – so why reinvent the wheel? Some of Johnson’s keen observations:

Who is supporting Kerry?

NORTH KOREA – North Korean radio has aired several of Kerry’s anti-Bush speeches, and the Korean Central News Agency has given the Democratic candidate “glowing” coverage.

IRAN – It is undisputed that Kerry has promised to give Iran exactly what it needs right now: nuclear fuel. Kerry pledged to supply Iran with nuclear fuel, just as Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton did to North Korea as it revved up its nuclear program during the 1990s.

RED CHINA – Comparatively speaking, Kerry is noted for being friendly with China. He was once firmly against linking the most-favored-nation status to China with human rights.

ARAFAT – PA foreign minister Nabil Shaath has said in a Kerry presidency, “it would be likely that several staff members during Clinton’s administration would return,” adding, “that would be a good thing.” Conversely, in his 1997 book The New War, John Kerry referred to Yasser Arafat as a “statesman.”

Last but not least…FRANCE – The chairman of Democrats Abroad gave the “Ich bin ein Berliner” speech of the 2004 campaign, gushing Kerry “is the closest thing that you will have to a French politician.”

Johnson provides more detail than this small sampling – he also includes Germany, Vietnam, Pakistan, Jordan, Malaysia, limp-wristed Spain, among others.

Who is supporting President Bush?

RUSSIA – It seems, since mourning the tragedy of Beslan, Putin has discovered the wisdom of pre-emption.

ISRAEL – Although Yasser Arafat’s Palestinian Authority favors John Kerry, the Israelis favor George W. Bush. Israel’s military intelligence chief, Major-General Aharon Ze’evi told the Israeli Cabinet he feared, “Arafat is now waiting for the month of November in the hope that President Bush will be defeated in the presidential election and turned out of his office.”

JAPAN – The Secretary-General of Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party, Tsutomu Takebe, told the media, “I think there would be trouble if it’s not President Bush.” Takebe said Kerry’s plan for bilateral U.S.-North Korean negotiations “would be exactly what North Korea wants.”

Johnson also lists South Korea and the Philippines as Bush supporters, and notes that al-Jizziera (sic) television and the Communist Party USA (not to be confused with Communists for Kerry) have thrown their lot in for Lurch as well.

Johnson doesn’t list Australia as a Bush leaning country, but given their recent re-election of John Howard, I would count them in Bush’s column as well.

While I’m sure that the surrender-socialist American left is tickled to death to have all of weak-kneed Eurabia on their side, I’d rather be in step with the countries that are willing to join the fight against global islamofascism.

Good news from Gaza

(via Chad @ In The Bullpen)

One of Hamas’ founders and current military leaders, Adnan al-Ghoul, was killed when hit by a well-aimed Israeli helicopter-fired missile.

GAZA (Reuters) – Israel killed the top bomb maker of the Hamas Islamic militant group in a Gaza Strip air strike on Thursday, days before a key parliamentary vote on Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s plan to quit the occupied territory.

The assassination of Adnan al-Ghoul, number two in the Hamas military wing and near the top of Israel’s most wanted list since 1987, dealt a major blow to Hamas.

It could also help Sharon counter far-right opponents of his pullout plan, who say it would reward Palestinian attacks.

Isn’t al-Ghoul an appropriate name for a child-murdering Palestinian piece of human debris? Good riddance, Ghoul, and may many of your comrades meet similar fates at the steaming bottom of a Palestinian Car Swarm.

Breaking News: Kerry wins 2004 presidential election

With lawyers peppered strategically throughout the battleground states, Lurch promises to declare victory on November 2, whether the counting is done or not.

WASHINGTON – Sen. John Kerry (news – web sites), bracing for a potential fight over election results, will not hesitate to declare victory Nov. 2 and defend it, advisers say. He also will be prepared to name a national security team before knowing whether he’s secured the presidency.

In short, the Democratic presidential candidate has a simple strategy for Nov. 3 and beyond: Do not repeat Al Gore’s mistakes.

The Democratic vice president prematurely conceded the 2000 race to George W. Bush in a telephone call, then had to retract his concession after aides said Florida wasn’t lost. He never declared victory, an omission Kerry’s advisers — many of whom worked for Gore — now believe created a sense of inevitability in voters’ minds about Bush’s presidency.

Gore didn’t plan for the legal showdown, though few could have predicted it before Election Day. And he watched as Bush seized political advantage during the 36-day recount by publicly discussing a transition to the White House.

Not this time, promise Kerry’s advisers. If there is doubt about the results, they will fight without delay.

What’s the hold-up Lurch? I mean, why doesn’t the bastard go ahead and declare victory now? For the love of Pete, they’ve already started spouting off their false charges of intimidation and “disenfranchisement”. Let’s just get the recount started now – plenty of early voting has taken place. What a jackass.

Under the sea, under the sea….

Under the sea, under the sea, they’ll be no accusations, just friendly crustaceans, under the sea……..

I wouldn’t have believed this had I not found the story via several different sources.

9th Circuit Court in San Francisco determines that marine mammals may not sue President Bush for the Navy’s use of sonar equipment.

Okay, let’s put aside the absurity that the case even made it to a local chancery court – much less up to the 9th Circus. It took these socialist judges 18 pages to explain why these aquatic creatures could not sue the President.

LOS ANGELES — The world’s whales, porpoises and dolphins have no standing to sue President Bush over the U.S. Navy’s use of sonar equipment that harms marine mammals, a federal appeals court ruled Wednesday.

A three-judge panel of the Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit in San Francisco, widely considered one of the most liberal and activist in the country, said it saw no reason animals should not be allowed to sue but said they had not yet been granted that right.

“If Congress and the President intended to take the extraordinary step of authorizing animals as well as people and legal entities to sue they could and should have said so plainly,” Judge William A. Fletcher wrote in an 18-page opinion for the panel.

The lawsuit was brought against Bush and Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld on behalf of “the cetacean community” — defined as the world’s whales, porpoises and dolphins — by their self-appointed lawyer, marine mammal activist Lanny Sinkin.

The reason? They can’t sue because they had not yet been given the right to sue.

I would have thought the reason might be that they can’t talk, write, make phone calls to lawyers – not to mention that they live in freaking ocean. Well, I know the 9th circus has a long history of judicial idiocy, but this is over the top, even for those asshats. Is it any wonder I’ve lost any faith in our judicial system?

Theresa Heinz Kerry – idiot bitch

There, I said it. I mean, how stupid must she be to make a comment like this?

“But I don’t know that she’s (Laura Bush) ever had a real job — I mean, since she’s been grown up.”

Theresa, you insane, ignorant bitch. You are worth more than a billion dollars – none of which you earned. You simply inherited it – much like the Kennedys, you’re a worthless leech who has no place criticizing a woman with the class and character of Laura Bush.

Not only did Laura Bush work as a teacher and librarian, she performed a much more important job of raising two kids. That’s a job you couldn’t handle, you U.N.-loving globalist elitist shitneck.

You make me want to vomit, you assfaced dingbat.

I feel better. Thanks for listening.


I realized this morning why Heinz-Ketchup’s comments pissed me off so much last night. It’s an extension of the prevailing attitude among feminists and liberals in general that anything traditional – like marriage, family, women NOT in the workforce – must be ridiculed and, if possible, stamped out.

I know from personal experience that raising a couple of kids is harder than most “real” jobs out in the working world. Since the 1960s, feminists have derided and insulted women who CHOOSE to stay home and raise a family – they’ve looked down on women who dared take their husband’s name. The left has done everything they can to destroy the traditional family structure.

The feminists want choice – only when it comes to dismembering and removing that fetal nuisance from their wretched wombs – any choice that involves preserving the traditional family should be disallowed.

Useless idiots

(via the T-Man)

There is a digital socialist/pacifist collective (well, they’re the opposite of us brownshirts, but I can’t think of a catchy title for them) out there who have organized a campaign of “apology” pictures for the people of Iraq. Check out their parade of the horribles here.

If you’d like to take a little trip through the deranged mind of the American anti-war left, this is a great place to start. This gallery of drooling idiots demonstrates beyond a doubt that the American left is a group of mentally ill freaks who have brought their status as social pariah on themselves.

In addition, this serves as yet another reminder – don’t put your ugly mug up on the web – especially in this kind of context. You open yourself up for well-deserved ridicule and you deserve whatever mockery and humiliation befalls you.

Plenty of folks have already started the predictable exercise of ridiculing these dolts, and I’m no exception. However, I’m going to try and milk it for a while. So instead of shooting my wad all at once, I’ll throw up the occasional photo for my own (and hopefully your) amusement. Join in the fun – e-mail me your own photoshopped version of these moronic pictures and if they’re good, I’ll post them.

Folks piling on with more hilarious mockery: Sean Gleeson, LGF, Silent Running, Mike Jericho,, Dorkafork.


I totally missed Sean’s Page of Atonement, which provides links to a whole host of other folks running with this particular ball – including, but not limited to – Lumberjack, Editors in Pajamas, Linda, Watcher of Weasels, Mudville Gazette and Gordo the Cranky Neocon.

Early voting on Wictory Wednesday

Well, that’s what I was hoping to do today, but Mrs. Holmes has rescheduled our voting until tomorrow. It’s nice to be married to someone who is not going to cancel out your vote. I’ve heard of so many couples where the husband votes conservative and the wife votes socialist, effectively canceling each other out.

It’s nice to be able to negate the votes of some pansy liberal couple driving to the polls in their electric car listening to Ani DiFranco and worrying about the Earth. Do you hear that, liberal married couple? We’re making your vote irrelevant!

Back to Wictory Wednesday, this week we’re helping Jim DeMint in South Carolina. Only one more Wictory Wednesday left after today. Hopefully the Bush win will be decisive enough that we will know the winner of the presidential vote two weeks from today. Anyone else glad it’s almost over? I sure as hell am.

Here are your Wictory Wednesday bloggers…

The prissiest candidate

I saw this over at Michelle Malkin’s place this morning. Well, not her place, unfortunately, but her blog. Now you’ve got me sidetracked. Dammit.

Anyway, I didn’t think it was worth blogging about until I actually watched the video (thanks, E.N.) and it’s freakin’ hilarious.

Go watch the video at Harry Shearer’s Slate corner – it depicts John Boy getting ready for a TV interview. The attention he and his primpette pay to his hair is remarkable. In Shearer’s words:

“For a guy who’s been known derisively to the Bush crowd as the Breck girl,” observes Shearer, vice presidential candidate John Edwards seems “way too interested in his hair.” He tries to straighten it with his fingers. A makeup technician approaches with a comb, but the senator likes it just so and does the combing himself. He signals he’s ready for hair spray by closing his eyes expectantly, like a child. Then Edwards and the technician straighten a little more with their fingers. Please don’t tell me that thing in his hand is a compact. Oh, dear. It is.

Just go watch it. It’s as funny as it is disturbing. Plus, it effectively illustrates that all that really matters to John Boy the side-show carnie is image and fluff – he has absolutely no substance and comletely lacks any kind of character.

Oh well, at least he has nice hair.

We’ve got wireless!

This little brownshirt has just entered the rusty age of wireless.

I just had to tell somebody, so I guess if you’re reading this, I’m telling you, not that you care.

We’ve got us a little wireless router in the house now so this newfangled laptop can be used wherever I damn well please in the homestead. I’m blogging from the damn bedroom right now. It’s a geek’s wet dream, I tell you.

Okay, then, go back about your business. I’ll be back to bitching about something or another here shortly.

Global warming disaster claims first home

Mythical instantaneous global warming has claimed its first victim.

CORDELE, Ga. — A Georgia man facing arson charges for burning his own home is blaming nine or 10 beers, and a disaster movie.

Charles Adams told Crisp County authorities he had been drinking while watching the movie “Day After Tomorrow.”

Adams allegedly told deputies that after watching the special-effects extravaganza depicting deadly natural disasters caused by global warming, he decided to set fire to pillows on his bed.

The flames destroyed his doublewide mobile home.

I hope other movie-rental victims learn from Charles’ tragic example.

Now, do you REALLY promise to stop that nasty terrorism this time?

Ex-Gitmo detainees are returning to the terror war – and – surprise – this is after they promised to be really, really good.

At least seven former prisoners of the United States at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, have returned to terrorism, despite gaining their freedom by signing pledges to renounce violence.

At least two are believed to have died in fighting in Afghanistan, and a third was recaptured during a raid on a suspected training camp in Afghanistan, said Lt. Cmdr. Flex Plexico, a Pentagon spokesman. Others are at large.

Additional former detainees have expressed a desire to rejoin the fight, be it against U.N. peacekeepers in Afghanistan, Americans in Iraq or Russians in Chechnya.

Against U.N. peacekeepers? Who the hell fights against U.N. peacekeepers? Why attack a group that has already hoisted the white flag of surrender? Target practice, I suppose.

U.S. officials released 146 detainees from Guantanamo, but only after determining the prisoners no longer posed threats and had no remaining intelligence value.

Pentagon officials acknowledged that the release process is imperfect, but they said most of the Guantanamo detainees released have steered clear of Islamist insurgent groups.

Imperfect? Really! I’m impressed by this level of candor.

What the hell is going on at the Pentagon? This kind of touchy-feely idiocy is the kind of mentality that will get us all killed. These “detainees” should never have left Afghanistan – they should be pushing up daisies right now with Osama and his cronies at Tora Bora.

If this is how we’re going to fight the W.O.T., maybe we should just go ahead and surrender.


Also blogging, Johnny Walker Red & Digger.

Sunday Night Roundup

Well hell, after an 8.5 hour drive, we’re back in Knoxpatch. It wasn’t so bad, but the thought of getting up to go to work tomorrow makes me want to vomit out my nose and mouth.

So what have I missed today besides an embarrassing Titans loss to the Houston Texans?

Looks like the dim-o-cracks are already cheating down in Florida. So what else is new?

In other unsurprising news, the always fair-and-balanced New York Times has endorsed John Kerry. Heaven forfend! They’ve really gone out on a limb there.

Johnny Walker Red is trying to rewrite the Alabama Constitution, for crying out loud. Doesn’t he have enough to do?

Allah is still on hiatus. Oh where did you go…?

Ace says Usama has been pushin’ up daisies for quite some time now. Hell he’s almost as dead as Al Gore’s brain and John Edwards’ integrity.

And I can’t get this new Linksys Wireless G-Cable Gateway to be recognized by Win XP Pro. Any advice from you networking gurus out there?

Okay, I’m tired as ass so I’m going to bed.

KRS-One: punk-ass racist bitch

(via Drudge)

“Rapper” KRS-One says that blacks cheered on 9/11 when 3,000+ Americans were slaughtered. Mr. One made this comment at a New Yorker Festival panel discussion – undoubtedly a cesspool of like-minded anti-Americanism.

I should have known that Mr. One sucked when he did that shitty duet with Michael Stipe and REM.

The hip-hop anarchist has declared his solidarity with al-Qaida by asserting that he and other African-Americans “cheered when 9-11 happened,” reports the New York Daily News.

“I say that proudly,” the Boogie Down Productions founder went on, insisting that, before the attack, security guards kept Blacks out of the World Trade Center “because of the way we talk and dress.

“So when the planes hit the building, we were like, ‘Mmmm – justice.'”

The atrocity of 9-11 “doesn’t affect us the hip-hop community,” he said. “9-11 happened to them, not us,” he added, explaining that by “them” he meant “the rich … those who are oppressing us. RCA or BMG, Universal, the radio stations.”

I remember having this same discussion with my friend Leo Oshkosh. We agreed that the American left would quickly sweep 9/11 under the rug – and that the majority of the downtrodden would silently celebrate because the people who died in the towers were only rich people and Jews – the two classes most vilified by the left. If you’re white, rich, Jewish, heterosexual and male, then you might as well be given the death penalty just for existing in the mind of the American leftist.

Mr. One continues vomiting forth stupidity:

“America has to commit suicide if the world is to be a better place.” This comment drew a heated response fellow panelist and former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic, who yelled, “That is wrong, man. Suicide is not the answer.”

What the hell does that mean? Suicide is not the answer? Why would you ever have a panel discussion with a bunch of rappers & musicians? All you’re going to get in a situation like that is brainless nonsense upchucked from one moron to another while the nitwits in the media cheer the “artists'” collective brilliance.

Mr. One and I agree on one thing – get-out-the-vote campaigns are for chumps.

[Mr. One] also sneered at efforts by other rappers to get young people to vote.

“Voting in a corrupt society adds more corruption,” he added.

So, Mr. One has unintentionally joined the Six Meat Buffet Stop the Vote campaign.

Other folks commenting on this: Say Anything, Backcountry Conservative, MUSC Tiger, Ramblings Journal, Short Family Online, Right on Red.


Mr. One has responded to his quote being “taken out of context”. The only problem is, due to his own stupidity, he just made it worse.

“I was just as saddened as everyone else on 9/11,” he continued. “However, for many of us that were racially profiled and harassed by the World’s (sic) Trade Center’s security and the police patrolling that area as well as the thousands of American protesters that spoke out against the World Trade Organization months before in Seattle, Washington there was a sense of justice, a sense of change, a wake up call watching the twin towers fall.”

So, because of the racial profiling allegedly going on at the WTC, it was justice that 3,000 + people were slaughtered. That makes sense to me.

“I was making an objective point about how many Hiphoppas as well as the oppressed peoples of the world felt that day,” KRS continued. “I am a philosopher and a critical thinker, I speak truth and I urge people to think critically about themselves and their environment. Yes, my words are strong. Yes, my views are controversial. But to call me a terrorist is simply wrong!”

Well, it’s technically true that Mr. One is not a terrorist, because he doesn’t have the guts to strap a bomb belt to his waist and go blow up those racial profilers himself. However, for Mr. One to claim that he was taken out of context and then come out with a rebuttal that only exacerbates the situation, makes Mr. One look something less than intelligent.

Six Meat Buffet Education Series: Creative Spelling 101

Miami-area illiterate artist Maria Alquilar was commissioned by the city of Livermore, California to create a mural for the city’s new public library. The problem, however, was that she misspelled the names of 11 famous historical and literary figures.

Among the misspelled names: Vincent Van Gogh, Michelangelo and Einstein. You don’t have to actually be Einstein to know how to spell his name.

The delicious irony in this story is that the mural is in front of a new library – where, you would assume, literacy is considered important and the correct spelling of words is (or at least used to be) encouraged.

The artist, however, was offended that anyone would dare interrupt her artistic vision with spelling corrections.

“The importance of this work is that it is supposed to unite people,” Alquilar said. “They are denigrating my work and the purpose of this work.”

Alquilar said it took her quite a bit of her own time and money to create and install the work, and that it sat idle at her Santa Cruz studio for two years until the city cleared the way for its installation.

There were plenty of people around during the installation who could and should have seen the missing and misplaced letters, she said.

“Even though I was on my hands and knees laying the installation out, I didn’t see it,” she said.

The mistakes wouldn’t even register with a true artisan, Alquilar said.

“The people that are into humanities, and are into Blake’s concept of enlightenment, they are not looking at the words,” she said. “In their mind the words register correctly.”

So, just like the NEA’s campaign to destroy the public schools has resulted in “creative spelling” at various locations around the country, we should ignore Alquilar’s misspellings in the interest of “bringing people together.” I guess that should be changed to “bringing illiterate people together”.

After the errors were brought to light, Alquilar refused to correct them, bolstering her refusal with claims of “vicious hate mail” sent to her in the wake of her errors.

She has softened her stance (thanks to an extra $6,000 the city has agreed to pay her – plus expenses) and will now travel to Livermore to correct her spelling errors.

Hopefully the correction will happen soon, so that Livermore kids will only be victim to creative spelling lessons in their government school classes instead of on the library steps.

FYI: Rob at Say Anything has been on this story since it broke.

Muslims get out the vote, cheatin’ style

Muslim get-out-the-vote unit “pushes deadline”.

What the headline should have read was “another leftist group tries to get away with cheating,” but this was the Palm Beach Post – the daily rag to the stupidest block of voters in the southeast.

Theresa LePore vowed to close the Palm Beach County elections office at 5 p.m. Monday, the final day to register to vote in the Nov. 2 election, but a young man who arrived about 15 minutes after the deadline managed to drop off 550 applications on behalf of a group of Muslims determined to oust President Bush.

It really doesn’t matter if he showed up 1 minute after the office closed, or two weeks after the office closed. He was too late – even if all the registrations he had were actually valid (which is probably a stretch).

LePore said he showed up, carrying a box of applications, about 15 minutes after she locked the door to her office at 5 p.m. She said she told him her office was closed but he could mail the forms as long as they were postmarked by midnight that night.

But, she said, he wasn’t satisfied and managed to slip inside the lobby when someone left.

“He started hollering about disenfranchising people,” said LePore, who took the box after he thrust it at her.

“Then he started saying, ‘You’re all alike,’ or something to that effect, and ‘It’s better in New York,’ ” she said. “And I said, ‘Why don’t you go back to New York?'”

What he meant, I’m sure, was that “if you’re a leftist special-interest group, they let you cheat in New York, because it accomplishes their goals.”

Florida is one of five battleground states Muslims have targeted for get-out-the-vote efforts, foundation Executive Director Mahdi Bray said Thursday. VIP recruiters in Florida registered about 7,000 new Muslim voters he hopes will go to the polls on Election Day and vote for Kerry, he said.

Florida has about 120,000 Arab American voters, of whom about 15 percent are Muslim, according to pollster James Zogby, president of the Arab American Institute in Washington. The other states VIP has targeted are Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan, which has 235,000 Arab American voters, the largest in the country.

Which is exactly why I don’t trust Zogby’s polling.

“This administration’s policy of preemptive war has destabilized the region,” Bray said Thursday. “Many of us who know the region know that this can of worms this administration has opened, this mistaken policy, will haunt the Muslim world for years to come.”

Although critical of Bush’s decision to invade Iraq, Bray said that, like his peers he is pleased that Saddam Hussein was arrested.

“He’s a dictator. He’s a thug,” he said. “But what we’ve done to deal with this thug and this dictator is unconscionable.”

What we’ve done to deal with this thug is “unconscionable”? No, what is unconscionable is that there are Hussein apologists out there like Bray who need to to have the teeth slapped out of their mouths for making such idiotic comments.

Secretary of State Glenda Hood and Gov. Jeb Bush had criticized the 527 advocacy groups’ voter registration efforts even before recent reports about irregularities with the applications surfaced throughout the state.

Law enforcement officials are investigating complaints, including unauthorized party affiliation changes, bogus voter registrations and forged absentee ballot requests, in St. Petersburg, Tallahassee and Miami-Dade County. A state department spokeswoman confirmed the U.S. Department of Justice is investigation allegations of voter fraud in Florida.

The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, pushing the minimum-wage ballot initiative, is under investigation in Miami-Dade County, for possible violations including registering former felons to vote. ACORN workers are cooperating in that investigation, which the group blames on a “disgruntled ex-employee,” and another in St. Petersburg, in which the group is accused of changing the former mayor’s party affiliation without his knowledge, said spokesman Brian Kettenring.

The dim-o-crats have been working hard this fall, trying to cheat and intimidate their way to victory. Let’s hope, for all of our sakes, that it doesn’t work.