Month: November 2004

Monday sports madness

Well, the weekend was dominated by sports news – with the riots and everything – so why not a quick Monday wrap-up?

Blue-eyed white devil NBA Commissioner David Stern came down with suspensions yesterday of many the players involved in the Freewheelin’ Friday Fracas in Detroit. And what was the real reason behind these suspensions? Why, racism, obviously. Just look at the players that were suspended!

How hard is it to add up? David Stern = white. Suspended players = black. End of story.

Speaking of racists, NASCAR crowned Kurt Busch the Nextel Cup season champion for 2004. The fans absolutely hate Busch (so much so, that they turned their back on him during his cup celebration after the race), which is why he is now officially my favorite driver. I am going to ask for a Sharpie 97 baseball cap for Christmas, in fact – hopefully Santa will pull through this year.

My Friday football picks weren’t too bad – I went 3/5 in both college and pros. In the NCAAs, I missed Michigan/OSU and Fla/Fla State. In the pros, my beloved Titans & Kelly’s Pack proved me wrong. I am still hoping that the Titans drop the rest of their games so that we can get the best possible draft pick in April. I realize that I’m apparently the only one who feels that way, but that happens to me frequently.

Not that anyone cares, but I was pleasantly surprised with Rick Clausen’s first start for Tennessee on Saturday. He managed the game well – threw some bad passes, but also threw some unexpectely good ones as well. If our defense didn’t suck out loud, the game wouldn’t even have been close. I wish there was a way out of playing Auburn in the SEC Championship game – they’re going to beat us like a stray dog. Especially if we play defense like we did at Vandy on Saturday.

Now back to your regularly scheduled blog-browsing. That’s it for sports for a while, I promise.

Missed tackle blogbrowsing

While Tennessee again displays its complete inability to tackle, let’s take a look around the Sphere™.

Rob at Say Anything reminds us how the left is very tolerant of a variety of religions – particularly their favorite religion, islam. However, they’re not nearly as tolerant of Christianity – and they never have been.

Michele, Dawn and Ace are all documenting how ACLU-types are already getting revved up to yank down wreaths, menorahs, nativity scenes and anything else that might smell like Christmas.

Oprah pulled off another coup by getting an interview with the celebrated dead Iraqi islamofascist over at Cranky’s place.

Johnny Walker Red disagrees with me about President Junior’s swing back to the left since the election. If I’m right, in four years, JWR will owe me a big bottle of Jack Daniels – the green label stuff. He hasn’t agreed to the bet yet, but I’m sure the public pressure will make him cave.

Rusty has a good round up of recent goings-on in the Religion of Peace™.

The game’s back on and we’ve got some tackles to miss.


The brawls continue! Just saw footage from the Clemson/South Carolina game – looked like both benches emptied in a huge 2nd half melee. If Jeff Quinton is at the game – perhaps he’ll have some scoop on the story – right now I can’t find anything online about the fight.

Fox Sports now has a story about the fisticuffs.


Stop the NBA season – disband the league

Part-time rapper Ron Artest and Stephen Jackson of the Indiana Pacers charged into the stands and started a brawl with fans Friday night near the end of the Pacers/Pistons game.

The game was stopped by officials with 45.9 seconds left on the clock after players from both teams fought by the scorer’s table, with the pushing and shoving spilling into the stands.

The public address announcer told the crowd the game was being halted and pleaded with fans not to throw objects on to the court, with many spectators having pelted the Indiana players with beer and other debris as they made their way to the dressing rooms.

The fracas started when Detroit’s Ben Wallace went for a lay-up and was fouled hard by Artest. Wallace then pushed Artest in the face, causing the two benches to empty and several players to exchange punches.

While lying on the scorer’s table, Artest was hit by a cup and then charged into the crowd, with Jackson and several other players also climbing over seats and exchanging punches with fans.

As a result of this incident, Six Meat Buffet calls for an end to the NBA 2004-2005 season and a complete disbanding of the league.


Click on Detroit has video of the altercation.

Foreign-born presidents? Shitty idea!

There is a sub-sect of Republicrats who mistakenly think that it’s a good idea to amend the U.S. Constitution to allow foreign-born candidates to run for President.

This whole movement came about as the result of some dimwits who think that Ahhnnuulllld Schwarzenegger is the second coming of Ronald Reagan. Well, he’s not, and he should never be allowed near the Oval Office. Sure, he’s a better Governor than Red Davis was, but a ham sandwich would be a better Governor than Red Davis.

I don’t care how conservative the candidate is – in fact, I don’t care if the candidate agrees with every freaking one of my views – a foreigner should never be allowed to become President of the United States. There was a reason that our founding fathers structured the Constitution to keep foreigners out of the office – pure and simple loyalty. I don’t trust Ahhhnnnulllld any more than I would the Prime Minister of Nepal, whoever the hell that is.

While being American-born doesn’t mean you won’t turn into a traitor, it does increase the odds of loyalty to our country.

And who is behind the current congressional push for Aahhhhhnnnnuullldd’s candidacy? Why, Orrin Hatch, among others!

“Arnold has said for decades that he wants to amend the Constitution so he can be president,” says a statement from the group. “Now, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, Senator Orrin Hatch and others have introduced legislation known in Congress as ‘Arnold Bills’ to give Schwarzenegger what he wants.”

Americans Against Arnold founder Alex Jones stated: “Arnold ‘s already running for president. His operatives have been dominating the airwaves, despite the fact that in major polls 80-plus percent of Americans don’t want to change the Constitution so he can be president.

Jones’ loathing of Schwarzenegger is clear:

“This narcissistic megalomaniac would have control of the nuclear launch codes if he were president – just think about that. From defending known Nazi Kurt Waldheim, using illegal drugs and sexually harassing women, I’ve never heard of a politician coated in this much slime.”

It’s not even so much that Ahhhhhhhhnnnnnuuuuuld is a scum bag, which by most accounts, he is – it’s protecting our nation from future foreign wolves in sheeps’ clothing that may beguile enough voters to take the reigns of the most powerful office in the land. This is such a horrible idea, that I’m aghast that it’s even getting serious consideration anywhere.

And besides, you know it’s a bad idea when Madeline Half-bright comes out in support of it.

Friday football picks

Since Kelly gave me some grief for last week’s lack of picks, here are this week’s picks. I would bet the house on every single game based on my outstanding track record.

Tomorrow’s NCAA games: Vols 28, Vandy 10 (they’re so horrible, we could beat them with me at quarterback); Auburn 34, Alabama 16; Michigan 27, Buckeyes 14; Florida State 29, Gay-tors 14; and for Jeff Quinton, Clemson 17, South Carolina 14.

In the pros on Sunday, all the players will be as high as Ricky Williams, resulting in the following scores: Jags 24, Titans 17 (I think we should throw the rest of the games to move up the draft board, but that’s not Jeff Fisher’s style, unfortunately); Indy 35, Chicago 10; Denver 29, New Orleans 10; Atlanta 31, NY Giants 14 (Why the hell are they starting Manning? Do they want to get him killed?); and for Lisa & Kelly, the Texans upset the Pack, 27-21. Sorry ladies, that’s just the way it is.

These picks and $10 will get you a scalped ticket outside Vanderbilt’s Commodore stadium tomorrow in Nashville.

Republicrat, Demican, it’s all the same

Yesterday’s dog and pony show at the Clinton Liebrary (sic) was a stark reminder that our two party system remains nothing more than a dog-and-pony show.

A few housekeeping items first, however. I know a lot of other people have mentioned this, but it really does look like a big double-wide trailer.

Was anyone paying attention at the design meetings, or was this one big joke on the part of the architect? Is it supposed to levitate over the river so it can double as a casino?

Next, and I realize this is Arkansas, and a some definitions of “family values” differ from house to house in the Ozark Mountains, but doesn’t this seem a little familiar? I mean, I’m just sayin’ is all.

Now, on to the pork of the issue. Let’s go ahead and put aside the fact that this was an impeached former President who was little more than a trailer-park perjurer with a penchant for fat chicks. This guy was the stereotypical used car salesman, selling shit to the American public that we didn’t need (with the admitted exception of welfare reform, which he was forced into).

The Clinton Liebrary is simply a privately funded (thanks, Marc Rich) way for the Clintonistas to re-write the history of the go-go 90s. I suppose they can do whatever they want, they paid for the damn thing – and all it cost them was a few presidental pardons.

If you saw any of the coverage or listened to the remarks yesterday, you had to realize that the cabal of ex-Presidents (and current Presidents) on stage was little more than a bunch of good old boys who all share an inside joke – and the joke is on us.

With the exception of the War on Terror – which is the primary reason I voted for President Junior – the president has gone right back to his democrat-style agenda, raising the debt ceiling, calling for amnesty for illegals, allowing Arlen Specter to take over the Senate Judiciary Committee, and I’m sure the list will continue to grow as we sink deeper into the second term.

All the glad-handing, ass-slapping garbage that you saw and heard on stage should serve as a reminder: The primary goal of both parties is the expansion of the stranglehold of the Federal Government.

The Republicans talk a good game, “smaller government”, “tax cuts”, “personal responsibility”, blah blah blah. However, as always, it’s more important to pay attention to their deeds and not their words. The Republicans in the Senate are as politically weak as a frail and feeble infant. All the while, the President continues to spend us out of house and home – sure, he gave us a piss-ant tax cut, but he also gave us the biggest expansion of the welfare state since the 60s with his drugs-for-seniors program.

The GOP is now the Democratic party of the 70s (see, Gerald Ford, they finally caught up with your progressive views!) and the Democrat party has now become the French Socialist party.

The Dim-O-Cracks will take you to a socialist utopia at 100 mph while the GOP will take you there at only 50 mph. They’re both going to the same destination.

Remember when we used to beat South Carolina?

(via Backcountry Conservative)

Here’s the good news, Vol fans. We don’t have to worry about Steve Spurrier returning to Florida to dominate us for the next decade.

Here’s the bad news: It looks like we will be getting dominated by South Carolina for the next decade instead.

A report in the Tennessean has Spurrier taking over for Lou Holtz when he resigns – possibly at the end of this year. An official announcement could come as early as next week.

Well, it was fun dominating the Gamecocks while it lasted. The Great Pumpkin must be pretty depressed, given the fact that he’ll soon be Spurrier’s bitch – yet again.

Tennessee Pride

California authorities continue to look for Nashville rapper “Young Buck” in connection with Monday night’s stabbing at the Vibe Awards.

I’m so proud.

In unrelated news, Terrell Owens skipped practice yesterday for “personal reasons.” Suspiciously, Nicolette Sheridan was noticably absent from Desperate Housewives’ rehearsal as well, according to an unnamed source within ABC. Curious….

11/19 UPDATE:

The Tennessean reports this morning that “negotiations are underway” for stabby rapper Young Buck to surrender to authorities.

The reaction of Earl Jordan, founder of Partners in the Struggle, an anti-violence community group, was to organize a rally tomorrow in support of the local rapper. The rally is scheduled for 2 p.m. at the Mary & Charles W. Pruitt Library, 117 Charles E. Davis Blvd.

“We’re just gonna be … sending prayers to Young Buck,” Jordan said. “I don’t want to disregard the actual violent behavior that has transpired if he was the one who has done this, but we also want to build a dialogue from the community, from everyone, from teenagers to people who just listen to rap music and music in itself, to state this is what’s going on in the music industry as far as with rappers, all rappers.

“I feel that the media in some form was already convicting him of this, and we don’t have all of the story. So we just wanted to build a dialogue, and hopefully he will go ahead and turn himself in.”

Young Buck’s mother, known in gangsta circles as Mama Buck, said that he ain’t did it.

The rapper’s mother, Audrey Horn, yesterday told The Associated Press from her Nashville home that police are not being fair because Brown is being “treated like a real live criminal when the man who attacked Dr. Dre is being treated like a victim.”
She said of her son: “Yes, he is into gangsta rap, but that doesn’t make him a criminal.”

Members of Tennessee’s only gay gansta rap outfit, the “Knee Length Posse”, could not be reached for comment – and that’s probably for the best.

Hobbs Online has some more info on Young Buck, should you need more.

After-dinner mints

After a delicious and luxurious chicken sandwich, I’ve decided it’s time for some web dessert. What the hell, it’s sugar-free! By the way, I got my first Japanese blog link (I think). I know you’ll all be excited about that. Particularly those of you know how to read those nutty little characters they use.

Johnny Walker Red is waxing poetic again.

The Commissar has a very sobering, yet ultimately optimistic essay on the state of affairs in Iraq.

We’re reminded again that liberals can’t be considered racist. Even if the things they say and draw are just that. The Democracy Project and La Shawn Barber both have some thoughts on recent animated attacks on Condi Rice – which, if done by conservative white males, would be derided as Klan-esque. It’s remarkable the disrespect she’s being shown, but not out of character for the left. Stand by for Ted Rall’s Condi Rice hit piece next week. (via The Blogfather)

Speaking of Condi – er – Ms. Rice, Sparse Matrix has my favorite alleged Rice quote: “Punish France, ignore Germany and forgive Russia…” It’s no wonder I’m smitten with her.

Got Post-Election Selection Trauma? You’re not alone, my sad, sad friend.

Ace caused me to soil myself at work this afternoon. I had to go home and change clothes.

Captain Cranky is a little less cranky after getting the good news about American socialists leaving their homeland en masse to relocate to Eurabia. Hell, I feel a little better myself after reading it.

Lisa is worried about mandatory mental health screenings for kids. And with good reason. More info here: The Liberty Committee. This is just more government interference in our personal lives that should never be allowed to happen. It truly is No Child Left Undrugged. Let your Senators hear from you about this. I’m going to let my two RINO Senators (Alexander & Frist) hear about it for sure.

RTG reviews this day in islamofascist history.

This woman should be executed immediately. No trial necessary.

Last but not least, Vanderbilt University is lucky enough to have a gay cross-dresser in the race for Homecoming Queen. And they DO mean QUEEN! (Hat-tip: Morello)

“I accepted the homecoming nomination because I think that the way homecoming court works now, it doesn’t represent all students. It just presents Mr. Vanderbilt Senior and Mrs. Vanderbilt Senior as this perfect heterosexual couple. I wanted to change that.”

Now that’s courage.

M or F? You decide!

Watch your back for the Old Media

Outstanding cartoon via Cox & Forkum (via Right on Red):

I finally saw the video of the “shooting” last night in Fallujah. After watching the video and surveying the situation, I no longer think the marine in question should even be reprimanded – he should be congratulated.

He was reacting exactly as he should have – protecting himself and his unit. Jeff at Beautiful Atrocities has some ways you can show your support for the marine. He provides this message from Tammy Bruce:

“One of our fighting men has come under ‘investigation’ for shooting a terrorist who was pretending to be dead in a mosque. The media is spinning this as a ‘shooting of a wounded, unarmed Iraqi.’ The bottom line is that he was a murderous savage trying to trick one of our soldiers, who then did his job by killing that enemy.

“Quite a few of our casualties as we liberated Fallujah were soldiers who approached the supposed dead or wounded terrorists only to be injured or killed because the body or person was boobytrapped. This was at a time of combat & our young man did his duty. He deserves a medal, not a lawyer.

Have you heard the Old Media report on what was going on in Fallujah’s mini-Taliban rule of terror? Of course not. You should read what was being done to the citizens of Fallujah.

Another poster in the ruins of the souk bears testament to the strict brand of Sunni Islam imposed by the council, fronted by hardline cleric Abdullah Junabi. The decree warns all women that they must cover up from head to toe outdoors, or face execution by the armed militants who controlled the streets.

Two female bodies found yesterday suggest such threats were far from idle. An Arab woman, in a violet nightdress, lay in a post-mortem embrace with a male corpse in the middle of the street. Both bodies had died from bullets to the head.

“But we were happy you did what you did because Fallujah had been suffocated by the Mujahidin. Anyone considered suspicious would be slaughtered. We would see unknown corpses around the city all the time.”

The same story of arbitrary executions was told by another resident, found by US troops cowering in his home with his brother and his family.

“They would wear black masks, carry rocket-propelled grenades and Kalashnikovs, and search streets and alleys,” said Iyad Assam, 24. “I would hear stories, about how they executed five men one day and seven another for collaborating with the Americans. They made checkpoints on the roads. They put announcements on walls banning music and telling women to wear the veil from head to toe.”

Sounds like we were about 8 months too late in executing the Fallujah offensive. This is due in no small part to the leftist media holding our troops hostage by using the war in Iraq as election fodder.

Consequently, Rather, Brokaw, Jennings, you’re the bastards with blood on your hands. Mary Mapes, Chris Matthews and CNN, you’re responsible for this mini-Taliban rule in Fallujah – you enabled the slaughter – hope you’re able to wash down the blood with your fucking lattes.

Margaret Hassan murdered by the Religion of Peace™

(via Digger, Chad and The Jawa Report)

A video has surfaced, via the enemy media (Al Jizziera), depicting the murder of CARE International aid worker Margaret Hassan.

The video hasn’t surfaced on the web yet, but it surely will. Like the two Simonas, who were rescued by the Italian government’s willingness to negotiate with terrorists, Margaret was led by her idealism to provide humanitarian aid to the innocent Iraqi people. We can’t say whether or not she would praise the islamofascist insurgents like Simona Torretta did after she was released, because they shot her in the head while she was blindfolded. If I had to venture a guess, I’d say probably not.

It also seems that the islamofascists chose not to behead her, but to shoot her in the head instead. You have to wonder why.

Others on the case: Jane, Blogs of War, Command Post, Ramblings Journal.

Vibe Awards shockingly racked with violence

Vibe Awards attendees were shocked when violence broke out at the awards show Monday night.

SANTA MONICA, Calif. (AP) – A fight broke out near the stage at the Vibe awards ceremony as rapper Snoop Dogg and producer Quincy Jones were preparing to honor Dr. Dre., and one person was stabbed, authorities and witnesses said.

News video showed chairs being thrown, punches flying, people chasing one another and some being restrained.

It was unclear if the stabbing preceded or followed the fight. The victim, a 26-year-old man, was taken to a hospital and was listed in stable condition.

I hope this doesn’t give the rap community a black eye.

The Old Media will make sure you see this story

(via Johnny Walker Red)

Al Reuters is reporting that a U.S. Marine shot a wounded Iraqi insurgent dead in a mosque in Fallujah. Upon hearing this story, my initial reaction was, I’m glad they’re doing their job.

LONDON (Reuters) – A television pool report by U.S. network NBC says that a U.S. Marine shot dead an unarmed and wounded Iraqi prisoner in a mosque in Falluja.

The Iraqi was one of five wounded prisoners left in the mosque after Marines had fought their way in on Friday and Saturday. There was no immediate comment from the Pentagon on Monday’s report.

The pool report by NBC correspondent Kevin Sites said the mosque had been used by insurgents to attack U.S. forces, who stormed it and an adjacent building, killing 10 militants and wounding the five.

“The Marine then raises his rifle and fires into the man’s head. The pictures are too graphic for us to broadcast,” Sites said. No images of the shooting were shown in the footage provided to Reuters.

The report said the Marine, who had returned to duty after being shot in the face a day earlier, had been removed from the field and was being questioned by the U.S. military.

Sites said the shot prisoner “did not appear to be armed or threatening in any way”.

The “prisoner” wasn’t “threatening in any way” – except for when he was firing on our troops from the fucking mosque.

The bottom line is that these islamofascist “soldiers” had been using the mosque as a base of operations to attack our troops. What should have happened is, once the mosque was identified as an enemy base, it should have been annihilated completely – killing ALL insurgents inside. I suppose that would be considered offensive to the Religion of Peace™, though.

In the Bullpen reiterates that while the worthless U.N. demands that we operate according to the Geneva Convention, the enemy is allowed to operate in their dirty nightshirts firing RPGs at us from mosques and other “holy shrines.” In order to win this battle, we have to fight on their level, which means there are no fucking rules.

I agree with Digger – at the most, this soldier should be reprimanded. Personally, I would have liked to have seen this soldier in charge at the Afghan prison camp where John Walker Lindh was rounded up.

So prepare yourselves, CNNABCNBCCBSMSNBCNPRPBS will be all over this like a hood over an Abu Ghraib prisoner.

When the Iraq invasion began and I saw that we had “embedded journalists” mixed in with our troops, I knew things weren’t going to go well. It’s a cliche, but war is hell and there are things that happen in war that people don’t need to know about. This embedded journalist shit needs to stop.

You cannot look at what happens in a battle like the one in Fallujah through the lens of everyday American life. The two are completely unrelated and while the Old Media sits in their plush TV studios passing judgment on the men and women who make their bullshit existence possible, this is one blog where you’re not find one tear shed over another dead islamofascist.

Other folks passing judgment:


The Jawa Report has an outstanding post pointing out how the beheadings have stopped because the terrorists are on the run, what we’ve found in Fallujah under terrorist rule, and how Kevin Sites (the “embedded journalist”) is a traitor.

Condi to the rescue

She kicks ass – and she’s going to be the next Secretary of State. No, she’s not going to be taking dictation and typing memos and getting coffee, you misogynistic bastard, she’s going to be telling other heads of state to cram it in their ass if they don’t tow the line (albeit, tactfully).

Dominatrix Condi. It’s about time she had a true power position. I wonder if President Junior will have to call her “Mistress.” Have I already stepped way over the line here?

Anyway, since it can’t be crotchety old Zell Miller, I’m glad it’s Condi. They’re going to rake her over the coals during confirmation, but she’s going to eat their lunch and then spit it back in their face like so much fatty mutton. I hope she goes to the confirmation hearings with a pair of brass knuckles on each fist.

I shouldn’t laugh at stuff like this…

But I still do.

Man sets himself on fire outside White House.

Fortunately for a few bystanders, they had marshmallows on sticks at the ready.


More details have emerged and I’ve learned that it’s okay to laugh at this one. Apparently this bearded madman set himself on fire shouting “allah!”. Why don’t more radical islamists take this approach? See, islamofascists, you don’t have to blow yourself up! If you just set yourself on fire, you’ll still get some publicity and there’s a lot less cleanup for the rest of us.

(White House-AP) Nov. 15, 2004 – A man set fire to himself outside the White House on Monday, suffering serious burns before Secret Service agents extinguished the flames.

The incident took place just after 2:00pm on Pennsylvania Avenue outside the mansion’s northwest gate.

TV cameras captured the immediate aftermath with medics administering first aid and the man crying out in pain. He repeatedly included the word, “Allah!”

A Washington, DC, fire department spokesman says the man is 52 and suffered burns on his head, back, arms and face. But, he was reported conscious when he arrived at a local hospital.

The only question that remains is why did they bother putting him out?

11/16 UPDATE:

(via Digger’s Realm) News this morning is that the man who turned himself into a personal tiki torch is actually Mohammed Alanssi, 52, a former FBI informant. He had warned the FBI that he was going to “burn himself” but failed to provide details. Apparently, the FBI said, “whatever”.

JohnnyWalker Red has more from the UK’s Guardian on the story. The charbroiled Alanssi was apparently upset because he wasn’t allowed to go back to Yemen to visit his ailing wife. He claims that the FBI had promised to help him get back to Yemen, but reneged.

Colin Powell – out of here!

(via Drudge Siren Alert).

Things are coming together nicely for the Second Term of Evil.


Jeff Quinton, Digger, JWR and Rob all have more info. Rob isn’t sure how he feels about Powell’s departure. I, on the other hand, am tickled pink. There’s no chance he’s running for the GOP in ’08 either – if he does, he’ll run as a Dim-O-Crack with McCain as his running mate.

According to Fox News, Spencer Abraham (Sec. of Energy), Anne Veneman (Sec. of Agriculture) and Rod Paige (Sec. of Education) are resigning as well. I hope this means we can finally shut down the Federal Department of Education. The Federal Government should have no role in public education, but that’s another post for another day.

There’s speculation that VP Cheney may hit the road at some point as well. If that were to happen, President Junior should appoint Zell Miller as the new VP. If Condi Rice isn’t tagged to replace Powell, then she should be moved up to VP, with Zell Miller taking over as Sec. of State. That would be giving the big middle finger to Europe and the U.N. That would be a CREAM DREAM.

Additionally, does anyone know where to send resumes to replace these folks?

It’s a Civil War Monday

With all this blue state secession talk, it’s hard not to speculate as to whether or not we’re heading for another Civil War.

Now someone has sent me this brilliant example of leftist tolerance and understanding: It’s basically one big rant from some stereotypical blue state elitist, attacking us Red Staters, urging us to leave the country. Some pithy nuggets:

Fuck the South. Fuck ’em. We should have let them go when they wanted to leave. But no, we had to kill half a million people so they’d stay part of our special Union. Fighting for the right to keep slaves – yeah, those are states we want to keep…

All those Federal taxes you love to hate? It all comes from us and goes to you, so shut up and enjoy your fucking Tennessee Valley Authority electricity and your fancy highways that we paid for. And the next time Florida gets hit by a hurricane you can come crying to us if you want to, but you’re the ones who built on a fucking swamp. “Let the Spanish keep it, itÂ’s a shithole,” we said, but you had to have your fucking orange juice.

But two guys making out is going to fucking ruin marriage for you? Yeah? Seems like you’re ruining it pretty well on your own, you little bastards. Oh, but that’s ok because you go to church, right? I mean you do, right? Cause we fucking get to hear about it every goddamn year at election time. Yes, we’re fascinated by how you get up every Sunday morning and sing, and then you’re fucking towers of moral superiority. Yeah, that’s a workable formula. Maybe us fucking Northerners don’t talk about religion as much as you because we’re not so busy sinning, hmmm? Ever think of that, you self-righteous assholes? No, you’re too busy erecting giant stone tablets of the Ten Commandments in buildings paid for by the fucking Northeast Liberal Elite. And who has the highest murder rates in the nation? It ain’t us up here in the North, assholes.

Well this gravy train is fucking over. Take your liberal-bashing, federal-tax-leaching, confederate-flag-waving, holier-than-thou, hypocritical bullshit and shove it up your ass.

And no, you can’t have your fucking convention in New York next time. Fuck off.

Well, actually, those are about the only interesting parts, so you don’t even have to bother visiting the website. This pansy-ass is pretty representative of many on the left who continue to lose their shit over the election.

The leftists in the Old Media spend all this time talking about how Bush needs to “unify us” now that he’s won. Fuck that. With assholes like this guy, why would we want to unify with these Blue State elitist pricks? What we should do — and we won’t do it because Bush doesn’t have the stones — is put our boot down on their throats and force our conservative legislative agenda up their ass until it comes out their mouth.

In another example of leftist tolerance, Wild Bill has an example of how some on the left are even suggesting that shooting us Red Staters is a perfectly acceptable form of political discourse.

This country does need healing. It needs the healing from those runny syphilitic open sores in the Blue States – New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, Philadelphia, Detroit, among others – not from middle America.

Weekend entertainment news!

Is there anything more interesting than the lives of celebrities? Absolutely not. When I’m not reading US, I’m reading People. When I’m not reading People, I’m reading the Enquirer. When I’m not reading the Enquirer, I’m reading the Globe. Oh, I could go on.

So Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake are being sued for attacking a couple of photographers, causing emotional distress and great physical harm. They may be fantastic entertainers, but they have no right to treat the media that way. These photographers are just trying to help get photos of these stars out there to help their careers. I hope Cameron and Justin have learned something from this ugly incident.

Is anyone else out there totally jacked about seeing the “Seed of Chucky” movie? I’ve always wanted to see Jennifer Tilly covered in animated doll jizz.

Why did one of Jay-Z’s boys shoot R. Kelly in the face with pepper spray? You’re both fantastic singers and have the world on a string! Don’t let this disintegrate into a Tupac vs. Biggie Smalls situation. The entertainment world still hasn’t recovered from the loss of those two talented artists (may they rest in peace).

I just heard that they’re making a movie version of the musical RENT! I’ve already seen it countless times, and it’s been a groundbreaking musical. It moves me every time. I think we’ll finally get to a place of better understanding in this country when we accept the fact that everybody has AIDS.

In a real reality television story, New York attorney Ravi Batra is suing the show Law & Order for portraying him in a bad light. I don’t know if Mr. Batra has seen the show, but they’ve got really good attorneys on that show. He may want to think twice about taking them on in court.

Finally, the CBS producer that interruped CSI the other night has justifiably been sacked. I know everyone was as angry as I was when that happened. I realize Mr. Arafat is a head of state and an important figure, but couldn’t it just wait until the 11:00 news?

Oh well, there’s your weekend entertainment news! Never a dull moment in the world of celebrity! Yeah, I’m a little jealous!

apologies to Jackie Harvey

Excessive Friday blogging

Well, I’m pretty sure I’m not getting anything else done today, so might as well take a stroll around the ‘sphere.

Just read Rusty’s love letter from a Frenchie. They are a hilarious cheese-eating bunch of surrender-socialist nitwits, aren’t they?

If you’re worried about what will become of Arafish’s widow, don’t worry. She’s still going to be the First Lady of France. Plus, she’ll eke by on her life insurance, while Arafish’s subjects continue to live in squalor, barely able to afford the belts for their suicide bombs.

For you Tennessee indigents, HobbsOnline has more TennCare news. Looks like the state’s attempt at socialized medicine is getting closer to meeting its maker.

One last unrelated insane item… Was anyone else out there ever confused between Tom Bosley from Happy Days and Bosley from Charlie’s Angels?

Scott Peterson jury finally sick of each other

Am I supposed to be excited about this Fox News Alert I received regarding the Scott Peterson verdict being announced at 4 pm EST? (That’s in 10 minutes)

Will Greta Von Horseface be reading the verdict out of the corner of her mouth? Has the jury finally gotten so sick of one another that they’ve agreed just to get out of there? Does anyone besides Fox News care? Are Laci Peterson and Chandra Levy actually O.J. Simpson victims with Peterson and Condit taking the blame? So many idiotic questions we may never know the answers to, nor will we care.


Verdict: He be goin’ to jail.