Red State Outrage!

(via Michelle Malkin)

Also saw this story on Drudge this morning – SNL does yet another unfunny skit, this time mocking us Red Staters as well as Rush Limbaugh – and as is customary, conservatives are outraged!

First things first – a few thoughts about SNL. That show has absolutely sucked hard since the mid 90’s. The only thing that made it remotely worth watching after that period was Wil Ferrell, who is just funny no matter what he does. Don’t know why. Just one of those people.

The rare times I’ve watched that show over the past several years, the show has been embarrassingly horrible. You know the kind of embarrassment – like when one of your friends is singing karaoke and is so bad that you’re in pain watching them go down in flames? There’s no other way to put it – the show just absolutely sucks.

However, the Robert Smigel bits are the only funny part of the show now-a-days. I don’t know if he’s a bed-wetting leftist or not. Having watched a ton of TV Funhouse and to a lesser degree, Insult the Comic Dog, Smigel’s attacks have always seemed to me to be pretty even-handed.

You can download & watch the controversial cartoon in question here. (That is until this guy takes down the link)

In this case, conservatives are simply over-reacting. The cartoon is actually pretty funny – certainly not hilarious – but pretty good. While it does take a cheap shot at Rush Limbaugh, which he should be used to by now, it spends a lot more time ripping the blue-state-leftist mentality personified by a liberal Santa and the usual suspects – Al Franken, Moby, Natalie Merchant, etc. In my opinion, the cartoon wound up defending us red-staters, though in a very subtle way.

On a side note, Lorne Michaels and the rest of the SNL bureaucracy have to be bursting at the seams with glee because someone is finally talking about their shitty show. Hell, switch over to Fox. As bad as Mad TV is at times, it’s still a lot funnier than SNL.


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  2. You’re absolutely right about the overreaction to this cartoon. And the suckiness of SNL. What good does empty outrage do when it’s so much more fun to bitch-slap back? Which is why I did the t/b to this post. I, for one, am not afraid to hop down and do battle in the gutter. My post isn’t a reaction this cartoon, which I found funny, but to make a point that it’s time for Conservatives to put on some armor and kick some lefty ass instead of wringing their hands all stinkin day.

  3. This cartoon pokes fun at Blue State elitism. “Those Red Staters and their religion…how can they believe in something they’ve never seen?” — Asked by, of course, Santa

  4. Everybody loves the damn wieners. Glad they didn’t get lost in the move.

    About SNL, I have to confess, I was a fan of the Phil Hartman/Chris Farley/Adam Sandler era, early-mid 90’s, but there were some seriously lean years in the 80s. If not for that group, I would agree with you Jeff (post-79 being unwatchable, that is).

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