Why I don’t visit the socialist blogosphere

The following post is chock-full of foul language. Don’t go any further if you’re easily offended.

I don’t visit the socialist blogosphere because of cocksuckers like the Daily Kos. This guy is a piece of shit who celebrated the death of civilian contractors who were murdered, burned and strung up from a bridge in Fallujah. The rest of the pants-shitting left didn’t have the balls to come out and say “screw ’em” like Kos did, so I guess he gets points for being enough of a fuck-face to let it all hang out. But rest assured, many of the anti-American Chomskyite left silently approved of the murder of these civilian contractor “profiteers”.

True to form, Kos headlines yesterday’s Mosul bombing with “Bush Destroys Another 22 Families”. (via LGF). No, I’m not going to link to that steaming stool sample. Burn in hell, Kos.

Semi-unrelated is a little spat between some more high-profile bloggers and the well-used Wonkette. The D.C.-area strumpette had a recent interview with Newsweak which included the following nugget of hilarity:

NW: What did you think of the bloggers’ role in the Dan Rather affair?

I think they did a disservice to the debate because they made the debate about the documents and not about the president of the United States. There was another half to that story that had to do with verifiable events of what Bush may have been up to.

What she means is, “they did a disservice to all of us leftists who worship at the temple of the Old Media, dishonoring our lord and savior, Dan Rather, when we should all be attacking President Bush, the anti-christ, whether we have to concoct false evidence or not.”

What do you expect from a twit who got to where she is by bleating on about sodomy and how much leg she’s thrown around D.C.? And did you see her on TV during the elections? I’ve never seen someone trying so hard to be funny and likeable, and failing so miserably.

So if you expect to see links to pants-shitting socialist blogs around here, don’t hold your breath. And if you expect me to play nice with the Kossacks and the DU’ers who say they support the troops while silently chuckling as each casualty report rolls in, you’re in the wrong place.

2 comments on “Why I don’t visit the socialist blogosphere

  1. I saw Wonkette on television during the elections. I was, and still am, embarassed that I have thrown my hat into the same blogging world she has. She was just a giggly little girl with nothing to say. Why producers still felt inclined to put her on the air is beyond me.

    Kos, well, he’s just Kos. You can’t be a Progressive Activist without being a heartless fool. In fact, I would say the two phrases are synonyms.

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