Merry Kwanzzzzzza and other stories

The break is just about over and we head for home tomorrow. Luckily, the ice and snow has melted so all we’ll have to deal with are the normal idiots clogging I-40. Regular blogging duties will resume tomorrow.

Two quick football notes, one good and one bad. The good: Peyton Manning broke the all-time single-season touchdown record against San Diego today – throwing two touchdown passes in a come-from-behind victory. The bad: Former Vol Reggie White is dead from a massive heart attack. It seems like just yesterday I was a 10-year-old kid watching him demolish opposing offensive backfields. RIP, Reggie.


  1. Terrible story, he was a good man besides being a great defensive end. Have a safe trip, and thanks for giving me something to read, I’m bored outta my skull.

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