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Well, it’s been a while since I’ve done some link droppage, and I finally got a little time today to visit some of my favorite blogs. So here is a very brief roundup of things I found interesting/funny/controversial/irritating.

Let the linkwhoring begin!

Michelle Malkin is all over these strange accounts of laser beams fired into the cockpits of commercial aircraft recently. That’s some bizarre stuff to put it mildly.

Several folks – Beyond Wallacia, King of Fools – are warning of phony charities soliciting donations for tsunami relief. Be careful where you send your hard-earned cash. (via Say Anything)

Personally, I would take a serious look at World Vision and Doctors Without Borders. Command-Post has a huge roundup of credible ways to help. (Sorry about that, Michele!)

Elsewhere, there is some dingbat named Tae Diggs who has set up a blog simply to attack the lovely LaShawn Barber. There is nothing that rankles the fur of the left like a smart, black, female conservative. So, naturally, they’re showing where the true hate speech comes from – the socialist left. (Via ISOU)

To LaShawn: you go girl! To Tae: Get a life.

The blogger death pool continues: Politburo Diktat. No, he’s not quitting. He’s taking an indefinite leave – plus he’s busy with real life and his new blog, Iraq Elections Blog. Who will brutally repress me now?

Speaking of MIA bloggers, Allah reappeared at his old address with a post suggesting that his disappearance could have as much to do with his legal troubles as with his lack of motivation (financial and otherwise). (Via Beth’s VRWC)

Vince is going to buy a gun. I recommend the Glock 27 – nice size, smooth shootin’. It’s got the Preston Taylor Holmes seal of approval.

Judd Nelson is currently guest blogging over at Protein Wisdom. Actually, he’s been posting over there for a couple of days, you should read them all. Just another routine stroke of genius from Goldstein.

Unrelated: Are all the chicks on the O.C. really hot, or are my standards low?

Chad Evans has been doing a great job guest blogging over at Jawa’s House of Pancakes while Rusty is away. So has Cranky.

Froggy says that Osama “I copulate with goats” bin Laden has become the Al Gore of the islamofascist world. That was actually my first reaction when I heard about OBL’s latest tape. His influence is so weak now that he’s given up on blowing up buildings, he’s asking for an election boycott. He’s now as impotent politically as he is physically. If he had any diginity at all, he’d kill himself, the gutter-snipe.

Well, that’s about it for this edition. I think I still enjoy browsing the blogosphere more than actually writing. Maybe I’ll enter myself in the blogger death pool.

15 comments on “Blogger news roundup

  1. Well, my friend, I already have a Weatherby .300 WinMag, a Ruger 10/22, a Mossberg .410, and for the undesirables a Colt Trooper Mk III .357 Mag. We’ll be shopping for something that’ll fit Momma’s hand (bag). shhhh…we don’t have a concealed carry law yet…Prolly somethin in the .25 to .32 range. Well, now that I click on the link, the G27 looks right up our alley!

  2. Thanks for the link, Preston. I consider it a badge of honor that people spend their precious time hating me and setting up anti-La Shawn blogs. While my writing career (and life) surges ahead, they’re reduced to trashing me on their blogs, seething vulgarity. And my ignoring them drives them batty. If they only knew how much I LOVE it!

    One thing is certain: their envy only encourages me to keep going. If they can’t handle me now, 2005 will be downright miserable for them! 😎

  3. a life?

    i’ve got one. thanks.

    a wonderful one, actually.

    i believe the best antidote
    to hate-mongering speech, is
    lots more speech — rational,
    level, and occasionally sarcastic,
    speech. it took me all of a
    new york minute to make the
    blog — and it will serve as
    a free forum for an uncensored
    analysis/debunking/discussion of
    la shawn barber’s publicly-
    expressed world-views. if
    she permitted the same on her
    own site, the site would not
    even exist. . . but so it is.

    increase the

    p e a c e

    — tae, out.

  4. LaShawn, you’ve always been all class, and I’m sure you’ll continue to be where this troll is concerned.

    Tae, don’t you have anything more to contribute to the debate besides attacking LaShawn? Or has she gone too far off the plantation for you to tolerate? I’m betting that’s it.

    And what’s with this increase the peace crap? Are you simply a walking mindnumbed, MTV-poisoned diversity PSA? I mean, pretty trite.

    Here’s to hoping you grow out of your old-media inspired liberalism like I did.

  5. I’ll address the O.C. hottie question…my husband thinks Summer is hot, but Mischa Barton is way too skinny and the chick who plays Lindsay…looks too much like Lindsay Lohan.

    But, he’s with you on Summer!

    Happy New Year! 🙂

  6. “Diggs,” the government may not prevent you from exercising your right to speak freely, but you most assuredly DO NOT have that right on MY blog. That’s what YOUR blog is for.

    You blow much steam about what is rational; trying using some rational thought yourself before you throw stones in your anonymous glass house. That I’m even responding to you and bringing attention to your sad site is generous. You should be grateful. 😉

  7. Why the hate on LaShawn? I thought the entire purpose of sharing views was to debate topics. I haven’t always agreed with everything LaShawn has said, but I’ve never tried my hand at disrespecting her.

    LaShawn, you should wear it as a badge of honor and not care one bit. Those who concern their lives with tearing down others only waste their years. Sadly they never figure that out until it’s too late.

  8. um, la shawn — i do not hate you.

    i just think you are dishonest with
    your readers, and albeit perhaps un-
    intentionally, with yourself. . .

    i seek to make that plain; i have no
    need or use for web-traffic, except to
    offer a counter-point to your views,

    increase the

    p e a c e,

    through gnosis. . .

    — tae, out.

  9. I would imagine most Conservatives would feel you are dishonest Tae, but I doubt any of us would waste our time trying to point out how your use of grammar and punctuation is incorrect. To create an entire blog over the work of just one person is just a bit lame. That is unless that one person is someone of great notoriety. LaShawn has now just been placed in that category.

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