Month: January 2005

George Bush: Evil Nazi!

That evil Nazi George Bush. Giving Iraqi women the right to vote. What a fascist! What a war crime, allowing Iraqi women a voice in the leadership of their new country.

This is just another horrible result of this illegal war for oil!


Insufferable bastard John Kerry weighs in, warning us “not to overhype this election.”

Massachusetts Senator John Kerry, who lost the November presidential election against Republican President George W. Bush, described the Iraqi elections as “significant” and “important” but said they should not be “overhyped.”

“It is significant that there is a vote in Iraq,” Kerry said in an interview with NBC television’s Meet the Press. “But … no one in the United States should try to overhype this election.

“This election is a sort of demarcation point, and what really counts now is the effort to have a legitimate political reconciliation,” Kerry said. “And it’s going to take a massive diplomatic effort and a much more significant outreach to the international community than this administration has been willing to engage in.

“Absent that, we will not be successful in Iraq,” he said.

In an unsurprising turn of events, Lurch is one of the first jackasses to come out and try to marginalize such a historic occasion. Why doesn’t he tell the voters who risked their lives not to “overhype” their guts and bravery? Unlike most Kerry voters, they didn’t have the luxury of just sitting there waiting for the bus to come get them and take them to the polls and tell them which “buttons to mash.”

Every time he opens his mouth, I’m reminded how glad I am not only that he lost the election, but that he’s still married to that obnoxious bitch Thereeeeezzza as well. It couldn’t happen to a bigger scum-sucking assface. Up yours, loser.


Right Thinking Girl: Hot Gitmo Sex Tips.

If I have any regrets about America’s actions after 9/11, it is that we did not strike harder, faster, and even more aggressively against our enemies. I do not regret anything that the men and women in our armed forces and in our intelligence community have done to keep us safe. I admit that the actions of others might have pushed us into doing things that seem repugnant, but I do not believe that any of the actions of Americans – from carpet bombings to Abu Ghraib – are anything to be ashamed of. Politicians must act contrite over these things. They must utter platitudes like, “Islam is the religion of peace” and “We are deeply ashamed for the way our intelligence professionals have behaved at Abu Ghraib.”

There’s a lot more as RTG debunks the whole “abuse” angle being overworked by the anti-American Old Media. And it’s brilliant. Go read it.

Another civic group adopts a road

First it was the Klan, now it’s the neo-Nazis.

Marion County has allowed a Portland-area skinhead group to adopt a rural Salem road as part of a volunteer litter clean-up program.

The signs proclaiming that Sunnyview Road NE between Cordon Road and 82nd Avenue is sponsored by the American Nazi Party NSM were installed Monday.

County officials say they were legally advised that excluding the organization would violate a constitutional right to free speech. Their choices, they said, were: allow the group to join the program, remove all of the signs from the program or refuse the group and risk a lawsuit.

Commissioner Sam Brentano said he wanted to turn the organization down anyway and face whatever lawsuits came.

He was outnumbered by commissioners Patti Milne and Janet Carlson. The commissioners did not vote on the issue, but gave staff direction by consensus.

Milne said she considers it strictly a constitutional issue that goes to the core of being American.

The only logical conclusion I can draw is that the Klan and the neo-Nazis are using the same community-cleanliness-minded PR firm to reshape their public images.

Elections this Sunday in Iraq

Ex-pat Iraqis are already voting here in the United States in their first ever *legitimate* election back home in Iraq.

The Iraqi Elections Blog is the best place for all-things-Iraq and you should be paying close attention over the weekend. While Iraqis voting in the U.S. are not putting themselves at excessive risk, Iraqis voting in Iraq will be showing great courage when they head to the polls on Sunday.

It is shameful that the Old Media is already downplaying this historical event – much as they did the vote in Afghanistan last fall. Keep an eye on them as they use terms like “fraudulent”, “failure” and “illegitimate”. I, for one, salute those Iraqis willing to risk their lives to better their country.

White Trash Wednesday Roundup

Well, it’s been another fun White Trash Wednesday. What did we learn today?

We learned not to use Butter-Flavored Crisco as lube. We learned not to go meet that 14-year-old girl we’ve been “hot chatting” with on the internet. We learned to be careful when entering Wal Mart.

Hmmm.. oh, we met some new Arkansas bloggers. We finally got that letter from Vernon we’ve been waiting on since before Christmas. We ate a big fat bowl of Spaghetti-Os. We fell in love *again*. We learned some new skills. And perhaps, most importantly, we made a new friend.

Here’s to hoping it’s this educational next week. If you want in, drop Dan a line – it was all his idea.

Real news continues

Though some of us are reveling in the frivolity and merriment of White Trash Wednesday, there is real world news happening at home and abroad.

al-Reuters reports that 31 U.S. troops were killed in a single helicopter crash this morning in the desert of Anbar province in Iraq. Keep these troops and their families in your thoughts and prayers.

At least 9 people have been killed and more than 100 injured in a commuter train derailment in the Glendale suburb of Los Angeles. L.A. Sheriff Lee Baca says it appears that a car was intentionally left on the track to cause the derailment. Has anyone suggested terrorism yet? Seems like a really simple plot to hatch and execute.

The foregone conclusion that was the Condoleeza Rice confirmation as the new U.S. Secretary of State took place today, with 13 racists senators voting no, and 85 voting yes. Still waiting on the list of who voted against the first black female U.S. Secretary of State. If this were a Dim-O-Crack administration and Rice was Joycelyn Elders (thank you Lord for making this a hypothetical), all we would be hearing about today is what a historic day this is… first black female…. blah, blah, blah. Instead, we hear crickets.

We do know, however, how Robert Byrd’s hood voted.


It appears that my terrorism question has been answered in regard to the LA train crash.

GLENDALE, Calif. (AP) – A commuter train smashed into an SUV left on a crossing by a suicidal man early Wednesday, derailed and crashed into another Metrolink train, killing 10 people and injuring more than 100, authorities said.

The SUV driver changed his mind about suicide and left the vehicle before it was hit, Police Chief Randy Adams said. The man will be charged with homicide, he said.

As the first Metrolink train derailed before dawn, it sideswiped an oncoming train, scattering railcars and sending passengers tumbling down the aisles, authorities said.

Los Angeles Sheriff Lee Baca said authorities were speaking with the driver of the vehicle and believe it was intentionally parked on the tracks.

What kind of idiot tries to kill himself this way? Surely he considered the fact that he could cause grave harm to the people aboard the train meant to seal his doom. I hope he’s charged with 1st degree murder for this little escapade. The death toll is now up to 10.

Holmes Family Values

In honor of our esteemed ex-commenter John Randolf, a/k/a Porky, PiginaPoke, among other pseudonyms, I thought it would be nice to start out White Trash Wednesday with a little Holmes family background. (FYI, due to Randolf’s repeated fabrications and one-trick-pony-style name calling, he had to be shown the door – look for him at a different blog near you) Of course, you won’t be as impressed with the Holmes’ family background as you were with Gandolf’s lineage of patriotic greatness, but perhaps you’ll enjoy it just the same.


It’s White Trash Wednesday!

It’s White Trash Wednesday once again. It’s another chance for us white-bread bloggers to apologize to hyphenated-America for all of our transgressions. No one has written me accepting our apology yet, so we’re going to have to keep apologizing until they do so. Hop on board if you want in – there’s plenty of room in the back of the truck!

Bloggers celebrating White Trash Wednesdays today:

Hometown boy doin’ me proud

Yes, this post is about Tennessee politics, which doesn’t score very high with Six Meat Buffet focus groups, but c’mon, give it a shot… you might even like it.

If you’re not familiar with the Ford family’s Memphis Dim-O-Crack political dynasty, you should be. Most folks know about Harold Ford, Jr., one of our contributions to the U.S. House of Representatives (who is actually pretty reasonable at times, for a Dim-O-Crack), but the real fun is the Ford family at the state and local level.

They’re known far and wide for their tendency towards crime and corruption, including gangland-style brawls with political opponents and a certain state senator firing a gun at truck drivers while driving on I-40 between Nashville and Memphis.

South End Grounds has an excellent quiz for you regarding one of the Ford family’s finest…


Sign a Thank You Note to our Troops

(via Beth)

DefendAmerica has an online thank you note, and they’re collecting “signatures”. The compiled thank you letter will be sent to US servicemembers at the end of each month.

It only takes a few seconds to say thanks for defending freedom–go sign it!

I signed it, you go sign it. It literally only takes a minute. Our fighting men and women need to know we’re out here and that we support them and pray for them. Thanks for the heads-up, Beth.