The tale of the Turncoat Senators

If you love the way that GOP senators like Frist, McCain, Hatch, Specter and others roll over and put their asses in the air for Donks like Kennedy, Boxer, Leaky Leahy and others to pillage with impunity, then you’ll loooooooooooooove Tennessee’s GOP.

We’ve got two state senators here who have bent over and grabbed their ankles for state democrats, betraying their own constituents (including myself) and demonstrating that – at their core – politicians of all stripes are motivated by power and money – NOT principle.

Some quick background: For the first time in forever, the GOP took control of the Tennessee state senate back in November. Granted, by a slim margin – 17 R, 16 D – but a majority nonetheless.

You would think that such a majority would mean that the state senate would finally be able to get rid of Democratic Lt. Governor John Wilder.

Wilder has been Lt. Governor FOREVER and is essentially a doddering old fool who outlived his usefulness on the first day he served. This is a politican who told his constituents that he was AGAINST a state income tax before he was up for re-election, then after he was re-elected, flat out admitted that he “just said that to get elected.” He’s so senile that he doesn’t know not to say things like that out loud.

Thanks to Senator Tim Burchett (RINO – Knoxville) and Senator Mike Williams (RINO – Maynardville) voting with state Dim-O-Cracks, Wilder was able to keep his Lt. Governorship.

And what was their payoff?

One of them, Sen. Mike Williams, R-Maynardville, was tapped by Wilder to hold the Senate’s second highest post, speaker pro tem.

Williams campaigned for Wilder in his last two elections.

Wilder said there was no quid pro quo with Williams. To underscore that point, Wilder noted that the four Republicans appointed as chairmen voted against him for speaker.

There was no quid pro quo, except that (apparently) in exchange for his vote, Williams got the position of speaker pro tem.

What did Burchett get out of the deal besides an extra helping of shame?

Burchett, the other Republican who supported Wilder’s re-election as speaker, had asked Wilder in a letter not to appoint him to any leadership positions. Wilder said he had been considering Burchett for chairmanships, but “I decided to respect his wishes.”

Burchett was appointed to the Commerce, Finance and State and Local Government Committees, but not in positions of leadership. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what went on behind the scenes beyond that appointment to get his vote. I’m sure it had nothing to do with lobbyists, power or anything untoward.

The end result, of course, is that the state Donks retain control of committee chairmanships. However, Wilder was kind enough to appoint Jamie Hagood (R – Knoxville) as chair of the Senate Education Committee. And why did he do that? Because she’s a lady.

Wilder said he chose Hagood “because she is a lady and we need more ladies” in leadership positions and because of her ability. Hagood becomes the second woman to head a Senate committee, the other being Sen. Thelma Harper, D-Nashville, who remains chair of the Government Operations Committee.

Things aren’t particularly hunky-dory over in the House either, as big-time income tax proponent Jimmy Naifeh was re-elected to his position of speaker with the help of these nine GOP weaklings: Mike Harrison, Russell Johnson, Joe McCord, Steve McDaniel, Bob McKee, Richard Montgomery, Chris Newton, Doug Overbey, and Dennis Roach.

It didn’t make as much of a difference as the state house is still Dim-O-Crack controlled by a margin of 53-46, but if you want to know if you’ve got a RINO rep, you may want to check this list.

This is why I don’t give money to politicians at any level of government. You might as well take it out of your wallet and burn it when you’ve got representatives like these who are only concerned with power and influence. I might as well lube up and get ready for the state income tax which is most assuredly coming down the pike now.