White Trash Wednesdays

Today is White Trash Wednesday at Six Meat Buffet. WTW is the brainchild of Dan the Carnivorous Conservative at Riehl World View (say that 100 times fast). For more details about WTW, read Dan’s post fully describing the theme.

It essentially boils down to a chance for some of us caucasian-types to celebrate/expose the dark underbelly of our white bread culture. It’s an apology of sorts to all those hyphenated-Americans who may be under the mistaken impression that everything in crackerland is milk and honey. Nothing could be further from the truth, and we intend to prove it.

Also joining in on the fun will be Cranky Neocon, Vince Aut Morire and delightful recipes from that trailer-park culinary queen Rachael Ray Redux.

If any of you other blogger types want in on the fun, drop us a line – the more the merrier!


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