Freedom of speech isn’t free

You’d think that “Silent Mike” would have already learned that.

Lord Spatula at Spatula City did some digging and discovered that this guy is the lamebrain behind More info on that here. Silent Mike’s “official” personal website is here. So don’t be fooled by any unofficial Silent Mike websites. Accept no imitations.

DrewB did some digging of his own and discovered that Silent Mike was also behind another garbagedump of a website called CitizensAgainstTheTroops.Org. This previous site was shut down and an apology offered. DrewB has a copy of that apology, which obviously now rings as hollow as Helen Thomas’ skull.

So here we have an asshat who has spent a good deal of effort deriding our troops – which is particularly odious since so many of our fighting men and women are currently dodging bullets in Iraq and Afghanistan, fighting a war on terror to protect shitnecks like Silent Mike.

More has come to light about Silent Mike – he found a soldier’s digital camera at a Philadelphia Eagles football game and offered to return it to the soldier for $1,000. The story is here at WIXT via Spatula City.

And if all of this wasn’t enough, DrewB dug up some posts – apparently written by Silent Mike – that suggest that he may even be a white-supremacist KKK-type. A sample:

I am looking for like-minded White Nationalists to talk to, for friendship and activism in the Central New York State area, specifically the Syracuse area.

I am interested in making friends, and forming alliances to help defend and preserve the White way of life in Syracuse.

IM or e-mail me. My e-mail address is My AIM screen name is Silent14Mike88.

There’s more where that came from.

Silent Mike has shown up in comment threads here and here blathering on about freedom of speech. Well, Mike, here’s the problem with “freedom of speech” – sometimes it has consequences.

When some needledick strolls into the town square and burns an American flag (which I’m sure you’ve probably done a time or two yourself), he is exercising freedom of speech. When an onlooker takes an aluminum baseball bat and crams it elbow deep into that person’s colon, that is a consequence of exercising freedom of speech. Sure, it’s assault and battery and will probably result in jail time, but it is still a real possibility following such an expression of freedom of speech.

Similarly, when you post a website that mocks one of our brave – yes, brave – men or women crippled in combat, you should expect some kind of backlash. I fully realize that your intent was probably to piss people off, and you’ve certainly succeeded.

So feel free to exercise your freedom of speech via recycled anti-military websites. Just know that your 15 minutes are probably about up and I hope, for your sake, that the consequences won’t be more than you bargained for. And good luck with that whole Aryan supremacy thing. It will be interesting to see if the pants-shitting left will show up to support both of your pet causes.


  1. From his personal site:

    Also while in high school, Michael formed and ran the Unlimited Too Fan Club, which was the first Internet-based fan club for Dutch eurodance sensation 2 Unlimited.

    Need I say more?

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