This should be fun

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Hollywood elites prepare to receive annoying phone calls from red-state backwoods fly-over country hayseeds.

Private telephone numbers of celebrities have been unleashed on the Internet after an apparent hacking into Paris Hilton’s T-MOBILE SIDEKICK Address Book, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

The FBI has opened an investigation into the hack, a government source said.

Sounds like a national security issue to me.

One top star reached Sunday morning expressed total outrage at Paris.

“I gave her my number after we met in Miami, I did not know she f**king kept it on her cellphone!” the star explained.

Also splashed in the hack, Paris Hilton’s private notes, listed by date.

From Hollywood to Vegas to New York — and back, Paris Hilton’s notes, road directions, hotel and airline preferences are exposed.

Alert Homeland Security! Paris Hilton’s safety is at stake! Ay caramba! We can’t afford to lose such a rare talent – what that talent is, besides fellatio, I’m still not quite sure.

If I didn’t feel sick as a dog, I’d take the “Paris Hilton Hacked Mobile Phone Notes” theme and run with it, but I feel like shit. I’m sure some other enterprising blogger will see the opportunity and take advantage.

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