Bush Lied! Bacon Fried!

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You may have read the story of the soldier hung in effigy on the side of a home in Sacramento, CA. Several weeks ago, Steve and Virginia Pearcy, a pants-shitting socialist couple decided that they would exercise their freedom of speech by hanging a soldier from the side of their house in support for Saddam’s Iraqi regime. I’m sure it was meant to be a message of peace and tolerance – so often the faux message of the left – but naturally, it got some folks riled up.

Digger has done some more “digging” and has learned that the couple actually lives in Berkeley (big surprise) and the house in Sacramento is actually their second home. As big-hearted liberals, I’m sure they let the homeless use their second home as a crack house when they’re busy at the Berkeley bathhouses.

Here is a photo of the filthy capitalist couple’s Porsche:

The peaceful message that they’ve displayed on their car’s back window is as follows: FUCK BUSH, FUCK THE POLICE, FUCK THE U.S. GOVERNMENT, FUCK ISRAEL, FUCK SUVS, BURN AMERICAN FLAGS.

They’re just good Americans exercising Freedom of Speech, right? Hopefully, as one of Digger’s commenters mentioned, the people they do business with and represent via their law firms will exercise their own freedom of expression and ostracize the peace-loving couple. Sadly, I doubt that will happen in a cesspool like Berkeley.


Digger has more photos and info here.


  1. Funny that I should find this out on a Tennessee blog… Lucky for all of us, Berkeley is a mere 5 minute drive from Starbase Jimmy in Rep. Barbara Lee’s district.

    I’ve vandalized less than this in Berkeley/Oakland/San Francisco, and I promise you and the rest of the blogosphere that I will wreak justice on this porche’s cute little sign if ever I should happen upon it in and around Alma Mater dear. While these LIbEralS drive around in their holier-than-thou volvos (and porches, it seems) I have two trucks: one with a 2×4, and the other with a steel manhole hook. Pick your poison, sign…

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