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  2. Al, if it makes you feel better I am a little bit ashamed. It was just one of those things that crossed my mind (as happens from time to time) that I decided to throw out there. I recognize that it’s stupid and a bit sick, but sometimes you just have to make a fool of yourself for entertainment value.

    On the bright side, I’ve offended more people today than usual. And it’s been pretty slow around here, so at least that’s something.

  3. Hey Al, let’s head back in history to 1979. Any chance you remember something sick and stupid happening then? 444 straight days of sick and stupid? How about Beirut in 1983, remember anything sick and stupid then? How about the Khobar Towers, does sick and stupid come to mind? I’m sure Japan and Germany were full of people who carried no grudge against the US in WWII, just like Iran is filled with them now. They are, however, the Enemy. Get used to it.

  4. Eric,

    FOUR HUNDRED+ people in Iran who had nothing to do with those events you speak of just lost their lives. Most of them (the children who were the majority of the deaths) probably weren’t even alive at that time. More are probably dying because of lack of food and shelter. Entire families have perished.

    The people of Iran are under a DICTATORSHIP. They hate their government almost as much as the rest of the world. To say that the entire country is responsible for the actions of a few extremists is ridiculous. I pray everyday that they will gather enough strength to rise up against their dictators but until that day, attacking them is not the answer.

    I am curious though. You say it is a good time to attack them now. In Dec 2003 a far bigger earthquake killed 23,000 in Iran. I guess we let the window of opportunity close then and should take advantage of our good fortunes right?

    Preston at least somewhat admitted that what he said was for the sake of humor. I don’t think Eric or Vince or whoever he is feels the same. And that is the saddest part of all.

  5. Hey, hey, you’re both right.

    Al’s right about many Iranians living unhappily in a theocratic dictatorship. There is an undercurrent of rebellion, which we’re hopefully working with via special forces to move regime change forward.

    Is now the time to attack, probably not. However, if Israel swoops in and takes out their nuclear production capabilities, I’ll buy the first Jew I see a single-malt scotch.

    Iran will have to be dealt with – and before they get their head out of their islamic asses long enough to create a nuclear warhead.

    And Al, don’t be so melodramatic. I over-reacted to the tsunami devastation, now I’m under-reacting to another natural disaster. I figure it all evens out.

  6. Gosh, Al, I believe I said Iran was filled with people that held no grudge against us. Just like Japan was, yet we still called them Japs, and made fun of them, same with Germany, yet we still called them Krauts and made fun of them. We’re at war, Al, are you aware of that? This is what happens in wartime Al, you make fun of the enemy. Tell you what, make your next post from Iran, dhimmi, and tell us how welcome you feel.

    And yes, call me callous, Al, but I do think Iran needs some sort of military operation, to keep them from turning the place you live in into a smoking hole in the ground. And no, Al, I don’t think a full scale invasion is necessary. It’s your desperate quest to be offended that brought that into your fevered little mind.

    One final thing, Al, yes, it’s sad 444+ people died from the earthquake, but forgive me, I’ve been working too hard trying to save Terri Schiavo.

    Oh, and I have my own blog, stop wasting Preston’s bandwith and come visit. Oh, but you won’t, will you, chickenshit, because my comments require an email address.

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