Save Protein Wisdom

Save Protein Wisdom.

While ordinarily, I don’t care much for blegging, when it’s one of my favorite blogs, I’ll make an exception. I threw some $$ in his tip jar, so won’t you help Jeff recover from the tsunami of ill-health that has befallen his laptop?

I will say that I don’t know what the hell Jeff was thinking when he bought an HP laptop. HP has some of the worst hardware on the planet.

Don’t worry, he won’t take your money and run off to the bathhouses of Europe like Andrew Sullivan. At least, I don’t think he will.


  1. The fact that he has a laptop (HP or not) less than one year old is why I won’t be giving Jeff one red cent. (Also the fact that I’m a Jew – and situation reversed, I’m sure he wouldn’t donate shit to me – also being a Jew.)


    I don’t blame Jeff, I’d be doing the same thing had I the readership that he has, but I can think of better ways to spend your money. Like on me. Hahahaha!

  2. I’ve always found the concept of people asking for money (for whatever reason) on their blogs to be offensive. Seriously. Just like with everything, there will always be people who donate (did you see my Save Toby post yesterday?) but to ask in the first place…ugh.

    Just my opinion…of course…LOL.

  3. Christ, do you people think I’d be asking if I didn’t actually need help getting back online?

    I have one computer. It is fried. I made a decision to stop teaching and become a stay-at-home dad for a few years, and I budgeted for one computer.

    Protein Wisdom started in Dec. of 2001. I put it on hiatus for a year and a half, and has now been back for a year.

    In all that time, I never once asked for money. And I hate doing it now. HATE IT.

    In fact, this whole thing has made me sick to the point where — if I didn’t think it’d be a slap in the face of those who donated — I’d return the money and just close up shop. I certainly don’t need this kind of exposure. My self-esteem was damaged enough in doing this to begin with.

    Just my opinion of course, Stacy, but you sure do strike me as a sanctimonious and judgmental bitch.

  4. Don’t close up shop, Jeff. I need my daily dose of PW. I don’t care the financial or human cost!

    And don’t sweat those who bitch about it. I have a feeling you probably don’t.

    I tried to work the stay-at-home-dad thing but Mrs. Holmes wouldn’t have it.

  5. Jeff, that almost brings a tear to my eye… if I wasn’t such a broke son of a bitch I’d donate… at least I already linked to you, hopefully someone will donate on my behalf – sorry bro – that’s the best I can do.

    Damn. I wish I could be a stay at home dad. Someday.. when Mrs. Vex finishes her degree and gets a big fancy job then I can sit at home and write B porno novels…

  6. I also despise the tip jar, but Jeff’s wife is a truly sweet person (I had the pleasure of dinner with them and little Satch) and she doesn’t deserve to have Jeff whining and bitching when she gets home from work! Fuck Jeff, do it for Helen.

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