White Trash Hero: The Donald

Not The Donald, you say! He’s rich and famous! White Trash is about behavior, not economics, you sick little monkey.

Yes, that loveable real estate magnate who fires people on TV to America’s delight gets called out on this particular White Trash Wednesday. Why, you ask? Eminent domain abuse, that’s why.

First some background on eminent domain abuse from the Castle Coalition.

Eminent domain is the power of the government to take private property belonging to its citizen’s. It can also be called “condemnation” or, in some states, “expropriation.”

If you’ve ever listened to Neal Boortz’ radio show, he’s documented case after case of eminent domain abuse where municipalities and mega-corporations like Wal Mart have teamed up to kick property owners out of their own homes. In most cases, it’s a situation where a city or municipality sees the opportunity for increased property tax revenue with new ownership.

In Trump’s case, he needed a place for all his limos to pick up and drop off the all the hookers and pimps arriving and departing his Atlantic City, NJ casino. More on the story from the Institute for Justice:

For most of her 36 years in Atlantic City, Vera Coking, an elderly widow, ran a tidy little boarding house just off the Boardwalk. She convinced her husband to buy the property because she loved the house, the beach and Atlantic City. There, long before gambling was legalized and towering casinos rose up around her, she greeted guests from around the world with one of the six languages she speaks. She raised three children in the house, and one daughter still lives with her.

Retired now, the house is her only residence and only asset. But if tycoon Donald Trump has his way, a New Jersey government agency will use its power of eminent domain to condemn Vera’s property, take it away from her at a bargain-basement price, then transfer the ownership to Trump for a fraction of the market value. Trump then plans to park limousines where Vera’s bedroom, kitchen and dining room now stand. In short, New Jersey will take from one private owner and transfer that property to another private owner for his exclusive gain.

The prime location of Vera Coking’s three-story house has attracted unwelcome interest before. In 1983, Bob Guccione tried to purchase the property for $1 million to construct a casino. Vera didn’t sell, so Guccione built a steel and concrete structure all around (even over) her home. When Guccione’s project failed, the land and its structural skeleton was purchased by Trump and razed. In the process of removing the frame, demolition crews started a fire on her rooftop, broke windows, removed her fire escape, and nearly destroyed the entire third story of her home by dropping concrete blocks through the roof. Now dwarfed by the giant 22-story Trump Plaza, Vera’s little home certainly stands in disrepair, but through no fault of her own. (Coking has since filed a lawsuit against the demolition company seeking compensation so she can repair the damage.)

The good news is that, with the help of the Institute for Justice, Trump and his government thugs LOST their battle in court. This resulted in Vera Coking displaying the victory sign and effectively giving The Donald the Finger.

RELATED: The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments Tuesday in the eminent domain abuse case of Kelo vs. City of New London (CT). Stay tuned on news regarding this big government land-grab.

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  2. Trump has managed to ruin Atlantic City’s economy by driving his casinos into bankruptcy multiple times… its time he turned it over to more competant management.

    I mean, seriously, AC has more people come through every year than Vegas, it should be rolling in the dough. But no, Trump manages to screw it up.

    The area around Absecon, only a few blocks north of the casinos, is practically a ghetto now.

  3. I have never understood why the Donald is held up to be this super business man, he is in and out of bankruptcy court and the bank prop him up because he is in so deep.

    You have to work to screw up the casino business, I mean people just come in and give you money and you don’t even have to provide them with goods or services.

  4. Hey Andy – good looking website you’ve got there. And good point, PileOn, I’ve often wondered how someone so deep in debt manages such an obscene lifestyle. That’s the beauty of bankruptcy I suppose. It means nothing – especially in Tennessee!

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