ACLU attacks law enforcement, yet again

The ACLU and a host of other bedwetting leftists are attempting to stop the use of tasers by law enforcement agencies in the U.S.

A sample of activities from Austin (TX)-based pants-shitters the “Austin Spokescouncil”:

Since its inception a year ago, the Spokescouncil (or just “Spokes,” as members often refer to themselves) says the group has organized most of the public actions made to draw attention to the anti-Iraq-war movement, including pickets at various private contractors (CACI International and Computer Sciences Corporation among them), the “Day of Wailing” to mourn Iraqi casualties, a Bikes Against Bush rally, the Day of Resistance Against War and All Who Profit From It (last Sept. 11), and the J20 Anti-Inaugural March – where, they say, a protester was unnecessarily Tasered by police. “I feel like the mobilizations we’ve been doing are a bit more exciting than going to the Capitol and listening to some college professor drone on and on until you cry,” laughs Jerry Bellow, a veteran activist who has worked with the Anti-Racist Action group for the past 11 years. “Every action that we’ve done has had double the numbers – or more – of the previous one.”

What started as a call for an emergency spokescouncil by the ARA to organize in reaction to the U.S. soldiers’ abuse of prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq has become a full-fledged matrix of organizing for Austin’s activist community. A recent Spokes meeting included representatives of Austin Against War, CodePink, the ARA, the ACLU, the Rhizome Collective, Resurgent Tide, Food Not Bombs, the fledgling UT anti-war group Campus Antiwar Movement to End the Occupation, and local high schools Garza and McCallum – quite a range in a community commonly considered to be somewhat scattered. “Up until this past year, I would go to a different meeting every night, just trying to keep all the groups connected,” recalls Russell, who represents CodePink and the ACLU at Spokes meetings.

For once I actually agree with the ACLU. Let’s do away with the tasers and simply allow the cops to use their firearms. They’re far more effective in stopping criminals anyway.


  1. Goddamn it. That was my comment, then I got to the end of the post…

    We should give the tasers to teachers in inner-city schools, where they’d do the most good. Then, we should suit up the ACLU (every one of them) and send them to Iraq and tell them to either stop the war their way or do it our way. Fun!

  2. Give them bricks. The courts in Los Angeles oce deemed bricks to not be deadly weapons (the beating of Reginald Deny in 1992) apparently attempting to hit someone with your car isn’t assult with a deadly weapon either.

    On a side note, with out tazers how will King/Drew Hospital treat its mental patients?

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