Small Mike has taken down his ForsaketheTroops.Info website. (Thanks for the tip, Linda!)

When you go to the site now, you see this:

Mike then claims that the site was owned by a fictional couple – Scott and Laurie Vogel. Pish posh.

We don’t normally air business matters with clients in the public, as we believe in respecting clients’ privacy, however, Forsake The Troops, led by Scott Vogel and Laurie Vogel, chose to bring their business out in the public by way of threats and obscenities towards us. We find it tasteless that they felt that the fact the owner of SMIS has a biracial child is something to be used against him.

We apologize to the many people who were offended, and thank those who wrote in to complain, giving us the documentation to show that the Internet community did not appreciate their presence.

Furthermore, Forsake The Troops has chosen to refuse to honor an outstanding bill for some services. The money isn’t of concern to us, though it costs money to run the servers, we have many customers who are good, decent people and pay their bills on time.

According to commenter Drew, the whole thing was a publicity stunt for his hosting company, which is apparently what he did with his last anti-military website CitizensAgainstTheTroops.Org. You would think that there are better ways to get name recognition than being a complete asshole.

At least one good thing came from this: if you have webhosting needs, you now know who NOT to use…. SMISHosting.Com.

UPDATE: Now Small Mike has dropped all pretense. is now Small Mike’s personal white-supremacist website. Go see for yourself – or better yet, don’t.

Thanks to commenter Marble for the tip.


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  2. Thanks for the tip, Marble. Pile On®, I’m disappointed that you didn’t Pile On® in this story. You’re not living up to your name. Thanks for the warroom tip, Likwid. Do they have any stations that stream online?

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