Chris Rock lets Hollywood’s guard down

I had promised myself that I wouldn’t do any type of Oscar-blogging whatsoever, but I just heard this quote from Chris Rock’s BET-style comedy jam last night and had to share it.

“Bush did some things you could never get away with at your job, man. … Just imagine you worked at the Gap. You’re $70 trillion behind on your register and then you start a war with Banana Republic ’cause you say they got toxic tank tops over there. You have the war, people are dying, a thousand Gap employees are dead, bleeding all over the khakis, you finally take over Banana Republic, and you find out they never made tank tops in the first place.”

There’s no doubt that this was yet another shot at our troops from the big-hearted patriots in the entertainment industry. We have men and women right now fighting a global war against radical islam and Rock is stupid enough to drop the facade and let us all know how Hollywood really feels about the troops’ sacrifices.

Always keep in mind, when leftists say they “support the troops but not the war,” you can rest assured that, when in like-minded company, they’re celebrating our losses. Thank God they’re in the vast minority.


Protein Wisdom has more. And it’s much funnier.


  1. Yeah, I like the part where he contradicted himself, “I’m not going to bash Bush..” then goes on with that tirade. Ok Rock. I buy it. It’s that scientology crap. That’s what the problem is out there is hollywood.

    And plus, doesn’t the GAP own Banana Republic? Like we OWN Iraq now. Get er done!

  2. Yeah…that is the DUMBest argument ever. Hector’s right. They are the same parent company. You need to pit Gap or Banana against some itty bitty boutique that has already been in a war with another itty bitty boutique that Gap or Banana saved from financial ruin before… Or maybe have Old Navy jump in to save the day and complain about people bleeding all over polar fleeces and board shorts. Sheesh. 🙄 Or maybe you’d realize that it’s NOT the same THING!

  3. I understand, JJ. I knew that about Chris Rock – Bring the Pain is one of my favorite comedy shows ever and I’ve always had a pretty good opinion of Rock. However, it seems like, in this case, he was either using material written for him that they thought the audience would want to hear or he’s just a complete idiot. I’ll check out your post though.

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