Month: March 2005

The Blogosphere Implodes!

Not to be confused with Julian Cope’s late 70’s/early80’s band, “The Teardrop Explodes!”

It seems that everywhere I look around the ‘sphere, people are cyber-brawling. Where has the close-knit community gone that I thought I was joining? Where did the love go?

Hundred Percenter is fighting with Goldstein because he wears a “beenie”.

The Politburo Diktat is trying to force Wizbang’s Paul to renounce his faith and join the ooozy dark side.

David from ISOU has been battling it out with Rob from Say Anything.

Ace of Spades has finally decided to tell his readers and commenters to go to hell and devoted an entire thread to telling them how much he despises each and every one of them.

All this cyberviolence and hatred just makes me want to remind everyone of the words of that legendary peace activist and role model Rodney King: “Cain’t we all jes’ git along???”

I Officially Decline the Position

The Pope’s condition has unfortunately taken a turn for the worse.

In the event that something happens to the Pope, I would like to go ahead and decline what will most likely be an invitation from Vatican officials to replace Pope John Paul II. I mean, I’m not even Catholic.


As Pope John Paul II’s situation continues to deteriorate, this post gets less and less funny. May God be with you, Pope!


As I’m sure you’ve noticed, the political left spends a great deal of its time preaching tolerance but rarely does it actually display any. This is especially the case with liberal blacks who vilify people like Clarence Thomas and LaShawn Barber, who dare display politically conservative views.

It’s the same way in the gay & lesbian community. Gay activist Michael Rogers has taken up the cause of outing those gay bloggers who might be considered conservative or libertarian in their leanings. In other words, they’ve strayed off the plantation and MUST BE SILENCED! Outlet Radio and Lime Shurbet both have the scoop on the story. The above banner will be in my sidebar for a while – or at least until Rogers’ witchhunt is squashed.

H/T Beth

Offensive Blog Removed from my Blogroll

I am hereby announcing that I am officially removing Six Meat Buffet from my blogroll.

I have just gone back and re-read a few of my old posts and have realized that I disagree with many of them. Some of the stances I have taken on this blog now offend me and, consequently, I must remove myself from the spot on the “Tennesseans” blogroll that I once held dear. If I can’t find a way to support the sanctity of life and the rule of law simultaneously, I shouldn’t be on my blogroll anyway.

More here and here.

Oh, and here, and here, and here, and here.

Tennessee Politics: Finally About to get Interesting?

Let me start by mentioning the folks who’ve been all over this story from the start: Matthew at South End Grounds, Bill Hobbs, Michael Silence among others.

The controversy has finally been picked up by the Old Media (AP) and the Knoxville News Sentinel.

The short version of the story is that Stacey Campfield, a Knoxville-area State Representative has started a blog which claims as its goal to “share with you some of the experiences and things that happen in the legislature that you may not hear about, what really happens behind the scenes, and to point out the decision making process that we go through before we vote on bills.”

Many state governmental dinosaurs – particularly House Speaker Jimmy Naifeh, the leader of the Dim-O-Crack governmental mafia in Nashville – are very displeased with someone having such an uncensored line of communication to Tennessee constituents. This is the same fear that the Old Media has of the general blogosphere – people must not be allowed to know the truth! If they learn the truth, they’ll see the little man behind the curtain pushing the buttons and turning the dials!

Scuttlebutt is now that Naifeh had one of Campfield’s bills killed as a retaliation for a “Top Ten”-style list he had on his blog, which was actually pretty damn funny. It’s important to remember, however, that 99.9% of politicians have no sense of humor, so you can see where this may have caused a problem. Some gems from that particular post:

15 Ways to know if you are a Democrat in the Tennessee Legislature:

You define “capitalism� as selling your vote for $237,000. (John Ford reference?)

You fundamentally believe that businesses oppress people, and that government creates prosperity.

You lampoon republicans for defending traditional values based upon deeply held religious convictions; yet, you quote scripture in defense of homosexuality, saving animals, killing human babies and stricter environmental laws.

The new face of the Democrat Party: “Gay Adoptions, Abortion, John Ford and Jimmy Naifeh.� It makes you long for the days of Governor Ray Blanton and selling pardons.

Oh, there’s more – some of it is only funny if you’ve followed Tennessee politics for a while.

In addition to Naifeh and the doddering old octogenarian John Wilder wetting their pants, Cookeville representative Jere Hargrove says that Campfield is “impugning the character of everybody down here that happens to be a little bit different than you.” No, Jere, you and you’re state Dim-O-Crack cronies have done that for years by your legislative actions and lobbyist shenanigans.

I’ll be adding Stacey Campfield’s blog to my “Tennesseans” blogroll if blogrolling ever comes back up (for crying out loud!). So be sure and check it out for the inside scoop on Tennessee politics.

H/T Mrs. Holmes


WARNING: Post contains excessive Fisking. Apologies in advance.

NO SIR! That’s what area anti-smoking nazi Douglas Benton wants you to hear when you ask if you can smoke in Blount County (TN) restaurants.

Allow me to preface this by stating that I don’t smoke, never have, never will. HOWEVER, there is a lynch-mob mentality of anti-smoking nanny-staters who are hellbent on legislating the elimination of smoking (I’ve even heard of cases where people were sued for smoking in their own homes!), and they nauseate me to no end.

In Benton’s case, he and his group are trying to force private businesses to eliminate smoking so that they may eat their buffet mac-and-cheese in a smoke-free environment. Continue on…


The Circus Continues

Never fear…. Jesse is here!

“I feel so passionate about this injustice being done, how unnecessary it is to deny her a feeding tube, water, not even ice to be used for her parched lips,” Jackson said. “This is a moral issue and it transcends politics and family disputes.”

“While the law is important, the law must be tempered with mercy to have justice. We ask for justice today,” he said.

To clarify: “I feel so passionate about this injustice that I’ve only now shown up!”

When the race-baiting extortionist shows up, the circus is finally complete. Terri’s parents have not done themselves any favors by enlisting Randall Terry as spokesman and inviting Jesse Jackson. They may as well have invited a 5-pound block of American cheese to come and talk and pray with them – it will have the same impact.

Michael Jackson’s Strength

Just in case you’ve been waiting on Michael to put down his copy of “Barely Legal” long enough to play the race card, you’ve finally got your wish. The King of Pop came out yesterday and let the world know that (1) he is innocent and that (2) he is being persecuted because of his race.

“Please be patient and be with me and believe in me, because I am completely, completely innocent,” Jackson told fans during a radio interview with famed civil rights campaigner the Reverend Jesse Jackson.

“But please know a lot of conspiracy is going on as we speak.”

“Mandela’s story has given me a lot of strength, what he has gone through.

“I know in my heart and in my experiences in life that I am totally innocent.

“It’s very painful, but this has kind of been a pattern among black luminaries in this country.”

The star said he also drew strength from the life stories of other great black Americans including boxers Jack Johnson and Muhammad Ali and the Reverend Jackson.

For now, let’s just ignore the fact that Michael is bleached WHITE, and therefore a WHITE LUMINARY, if a dancing, shrieking pop singer can be called a “luminary,” which is a stretch at best.

While the article goes on to defend Michael, the journalist left out some of the other people from whom Michael said he draws strength during this difficult time. These people, Michael said, were also persecuted simply because of the color of their skin. Luckily we were able to get an exclusive transcript and bring them to you:

Bentley from The Jeffersons. Not only was he reviled due to his lily-white skin, but he was also a limey.

The Incredible Hulk. Not only was he an offensive shade of green, he caused a great deal of property damage, most of which was never paid for.

Tootie from The Facts of Life. Rollerskates, great rack, brown skin. The other girls hated her for all three — especially Blair.

Dr. Julius Hibbert. Springfield’s only black man in a town full of yellow-skinned people only gained their respect after he became a doctor.

The Ugly Duckling. Abandoned by his mother, and kicked out of the klan by his white-feathered brother and sister swans, The Ugly Duckling was persecuted beyond imagination. But just like Michael Jackson, he eventually grew into a beautiful white bird, the envy of all the other swans in the lake.

Arnold from Happy Days. It was hard for Arnold to gain acceptance from the kids at first – especially the Fonz, who had a visceral hatred for all the “yellow people” as he called them on several episodes. Arnold was able to eventually earn their trust through the occasional free milk shake and free opium. Sadly, Arnold had to be led off to internment camp and was replaced by big fat Al, who gained acceptance from no one – even fellow Italian Chachi Arcola, who shamed his race by taking up with midwestern strumpet Joanie Cunningham.

March Madness Update

Several people have e-mailed to find out the standings in the March Madness contest. Here they are.

Lewis from Deliverance continues to lead the pack. Methinks he has a long history of gambling, which sharpened his skills, enabling him to run away with this contest.

Rick and Lance, however, are nipping at his heels and it ain’t over until the fat lady sings.

I would expect this will all be over after the semifinals Saturday night, so stay tuned!

Bizarre Referrers Vol. 2

Just watched Illiinois make an unbelievable comeback against Arizona. Since my picks are pretty much in the toilet, I’ve resorted to rooting for underdogs now, and dammit if Arizona didn’t blow a 15-point lead in the final 3 minutes. FOR SHAME, Wildcats!

Well, anyway, on to some more insane searches that landed people at Six Meat Buffet. Again I marvel at some of these – some of you people are sick freaks!


Ahhhnuld the Barbarian

A while back, I took a shot at California’s Governor for what I characterized as pandering to the left. Jeff was kind enough to swing by and tell me I was wrong about Ahhhhnuld.

I’ve stumbled across a Dick Morris column titled The Arnold Revolution that, as Flavor Flav would say, makes Jeff seem “even more righter.”

We haven’t heard much about it on the east coast, but Ahhhhnuld appears to be taking on the California donks, big oil, and the teachers’ unions – these are three of the biggest boogeymen in the state – nay – the union – and it looks like the Gov aims to stomp a mudhole in all three.


Next time, try 411

Conversation between a person reporting a serious motorcycle accident and 911 dispatch:

Caller: There’s been a serious motorcycle accident and a man is gravely injured.

Trooper Peasley at 911: Yeah, huh? Too bad.

Caller: Wha?????

Trooper Peasley at 911: *Click*

Caller: Did you just hang up?

Trooper Peasley at 911: No, I just said “click”.

Caller: Whuzza????

Trooper Peasley at 911: *Click*

Caller: ?

Trooper Peasley at 911: *Dialtone*

More on the story here.

h/t Todd

Good news from Yemen

You don’t hear that phrase thrown around very often.

Jane from Armies of Liberation reports that imprisoned journalist Abdul-Karim Al-Khaiwani has been granted presidential amnesty.

SANA’A- President Ali Abdullah Saleh declared amnesty to Abdul-Karim Al-Khaiwani, editor-in-chief of Al-Shoura Newspaper, a day after a Sana’a appeal court confirmed the primary court verdict.

Judge Hamoud Al-Hitar, chairman of the theological dialogue committee, announced the presidential amnesty today after a meeting for his committee chaired by the president of the republic.

Kudos to Jane for undoubtedly contributing to Al-Khaiwani’s release. Could this actually be a sign of a growing free press in Yemen?

On a side note, happy 1-yr-old blogbirthday to Armies of Liberation!

WTW: Hogzilla

Blogvisitors, meet Hogzilla. Hogzilla, meet the blogvisitors.

National Geographic experts have confirmed the existence of Hogzilla. Word is still out on Sasquatch, however.

ALAPAHA, Ga. – A team of National Geographic experts has confirmed south Georgia’s monster hog, known to locals as Hogzilla, was indeed real — and really, really big.

They also noted the super swine didn’t quite live up to the 1,000-pound, 12-foot hype generated when Hogzilla was caught on a farm last summer and photographed hanging from a backhoe.

Donning biohazard suits to exhume the behemoth’s smelly remains, the experts estimated Hogzilla was probably only 7 1/2 to 8 feet long, and weighed about 800 pounds. The confirmation came in a documentary aired Sunday night on the National Geographic Channel; it will be rebroadcast Wednesday and Saturday.

“He was an impressive beast. He was definitely a freak of nature,” said documentary producer Nancy Donnelly. She said Hogzilla’s tusks — one measuring nearly 18 inches and the other nearly 16 inches — set a new Safari Club International North American free-range record.

I believe it is unfair to Hogzilla to take his measurements after he’s been in the ground decomposing for 6 months. And another question – why wasn’t he turned into a variety of pork products? He could have fed the entire state of Georgia for two weeks. I suppose we’ll never know the answer to this riveting question. While you ponder that, go visit the rest of the White Trash Wednesday oligopoly.

Your White Trash Wednesday bloggers….


White Trash Wednesday mania has stretched across the pond – visit Kevin at Sortapundit for WTW: UK Style.

The Left’s Death Culture

I believe I finally understand why the American left has adopted radical islam as its official religion. Both subcultures are driven by a desire to kill. In the case of the islamofascists, they are raised in their death-cult mindset of violent jihad from an early age in countries like Saudi Arabia, Syria and Iran (as well as in those peaceful islamic academies in America). In the case of the American left, they are raised in a culture of abortion, euthanasia and disregard for human life as soon as they set foot in their government school.

The only time the left cares about preserving a human life is when that person is on death row for committing a violent crime or is a terrorist being held at Guantanamo Bay. Criminals are the heroes of the left in America, and only their lives are worth protecting.