More on Italy’s New Heroine

Little Green Footballs has a great round up of Giuliana Sgrena stuff – including the news that Italy may have wasted $10 million getting her released. They also link to this heartwarming story in The Australian about how much Giuliana is already missing her captors and their wacky religious zealotry.

LGF is also on the case of the AP running a story featuring a photo of what was said to be Giuliana’s bullet-riddled car. The car, barely damaged, was from a completely unrelated story, but as of now, no correction has come forth from the AP, though LGF has corrected itself.

The crack staff here at Six Meat Buffet was able to obtain a photo of the car that refused to slow down for the checkpoint, resulting in tragedy. As you can see, it is indeed riddled with bullet-holes, just as Sgrena’s story claims…….


Goldstein asks some pretty interesting Sgrena questions as well.


Rusty Shackleford and Little Green Footballs both have photos of the real car (via Italian newspaper la Repubblica). You can throw this on top of the mountain of evidence that Sgrena is a lying sack of communist shit.


  1. Hahaha… brilliant.

    The best part about the fall of the Soviet Union is that we in the West can still ridicule them through Photoshop for decades to come 🙂

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