The Left’s Death Culture

I believe I finally understand why the American left has adopted radical islam as its official religion. Both subcultures are driven by a desire to kill. In the case of the islamofascists, they are raised in their death-cult mindset of violent jihad from an early age in countries like Saudi Arabia, Syria and Iran (as well as in those peaceful islamic academies in America). In the case of the American left, they are raised in a culture of abortion, euthanasia and disregard for human life as soon as they set foot in their government school.

The only time the left cares about preserving a human life is when that person is on death row for committing a violent crime or is a terrorist being held at Guantanamo Bay. Criminals are the heroes of the left in America, and only their lives are worth protecting.

This is why the Old Media has intentionally framed the Terri Schiavo case as a “right to die” case. It’s an easy sell to a mind-numbed population that rarely looks below the surface of what the Old Media spoon-feeds them. In fact, I’ve already heard polls cited by the Old Media that show that the American public has taken sides with Michael Schiavo in the case. This is because the American public is blissfully ignorant of the facts of the case and the truth about Michael Schiavo. There are plenty of resources if you’re interested at Blogs for Terri and Terri’s Fight.

In the grand scheme of things, what’s the big rush to starve her to death? What’s the harm in letting her parents take care of her? Why not give her the rehab that Michael has denied her for more than a decade? Are we really supposed to believe that all of this is because Terri and Michael were cuddling, watching a made-for-tv movie and she said she wouldn’t want live “that way”? Apparently this is enough of a legal basis for the left to demand her painful execution. If they’re going to give her the death penalty, at least make it quick and painless, like a lethal injection.

In response to the Schiavo case, you’ve got two of the leftist-blogosphere’s shining stars demonstrating their true colors. The Daily Kock is displaying this WhiteHouse.Org poster

mocking the pro-life movement and jabbing a finger in the eye of Terri supporters. Such sentiments are not out of character for Markos “screw ’em” Zuniga, though, so no big shock there.

Gigantic lard-laden blogger Oliver Willis (a/k/a Baghdad Blob) is trying to organize a blogswarm to help kill Terri. This is yet another example of an idiotic pants-shitting leftist letting his guard down and being honest about his murder-embracing culture.

Back to the left’s infatuation with death, let’s go back to their holiest of sanctuaries – Planned Parenthood. Margaret Sanger and her American Birth Control League started Planned Parenthood as a way of euthanizing and sterilizing those they saw as unfit to participate in society. Planned Parenthood is the left’s house of worship and abortion is their communion.

“The Schiavo case doesn’t have anything to do with abortion,” you say. You’re partly correct – however, it all ties in to the left’s complete disregard for non-criminal human life. It also ties in to where we’re headed with euthanasia as demonstrated in this story about how British doctors decided that a fetus baby with a cleft palate suffered from a “serious handicap” and was consequently aborted at 24 weeks.

Doctors and health officials will consider whether more guidance on abortions is needed following the decision of the Crown Prosecution Service not to prosecute two doctors who authorised a late abortion on a foetus with a cleft lip and palate.

Jim England, the chief crown prosecutor for West Mercia, said the doctors believed, in good faith, that there was a substantial risk the child would be seriously handicapped. “In these circumstances, I decided that there was insufficient evidence for a realistic prospect of conviction and that there should be no charges against either of the doctors,” he said.

More here and here.

This is why the left is always holding Europe up as the model for how America SHOULD be, instead of the backwater warmongering redneck hellhole that it is today. When you have doctors murdering babies because of a cleft palate, putting the disabled to death is not that far behind. Who should decide what is an adequate “quality of life”? It sure as hell shouldn’t be politicians or homicidal doctors like these UK abortionists.

The left spends a lot of its time comparing Bush to Hitler, when they should be looking in the mirror for their own little black moustaches. (Especially you leftist bearded hags……)


Michelle Malkin has a good blogosphere reaction roundup to today’s court decision not to reinsert the feeding tube.


  1. You know a lefty commenter on my site immediately took the “if you believe in heaven, then why are you fighting to keep her alive” argument.

    It makes me think that some people hate God, Christians, etc. so much that they would take the opposite side just because.

    Apparently fighting the right is more important than true issues of life and death. See also Afganistan, Abortion, Lebannon.

  2. You once again reaffirm why I like hanging out with you guys. Virtually speaking, of course.

    I am going to print this post out and keep it for my kids to read. When they’re old enough, of course. Awesome, Preston.

  3. Gordon–my response to the commentor would have been….yes, while I know where I go after I did, I also know God has a time for me to go to heaven..and this isn’t it.

  4. I completely forgot the chickens. Thank you Canuck. We must save the chickens at all costs. So that we may roast them at a later date.

    Eric, you are too kind. Don’t let your kids read my ravings! I use too many F words. I’m trying not to, though.

  5. I think her husben stinks I say if he just did that becase of his other wife that he is a fat dork. pluss when he said that he will cherish her for ever I think that was a lie

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