Good news from Yemen

You don’t hear that phrase thrown around very often.

Jane from Armies of Liberation reports that imprisoned journalist Abdul-Karim Al-Khaiwani has been granted presidential amnesty.

SANA’A- President Ali Abdullah Saleh declared amnesty to Abdul-Karim Al-Khaiwani, editor-in-chief of Al-Shoura Newspaper, a day after a Sana’a appeal court confirmed the primary court verdict.

Judge Hamoud Al-Hitar, chairman of the theological dialogue committee, announced the presidential amnesty today after a meeting for his committee chaired by the president of the republic.

Kudos to Jane for undoubtedly contributing to Al-Khaiwani’s release. Could this actually be a sign of a growing free press in Yemen?

On a side note, happy 1-yr-old blogbirthday to Armies of Liberation!

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