WTW: Hogzilla

Blogvisitors, meet Hogzilla. Hogzilla, meet the blogvisitors.

National Geographic experts have confirmed the existence of Hogzilla. Word is still out on Sasquatch, however.

ALAPAHA, Ga. – A team of National Geographic experts has confirmed south Georgia’s monster hog, known to locals as Hogzilla, was indeed real — and really, really big.

They also noted the super swine didn’t quite live up to the 1,000-pound, 12-foot hype generated when Hogzilla was caught on a farm last summer and photographed hanging from a backhoe.

Donning biohazard suits to exhume the behemoth’s smelly remains, the experts estimated Hogzilla was probably only 7 1/2 to 8 feet long, and weighed about 800 pounds. The confirmation came in a documentary aired Sunday night on the National Geographic Channel; it will be rebroadcast Wednesday and Saturday.

“He was an impressive beast. He was definitely a freak of nature,” said documentary producer Nancy Donnelly. She said Hogzilla’s tusks — one measuring nearly 18 inches and the other nearly 16 inches — set a new Safari Club International North American free-range record.

I believe it is unfair to Hogzilla to take his measurements after he’s been in the ground decomposing for 6 months. And another question – why wasn’t he turned into a variety of pork products? He could have fed the entire state of Georgia for two weeks. I suppose we’ll never know the answer to this riveting question. While you ponder that, go visit the rest of the White Trash Wednesday oligopoly.

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