1. I first saw this picture a couple of days ago and wanted to strangle this little prick.

    Then I saw a wider photo (don’t know where it was now) and saw that he was actually standing next to the Terri supporters.

    Strangling is too quick.

  2. 1. your website is weak as fuck.
    2. only white trash people use the term “white trash” these days. its about as sophisticated as laughing at midgets, and about as savvy as calling someone a “fag.” both “jokes” were popular in the 80s and are now used by unsophisticated high school drop-outs and fratboys across the nation.
    3. the whole point of your blog is to talk shit about intelligent and educated people? why dont you find something better to do with your time–something like articulating why you think youre right rather than calling other people wrong. could it be that you dont have anything to say?

  3. I’m so excited to be graced by your intellectually-superior presence. Since you were so kind to dumb it down for me by using numerals, I’ll respond in kind.

    #1: Thanks!
    #2: I am white trash. You got another one right!
    #3: Actually I talk the most shit about drooling lackwits such as yourself. That’s the most enjoyable part. It’s even more enjoyable when you become all unhinged and lash out uncontrollably, filling your underoos with bile.

    Thanks for stopping by. Since this site is so weak, I’ll take it we’ll have to do without your wisdom henceforth. ‘Tis truly a loss and a shame.

  4. OOh Honky Tonk-isn’t that a trashy name now? get a grip on yourself…oh, maybe that’s your problem: NO ONE ELSE WILL GRIP IT FOR YOU SO YOU HAVE TO DO IT YOURSELF.

  5. Personally, I think honkytonk is a weak as fuck white trash midget high school dropout who wishes he were an unsophisticated faggot frat boy.

    Oh, and ditto Katie

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  7. Honkeytonk is right! Making fun of white trash gay midgets is wrong! We should build a shrine…

    Honkeytonk is one of those angry trolls, jealous that his brain can’t work hard enough for him to understand how to start his own website and/or blog to talk about whatever it is HE wants to talk about.

    Why can’t people understand our blogs are for US to spout off about things WE want to talk about? Not to appease others? Weak.

    Honkeytonk, if you’re reading this – you can come troll over at my blog if you like. I’d like more than one opportunity to rip you a new one ya homo.

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