Bizarre Referrers Vol. 2

Just watched Illiinois make an unbelievable comeback against Arizona. Since my picks are pretty much in the toilet, I’ve resorted to rooting for underdogs now, and dammit if Arizona didn’t blow a 15-point lead in the final 3 minutes. FOR SHAME, Wildcats!

Well, anyway, on to some more insane searches that landed people at Six Meat Buffet. Again I marvel at some of these – some of you people are sick freaks!

“profane leprechaun pictures”wha?

“personal foul movie naked basketball”one time this chick personal fouled me while we were playing naked basketball but I didn’t mind

“photos and videos of chicks in high heels being licked”while this person knows what they want, they were undoubtedly sorely disappointed

“earthquake in iran february”this was a CNN search, and I can’t imagine this person appreciated my comments

“naughty interns go wild”there will be no going wild on this blog, little missy!

“gansta flags pictures”being a member of the Blog Pimp Alliance does have its privileges

“former college football players nude”now that’s just gross

“hot drunken wifes”that is one area in which my blog is sorely lacking, no doubt

“welcome back, clemson”Clemson sucks and everybody knows it

“bill maher is a short asshole”true, very true

“no meat religion”no vegans allowed to visit this blog – vegetarians have to get written permission

“Lesbian girls having sex photos/movies”I prefer lesbian women, but that’s just me

“crack whores+pics”I try that search at least once a week, never turns up much

“chattanooga love get naked”is that you, Homely?

More bizarre referrers to come in future installments….


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  2. I’ll keep my comments to myself about Clemson sucking…

    Mama told me if I didn’t have anything nice to say about anyone…then don’t say anything at all. 😉

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