1. First of all, cain’t we all ‘jes git along?

    Second, I don’t really care for regular-season basketball, but I enjoy the tournament.

    Third, I prefer football and tennis above other sports.

    Fourth, baseball is only enjoyable in person with one of those hats that holds two beers and has two straws going down into your mouth.

  2. Preston, you know better than to post a word like Prognostication with this crowd – they have to understand it to respond to it. Here guys:

    Main Entry: prog·nos·ti·ca·tion
    Pronunciation: (“)präg-“näs-t&-‘kA-sh&n
    Function: noun
    1 : an indication in advance : FORETOKEN
    2 a : an act, the fact, or the power of prognosticating : FORECAST b : FOREBODING

    And Baseball is my favorite pastime, cause I’m too straight for tennis. Hahahaha!

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