Tennessee Politics: Finally About to get Interesting?

Let me start by mentioning the folks who’ve been all over this story from the start: Matthew at South End Grounds, Bill Hobbs, Michael Silence among others.

The controversy has finally been picked up by the Old Media (AP) and the Knoxville News Sentinel.

The short version of the story is that Stacey Campfield, a Knoxville-area State Representative has started a blog which claims as its goal to “share with you some of the experiences and things that happen in the legislature that you may not hear about, what really happens behind the scenes, and to point out the decision making process that we go through before we vote on bills.”

Many state governmental dinosaurs – particularly House Speaker Jimmy Naifeh, the leader of the Dim-O-Crack governmental mafia in Nashville – are very displeased with someone having such an uncensored line of communication to Tennessee constituents. This is the same fear that the Old Media has of the general blogosphere – people must not be allowed to know the truth! If they learn the truth, they’ll see the little man behind the curtain pushing the buttons and turning the dials!

Scuttlebutt is now that Naifeh had one of Campfield’s bills killed as a retaliation for a “Top Ten”-style list he had on his blog, which was actually pretty damn funny. It’s important to remember, however, that 99.9% of politicians have no sense of humor, so you can see where this may have caused a problem. Some gems from that particular post:

15 Ways to know if you are a Democrat in the Tennessee Legislature:

You define “capitalism� as selling your vote for $237,000. (John Ford reference?)

You fundamentally believe that businesses oppress people, and that government creates prosperity.

You lampoon republicans for defending traditional values based upon deeply held religious convictions; yet, you quote scripture in defense of homosexuality, saving animals, killing human babies and stricter environmental laws.

The new face of the Democrat Party: “Gay Adoptions, Abortion, John Ford and Jimmy Naifeh.� It makes you long for the days of Governor Ray Blanton and selling pardons.

Oh, there’s more – some of it is only funny if you’ve followed Tennessee politics for a while.

In addition to Naifeh and the doddering old octogenarian John Wilder wetting their pants, Cookeville representative Jere Hargrove says that Campfield is “impugning the character of everybody down here that happens to be a little bit different than you.” No, Jere, you and you’re state Dim-O-Crack cronies have done that for years by your legislative actions and lobbyist shenanigans.

I’ll be adding Stacey Campfield’s blog to my “Tennesseans” blogroll if blogrolling ever comes back up (for crying out loud!). So be sure and check it out for the inside scoop on Tennessee politics.

H/T Mrs. Holmes


  1. Some of the cretins we have in state government make me ashamed to be a Tennessean. If truth be known, Wilder is probably getting his supply of “Depends” on the taxpayer’s dollar. I say cut him off and send him a supply of Sears catalogs to stuff into his boxers.

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