As I’m sure you’ve noticed, the political left spends a great deal of its time preaching tolerance but rarely does it actually display any. This is especially the case with liberal blacks who vilify people like Clarence Thomas and LaShawn Barber, who dare display politically conservative views.

It’s the same way in the gay & lesbian community. Gay activist Michael Rogers has taken up the cause of outing those gay bloggers who might be considered conservative or libertarian in their leanings. In other words, they’ve strayed off the plantation and MUST BE SILENCED! Outlet Radio and Lime Shurbet both have the scoop on the story. The above banner will be in my sidebar for a while – or at least until Rogers’ witchhunt is squashed.

H/T Beth


  1. The only way you can use that graphic, Raven and Preston, is if you can affirm that you are not gay, have had no gay thoughts, dream of the opposite sex instead of Richard Simmons in jogging pants and have hidden your employer’s phone number.

    Otherwise this human trash in the form of Michael Rogers will try to hunt you down, call your employer and do his best to out you. This is an absolutely incredible story that leaves me dumfounded out of the irony of his position.

    Presumably, Rogers voted for John Kerry who was against gay marriage. His stand tends to be that if you’re gay you should not be a Republican because as a rule Republicans are against gay marriage. Well, so was the Democratic nominee.

    The only thing I’ve actually learned from this whole fiasco is that the author of Lime Shurbert is gay. Ok? To each their own. I can’t say I’ve learned Liberals aren’t tolerant because we have seen that in just about every instance that comes about.

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