Finger Woman Fingered

You may remember the story a few weeks ago about a woman who bit into a finger in her bowl of chili at Wendy’s.

Well, it turns out Anna Ayala has a history of filing lawsuits in similar cases. This is why authorities have since searched her Las Vegas home – possibly looking for the rest of the corpse.

SAN JOSE – The woman who claims she bit into a human finger while eating chili at a Wendy’s restaurant has a history of making claims against corporations, including another fast-food chain, a former employer and General Motors.

Anna Ayala, 39, who hired a San Jose attorney to represent her in the Wendy’s case, has been involved in several legal battles in the Bay Area, according to court records.

Speaking at the front door of her two-story stucco home in suburban Las Vegas on Friday, Ayala declined to provide details about her litigious past.

She acknowledged, however, that her family received a settlement several years ago after her daughter, Genesis, now 13, was sickened at an El Pollo Loco restaurant in Las Vegas.

“That was something very different,” she said.

Those crazy chickens allegedly made Genesis crazy sick. Off topic: What the hell kind of name is Genesis for a girl? Or anyone for that matter? It’s a good name for a book of the Bible or art-rock band, but a baby? But I digress. I always digress. What other horrible wrongs have led Anna to the courts for redress?

Among the California cases was a 1998 sexual harassment lawsuit Ayala brought against San Jose-based La Oferta Review Newspaper Inc., seeking $500,000.

Ayala alleged that her boss at the bilingual news weekly brought out wine, exposed himself and tried to block her exit by grabbing her hips during her first day working as a receptionist.

She filed a police report Dec. 4, 1998, and a complaint with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing.

The case was settled before an arbitration hearing in June 2002.

Two years later, Ayala sued General Motors Corp., Goodyear Tire Corp. and a San Jose car dealership, alleging that a defective 1997 GMC Sierra they sold her caused a 1999 highway accident.

That suit was dismissed after Ayala fired her attorney and failed to show up in court or submit paperwork, court records show.

Yeah, class act there. But don’t think that she’s prone to hysterics or anything…

Ayala said she and her family had been “disrespected like terrorists” when police served the warrant at her home Wednesday.

She said officers held guns to her head and on her daughter, who she said was injured when officers threw the girl to the ground.

Not surprisingly, Ayala has dropped her lawsuit against Wendy’s as authorities continue to investigate the origin of the finger. There were rumors circulating that the finger belonged to a recently-deceased aunt, but those remain rumors. Hopefully authorities will be able to identify the source of the offending digit and nail Ayala to the wall. That way, she’ll only be able to file future lawsuits from the discomfort of her jail cell.


  1. There wsa an old episode of Newhart where Dick asks some guy what he does for a living and the guy says, “I’m a sue-er! I sue people!” Sounds like she’s out of the same mold…

  2. “She said officers held guns to her head and on her daughter, who she said was injured when officers threw the girl to the ground.”

    I don’t care what county you live in, the cops don’t even toss around kids in Compton unless they are packing heat. This woman is probably nuts and likes to blame others for her crappy life.

    And what’s with naming a girl Genesis? That’s the stupidest name I’ve heard since I met a guy named NCC1701.

  3. Oh. My. God.
    Eerrp…ugh, makes me ill thinking about where she found that finger. Disgusting! Who ARE these people who think it’s ok to make a living by filing false lawsuits?I hate ’em. Hates ’em, I said….

    but i love this entry.

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