WTW: Raggedy Ride Redux

This White Trash Wednesday, I’d like to pay tribute to those toothless backwoods MTV-watching gangsta wanna-bes who drive around in tricked-out Honda Civics. If you’ve ever visited small town America on a weekend night, you know the types I’m talking about.

Their only cultural frame of reference is MTV Jammmzzzzzzz and they spend all their minimum-wage money pimping their Geo Trackers and Ford Escorts and buying subwoofers so that when they go cruising past the local McDonalds, everyone will know that they listen exclusively to 50-cent and spend most of their spare time bustin’ caps in people’s asses and fighting the power.

They gather in shopping center parking lots and fast food restaurants on the town’s main drag and compare gangsta notes while scheduling fist fights for later in the evening. They drive up and down the same stretch of road demonstrating to all slack-jawed onlookers that they are indeed the pimpin’est daddies on the strip.

Well, in an attempt to be cool like them, I had my own raggedy ride tricked out recently and thought some of you might want to see it.

I took a picture of it parked in my own mobile home park. You can pimp your own ride here and here.

Your White Trash Wednesday bloggers….


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  2. This is the 2nd time that I recall, in recent days, in which I’ve come across this topic… Is this a new one of the Blogosphere memes? I wish that there was a listing of all of them, so perhaps I could partake in one (or two, or three?…)!

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