Pork Bellies

A quick round up of blogosphere items you may or may not have missed…

Little Green Footballs sullies its mouse by visiting the Daily Kock only to find more gloating over the deaths of civilian contractors today in Iraq. Those cockgobblers over at Kos are truly the absolute scum of the earth.

Vince from Eric Aut Morire demonstrates the proper way to squash a troll.

Wuzzadem samples Microsoft’s new blogging software with limited success.

Rusty’s hourly Pamela Anderson searches have finally paid offshe has a blog!

Chad Evans lets us in on a Homicide Bomber Debutante Ball in Iran.

Beautiful Atrocities: Celebrities outraged that new Pope is not muslim.

From the good cause department, Beth passes on the word about Soldiers’ Angels – an organization created by a military mom to help our fighting men and women overseas and their families. Visit their website for more information and donate if you have the means.

Last and also least, if you missed the Citizen Journalist Report today, you missed a good one. You can catch the replay for the next 23 hours or so at Right Talk Radio. Listen in to hear Michele Catalano fly off the rails as she is tormented by Jeff Goldstein.


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