Friday Procrastination

A few quickies as I dilly-dally instead of getting actual work done.

In one of the angriest posts I’ve seen in the ‘sphere lately, Wuzzadem goes off the rails with rage at the latest outrage and those bloggers who continue to beat the issue to death.

The Therapist discovers the medical secret behind the GOP’s weak-kneed lack of leadership.

Arianna Huffington’s celebrity blog is finally up and running – Gwynneth Paltrow is already off to a scintillating start.

Speaking of lefty media, don’t miss today’s Air America lineup.

Dan exposes the ugly truth behind a leftist extremist couple. No, it’s not a same-sex marraige, but might as well be.

Celebrate the holidays all year long with Esther Wilberforce-Packard.

Katie said “boobies”. [Insert Beavis & Butthead-style chortling here]

In Search of Utopia has had a catastrophic server crash and has hit the skids. David has set up a temporary blog here – – while he decides whether or not he’s going to try to resurrect the old blog. Yeah, I realize he has moonbat tendencies, but he’s a good guy and was one of the first “big boys” to throw me some linkage when I was just a 9th-tier blog instead of the 5th-tier blog I’ve become. Go give his new blog some love. (via the lovely Sadie)

Still a fan of our crippling two-party political system? Then you’ll love Sharpy’s new graphic:

As usual, he’s dead on – “Face it, the only difference is who’s in power.”

Last but certainly not least, a big Happy Birthday to the Wily Canuck! I got you a cake:

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  1. “Arianna: its rlly uncool whn my cell rings during pilates. i said id post whn & if i had something to say. rt now im just too busy. stop bugging me.



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