Something horrible has happened to me. I’ve been “tagged.” It’s like a chain letter but worse. I would like to add that the only reason I’m participating is because I am a poet at heart, though most of my best work was created during my angst-filled teenage years and I think I burned all those poems (thank God).

Here is the poem I’ve been directed to create (I’ve chosen e.e. cummings no-punctuation-style):

turd in a    punchbowl
milk  milk   lemonade
turd in a     punchbowl
round the corner fudge     is made

It was the evil William Teach who started this filth, so blame him.

CORRECTION: It was the doubly-evil Blog d’Elisson who actually started this whole thing. He has a chart of how the virus has spread. Impolite and evil!


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