Sunday Night Poll

Stumpling upon Goldstein’s superhero post earlier today gave me a (rare) idea. If you were a superhero — be it blogger superhero or otherwise — what secret weapon and/or fashion accessory would you be most likely to use?


  1. I’m still waiting on Kerry to be prosecuted for the war crimes he admits he committed. I guess I’ll be waiting a while.

    He admited no such thing. Tell you what, dumbfuck, I’d like to hear from you the minute your brain starts working! I guess I’ll be waiting a while:twisted:

  2. Chris, your sharp retort has disoriented me. I’m dizzy from the stinging barbs you’ve slung through your keen command of the written word and rapier wit. I’m just a simple caveman blogger… I fell into some ice, was frozen and later thawed out – I know nothing of your persuasive argument techniques or “language”. Please, leave at once before I become so overwrought that I fling myself off the roof of this modern building, which also frightens and confuses me.

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