WTW: Great Moments in Eurotrash Trolling

A not-so-wise man once said, there’s no white trash quite like Eurotrash.

Truer words have never been spoken. Or maybe they have. Anyway, it works as a good set up for this very special White Trash Wednesday. Today, we get to know our most recent half-witted troll, Boudica of Suburbia.

Name: Boudica of Suburbia, “chilled_v”, “chilled voodoo”, “chilled voo-doo-doo” – actual name unknown – probably something like Dierdre, Agatha, Freda or Zoe.

Age: Uncertain. More than likely early 20’s, definitely too young to have any kind of actual clue.

Nationality: Part Ukranian, Mostly snaggletoothed bedwetting Eurosocialist limey.

Marital Status: Painfully single. Frequently has cravings for a actual boyfriend, but prefers to hook up with strangers she meets online, often providing oral services upon first meeting. So, on the bright side, at least she’s a slut.

Favorite Things:

Least Favorite Things:

  • Stupid fucking Americans.
  • This blog.
  • Genocide. Unless it’s Saddam’s wasting of useless Kurds with chemical weapons, or his filling of mass graves with Iraqi children. That kind of genocide is a-ok with her.
  • Being called fatty-fat-fatso. So don’t refer to her as “wide load” or “stretch marks”, this could cause another catastrophic emotional meltdown.
  • Christians
  • Having to break down and ask her parents for money yet again. Living off the dole is tough in Jolly Olde England these days.

More Boudica Fan Club Trivia!

Brutally Insane. Seems to weave in and out of partial sanity like a drunk driver on a country road. Has finally gone from simple medication to group therapy, so perhaps there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Also has some difficulty telling the difference between tsunamis and earthquakes. Believes that the U.S. chicken coop at Guantanamo Bay is a “concentration camp”. Has substantial difficulty with simple concepts.

Part-time vegetarian. Encourages others to join her in a meat-free lifestyle, unless she’s eating meat that week.

On the plus side, unashamed to buy porn. Also, as previously mentioned, a slut, when she can talk some poor slob into sullying his member with her filthy womanhood.

Well, that’s about it for this week’s White Trash Eurotroll profile. I hope you’ve all enjoyed getting to know Boudica as much as I have. I really feel a connection with her. Like we could be soul mates… or something.

Your White Trash Wednesday bloggers….


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  2. I can’t tell if this is sophisticated sarcam or a really strange infactuation. You’d probably like to sully your manhood by plowing it into her hippo like backside huh?

    Hide your shame! HIDE YOUR SHAME!

    Good post. Don’t ever do one like this about me.

  3. Hector – I can’t help but feel a little affection for her for some reason. It must be the slut thing. And if you don’t start agreeing with me on every single issue, you’re next, rubberneck.

    Rob – I can’t deal with your trolls. They’re far too persistent. And I don’t think they have blogs of their own which provide the unlimited material that Boudica’s does. Plus, you’re a far more patient man than I.

  4. Well, I got rid of the two worst trolls: Jadegold and Hus/Garry Gunnels.

    Jadegold finally crossed the line when she threatened to contact my profession state regulatory board and file a complaint against me for violating my client’s confidentiality on my blog. Which never happened, of course, but then facts never counted for much with her.

  5. I’m sure Boudica will appreciate the increased traffic she gets from readers interested in tracing the course of her psychic tailspin after she reads this post and emotionally implodes. Nice work.

  6. Rob, feel free to send your trolls over to my site. I love crushing their little spirits, like I would their skulls if they weren’t housebound pussies.

    Now Preston, you know I have a soft spot for sluts, but I like the ones I don’t have to pick up at Dunkin Donuts. I prefer the ones outside the movie theater waiting for their ‘ride.’ Yeah right.

    Rubberneck? What the hell?

  7. Ps. Please tell me if I ever start to piss you off. I don’t want to just wake up one day and find the RTG IS A FUCKING LOSER post on your blog.

    That would hurt my feeling. I only have one, don’t hurt it.

    Hormonally yours,

  8. 👿


  9. Looking at Boudica’s Meat-a-lanche, I have a feeling she’s enjoying the attention. I think she’s more clever than I gave her credit for. This is more people than will ever see her blog again, I’m afraid, unless some of you get hooked.

    Though I am sitting back and waiting for the REVENGE OF LA BOUDICA!

  10. To be honest, the Meat-a-lanche is really just an Ace-a-lanche, since he sent some folks my way. (Thanks, Ace!)

    And don’t bother commenting on Boudica’s site, there are a lot of deleted comments over there. She doesn’t appreciate trolls like I do.

  11. I wouldn’t say I’ve a lot of deleted comments, maybe a few dozen at a push.
    So… back to your character assassination…
    Pretty accurate for the most part really.
    a) I’m not on the dole, per se. I’m doing a Masters in journalism (you wouldn’t have guessed, would you?).
    b) I don’t know of many 20 year olds who don’t borrow money off their parents.
    c) The tsunami was caused by an earthquake, as are the majority of tsunamis, and has been referred to as the Earthquake Appeal.
    c) Thanks for all the visitors. They made me a few bob on GoogleAds. I may have the heart of a socialist but I have the (figurative) balls of a capitalist.

    Although this will be a disappointment I’m not going to bother retaliating, I’ve got work to do and people to blow.

    much love from your snaggletoothed bedwetting Eurosocialist slut,


  12. “Thanks for all the visitors. They made me a few bob on GoogleAds.”

    Yeah, I’m sure that all of the conservative visitors that took place in the “Meat-a-lanche” were chomping at the bit to click on your “World Peace Through Anonymous Sex” and “Save a Hippie, Kill A Republican” Google Ads.

  13. No need to google it, Zeb – it’s alreadyu written up.

    Preston – you gave dear B’s site meter graphic a Preston Erection – you should feel proud!! : )

    Sorry if I can’t get my anger up at a gal who admits liking .. well, you know. Nice job on the post.

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