Forsake The Troops Asshat on Fox News Right Now

Unbeliveable – that little Forsake the Troops asshat is on Hannity and Colmes right now. He looks exactly as I would have imagined – a homely, scrawny little braindead societal misfit. It’s a night for vomiting at the Six Meat Buffet.


For the record, I never watch Hannity & Colmes. It was pure coincidence. Please don’t tell anyone.


Eric at Vince Aut Morire has video of the “interview”. I can’t really call it an interview, because the little assbasket was unable to formulate a complete sentence. It was more of a one-sided drubbing.


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  2. I don’t either.. (wink wink) — But I did see the segment: UGGHHHHHHHH!! And this guy’s site makes up over half the content available on Mike Moore’s site. Suffice to say, Mike hasn’t had much to say lately.

  3. The guy was a raving dumbass…as Eric says, even Alan Colmes kicked his ass. Now THAT’s pathetic! (oh, and Alan Colmes is the reason I turn off Hannity and Colmes each night)

  4. LOL, then the little scumbucket did a radio interview with some guy named Rusty Humphries from Bakersfield.

    It’s even more pathetic. I have the audio a couple of posts up.

    Ol’ Crook is rapidly turning into a national laugh line. :mrgreen:

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