Why Do I Hate Politicians?

Because they say shit like this:

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, appearing at the State Department with British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw, told reporters that the Newsweek story was bound to be volatile.

“The United States is a country that believes deeply in religious freedom and the equality of all to practice religion as they see it,” Rice said, “and we would certainly never condone anything that would be a desecration of the holy book of one of the world’s great religions.”

Rice said detainees at Guantanamo were given prayer mats and directed toward Mecca so that they could pray appropriately. The Quran has been handled “very, very carefully,” she said.

“I just hope that through steady discussion now with the Muslim community _ and our people in the field are trying to do it _ they understand the real story of how the United States has tried to deal with this question of religious practice at Guantanamo,” she said.

Sure, they’re required to lie. I’m holding out hope that this is just another case of a politician lying to justify some political nuance that I’m just too damn cornbread to understand.

The fact that Rice has to come out and defend Gitmo and explain once again that we’re kissing the asses of a bunch of murderous human garbage sacks (who, by the way, aren’t worthy of the luxury of being crammed into chicken coops) down there makes me want to vomit.

Here’s the ugly truth about Gitmo – I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. None of these shitbags should have been brought across the ocean when they were rounded up fighting with the Taliban. They should have been kept in Afghanistan, interrogated by whatever means necessary and disposed of. We should have never known the name of Johnny Walker Lindh. He should be decomposing under a mound of dirt in the desert with the rest of the captured Taliban, with their remains having been picked clean long ago by filthy jackals.

Gitmo is a waste of good detention space and manpower. Quit apologizing, Condi. I can only puke so much in any given day.


  1. It sickens me to. Why are we always apologizing to these tits? Whenever I hear how great Islam is, I just want to puke. There is nothing great about a religion that is based solely on violence.

  2. While I may not say it as eloquently as you just stated:lol: I do agree that we should have killed them on the battlefield. I wonder if the world media would have rather us sent them to an Egyptian prison to get interrogated, or maybe a Pakistani prison? Hey, theres an idea. Send them to Egypt.

  3. You missed the point. My problem is that she classified islam as one of the world’s “great religions.”

    islam is a phony religion based on terror and false prophets. I’d wipe my ass with that book too. Condy Rice = Pluralism = Can’t we just all get along? = Everybody’s okay

  4. One more thing……

    The press, democracks and even some republicrats often talk about the fanatics associated with the religious right (i.e. Christians in general). These same people talk about islam like it is a pure, holy cause for what is right. Once again, Christians are persecuted while islams blow up shit.

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