Here We Go Again

Republicans (again) manage to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. It’s become a recurring, and nauseating, theme.

John “No Freedom of Speech for you!” McCain leads the familiar charge of pussy Republicans into the anals of history, with his trademark battle cry, “COMPROMISE!!!!”

(05-23) 18:52 PDT WASHINGTON, (AP) — An eleventh-hour deal did little to diminish the political implications of the Senate’s up-to-the-brink confrontation over President Bush’s judicial nominations.

It’s still about the shape of the Supreme Court, the midterm election in 2006, the next presidential race and the future of comity in Congress. Only the dynamics changed when Senate moderates announced a compromise Monday night that frees up many of Bush’s picks, puts others in limbo and preserved longstanding filibuster rules.

Fourteen lawmakers — seven from each party — bucked their leadership to strike a deal Monday night…

Without the compromise, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist had planned to light the fuse Tuesday by calling for limiting debate on the nomination of Priscilla Owen, a member of the Texas Supreme Court who Bush wants to put on the federal appeals court.

But the 14 centrists chose compromise over confrontation, leaving Frist and Democratic leader Harry Reid vulnerable to criticism from their parties’ powerful special interests.

“It has some good news and it has some disappointing news,” Frist said, noting that he had not been a party to the deal. Democratic leader Harry Reid of Nevada seemed more receptive, but said he remains opposed to some of the nominees who will now likely take seats on federal appeals courts.

The 2008 CAMPAIGN: Frist didn’t get his vote, though he’ll seek credit for trying as he maneuvers for a likely presidential race. The deal was struck around the table in the office of McCain, the Arizona senator who ran against Bush in 2000 and must now answer to angry conservatives. His advisers say they suspect that the most partisan conservatives were not going to back McCain anyhow, and that the deal bolsters his image as a maverick.

So McCain’s violation of free speech rights disguised as “campaign finance reform” wasn’t enough to bolster his maverick image? Up yours, McCain, you shitkicking cretin. Patterico has pledged to support whoever McCain’s next opponent may be – and I, for one, second that effort.

Captain “Not One Dime” Ed has a good breakdown of the deal if you want to get into the details.

And who are the gutless seven GOP dwarves who made sure the Republicans remain the minority party in the Senate?

  • John “Turncoat” McCain – AZ (no surprise)
  • Mike Dewine – OH
  • Olympia Snowe – ME
  • Susan Collins – ME
  • Lincoln Chafee – RI
  • John Warner – VA
  • Lindsey Graham – SC

Northeastern Republicans are nothing more than RINOs anyway – Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island – why do you people even bother voting GOP? All you get are Jim Jeffords and Olympia Snowes. Every one of these Senators needs to be kicked out of office – starting in 2006 with Snowe, Dewine and Chafee.

The best reaction I’ve seen is this open letter to Frist from Mitch Berg. A snippet:

Mitch Berg here. You probably don’t know who I am; I’m a typical schmuck. I write a blog, and I try to pitch in on GOP activities around Minnesota.

And on behalf of the entire GOP, I’m having a hard time walking right now – because you just boned your party up the a**.

Yeah, read it all – it’s good.

Sure, it’s not all Frist’s fault, but when you’re supposed to be providing the leadership, you better be prepared to take the heat.

It’s all summed up very nicely by this graphic from Sharp as a Marble (yes, I’m posting it again – it’s worth it):


Riehl World View has a great photoshop of the Seven GOP Dwarves.

Ace brings it long and strong.

Malkin: Republicans Buckle.

Protein Wisdom


I don’t listen to Limbaugh very often, especially since he’s become nothing more than a regurgitator of GOP talking points, but I had to tune in to get his reaction to the “deal”. Even he is blasting the GOP. When the king of “Democrats=BAD, Republicans=GOOD talk radio” isn’t sugarcoating the deal, you know it’s a turd that can’t be polished.


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  2. Lindsay Graham has really turned into dissappointment since he was elected to the Senate.

    Now when I see that face, smug smile and all I want to cause him physical harm.

    I know I know that makes me a bad person, it is just something I will have to deal with.

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  4. Funny,
    I always thought we had a REPRESENTATIVE government. You know, find out what the folks that elected you think and speak for them.
    Not your own self-promoting interest.
    I live in Arizona and I supported John McCain, not anymore.
    He does not represent me with the way he has carried on lately.

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