WTW: Cat Blogging

I really should do more cat blogging. All the cool bloggers do it. I mean, really, is there anything more precious than photos of cute kitties in a variety of playful poses? I can answer that for you… No, there isn’t.

Incidentally, do you always let other people answer your questions for you? Stand up for yourself for once! Get confident, stupid!

Anyway, back to cat blogging. Margaret Sue Jamel of Waukesha, Wisconsin loves cats so much that she decided she needed to keep more than 250 of them in her rental home. If only she were a blogger, she never would have run out of material!

In what authorities are calling the worst case of cat neglect ever seen in Waukesha County, a woman charged with hoarding more than 250 cats in squalor in a home in Ottawa was ordered Monday to undergo a mental competency examination.

“Cat neglect.” I believe that is punishable by death in California. If it were child neglect, she would get 30-days probation, because we all know that pets are actually more human than children.

The examination for Margaret Sue Jamel, 48, was ordered during her initial court appearance on charges that say 193 live and 65 dead cats were taken from the home by Humane Animal Welfare Society personnel and the Dousman Fire Department. The workers donned boots, rubber gloves and respirators as they went room by room through the fetid home, where several areas had wall-to-wall cat urine and feces.

Wall-to-wall urine and feces? Sounds like life on the road with a traveling rock band. Or a night at Sandy Duncan’s house.

A criminal complaint says the dead animals included both kittens and adult cats, some of which had been partially devoured by other cats.

“Horrible” is how animal caretaker Stacy Krafczyk described the 1,200-square-foot home from which she rescued cats on Friday night.

“You walk out of the house smelling like the house,” she said.

“Animal caretaker” Stacy Krafczyk did mention that she’d been waiting 7 long years for a chance to be quoted in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel adding that “there just aren’t that many opportunities for animal caretakers like myself to get the media attention we richly deserve.” Perhaps she should consider cat blogging. All the best bloggers do it.

The utility crew became alarmed after seeing numerous cats through the windows and smelling a powerful stench.

Just one window was open, and more than a dozen cats were pressed up against its screen.

When humane officers entered the home, they found a bowl of water but no food for the dozens of cats that roamed freely throughout the house, including the basement. The stench was so overpowering that even respirators were unable to prevent officers’ eyes from burning and watering as they worked amid piles of cat feces and floors soaked with urine.

Some of the cats appeared to be suffering from respiratory ailments, and at least one was either unable or unwilling to move.

Here is an artist’s rendering of Margaret Jamel’s condition once authorities finally caught up with the cat lover (and potential future cat blogger!):

Your White Trash Wednesday bloggers….


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  2. Katie, surely you don’t assume I was moved by the story. You know me better than that.

    And Rob, babe blogging is where it’s at. That’s why you rule and the others drool.

    Cat blogging is for babbling oddballs with repressed homosexual tendencies. (No offense, cat bloggers!)

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