High School Valedictorian Punished for Telling the Truth

Abe Stoklasa, class Valedictorian at Eagleville High School near Murfreesboro, Tennessee, had his diploma withheld for telling the truth about government schools during his graduation speech.

Eagleville High School Valedictorian Abe Stoklasa said all he wanted to do was give a memorable speech, but what he thought was funny, school leaders considered offensive.

In his speech, Stoklasa planned to say, “You have given us the minimum required attention and education to master any station at any McDonald’s anywhere. For that we thank you. Of course, I’m only kidding. Eagleville is a fine institute of higher learning, with superb faculty and staff.� He said all of the jokes were simply segues to build up the school with compliments.

But those in attendance at Eagleville’s graduation ceremony never heard that second part of Stoklasa’s speech because the school’s principal asked that the microphone be turned off when he varied from the speech he said he was going to deliver.

The Principal, Rhonda Holton, undoubtedly a prize-winning T.E.A. sycophant, was upset with Abe’s speech “because it implied that the students did not receive a quality education.â€?

Humor is most effective when there is truth behind it – and you can bet your ass that there was A LOT OF TRUTH behind Abe’s joke, which I’m sure didn’t sit well with Rhonda.


  1. Geez…somebody doesn’t have a sense of humor! See, I always thought I had to practice my speech to get used to the microphone system. Now I know it was to censor me if need be. I love public education. 😆

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