Finally, Pantano Cleared

It took long enough, but the trumped-up charges have been dropped against 2nd Lt. Ilario Pantano.

It was a simple case of a soldier doing his job, nothing more. The dickless accuser who was apparently motivated by a personal grudge to try and fry Pantano has been effectively (metaphorically) castrated, and Pantano can get back to business as usual. And business as usual, according to Michelle Malkin:

So, what does Lt. Pantano plan to do? Right now, he’s training troops at Camp Lejeune and hopes to return to combat to serve his country.

God bless him.

God bless him indeed. We need him back out on the battlefield – he’s obviously a good shot!

Related: Defend the Defenders. Consider making a donation to Pantano’s legal defense fund. The charges may have been dropped, but attorneys still cost money – especially effective attorneys.



  1. “he’s obviously a good shot!”

    He emptied one clip into them from close range, stopped, reloaded, then emptied another. That’s dotting your “i’s” and crossing your “t’s.” A job well done, and here’s hoping he gets back to doing some more of it, real soon.

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