1. I find it interesting that people like Koppel and Trudeu want to use the military for their own agenda instead of honoring and celebrating all the men and women who answer one of highest callings in life in order to give bozos like them the chance to act like bozos.

  2. Big Orange Mike:

    (and i almost abbreviated that to something not-so-flattering)

    at the very least we should give credit to the LIbEralS for remaining consistent in their use of the military for personal agenda advancement. When pikers like koppel and trudeau do it, they’re just softening up the Little Brains around us for times when Bill Clinton needs to bomb iraq to distract us from his legal woes. And also when John Kerry needs to get his vietnam veteran foot in the political door.

    Here’s to you, democruds, for being shitty across-the-board…

    Jihad Jimmy, Minister of War Crimes and Chief Defender of the Faith

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