Fox’s Gerardo Riviera Interviews Johnnie Cochran on the MJ Verdict

In watching the continuing coverage of the Jacko verdict last night, I was shocked to see this particular segment on the Fox News Channel. (This transcript may not be exact as I was already blasted by 9:30 pm)

Gerardo: Johnnie, as an attorney who has certainly had his fair share of high-profile cases, what is your take on this non-guilty verdict?

Cochran: If I’m in the ground… don’t expect a sound.

Gerardo: After taking so much heat for getting O.J. off the hook for decapitating his wife and her boy toy, do you feel vindicated by this verdict?

Cochran: Look around, you’re talking with a burial mound.

Gerardo: Wasn’t this trial really all about race? That was why they went after O.J. – wasn’t this persecution because Michael Jackson is African-American?

Cochran: If I don’t answer, it’s because I’m dead from cancer.

Gerardo: One last thing before we turn you back over to the underworld… Is it true that you materialized as a ghastly apparition in the jury room and swayed the jury to return a sweeping Not Guilty verdict?

Cochran: It’s not polite to boast… when you’re a ghost.

Gerardo: That’s about it from graveside, back to you Sean, you self-righteous little goody-goody GOP mouthpiece…


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  2. That was a “bootiful” interview!

    Seriously, I was stupidly starting to think Geraldo wasn’t so bad because he’s a good cheerleader for the troops, and then he had to go back to his sleazy roots with his MJ adulation. Yeccchhh. Every time he pops up on Fox I want to throw shit at the damn TV.

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