Good News, Still Not Enough

U.S. House passes bill to slash funding to the United Nations.

WASHINGTON – Culminating years of frustration with the performance and behavior of the United Nations, the House voted Friday to slash U.S. contributions to the world body if it does not substantially change the way it operates.

The 221-184 vote, which came despite a Bush administration warning that such a move could actually sabotage reform efforts, was a strong signal from Congress that a policy of persuasion wasn’t enough to straighten out the U.N.

“We have had enough waivers, enough resolutions, enough statements,” said House International Relations Committee Chairman Henry Hyde, R-Ill., the author of the legislation. “It’s time we had some teeth in reform.”

I recommend that we continue slashing and slashing and slashing until we reach $0.00.


  1. I guess I thought this plan wasn’t as good as the one proposed by Rep. Lantos that, rather than make the cuts automatic, gave the power to make the cuts to the State Department.

    That way Condi can use the cuts as a bargaining chip. If the UN bureaucrats know the cuts are coming anyway they’re going to be less likely to change. If Condi can beat them over the heads with it we’ll likely see more progress toward reform.

    But then again, I guess I’m a person who thinks that the UN could be an organization that does a lot of good in the world.

  2. then, Japan says, “O.K., folks, we will pay more.” isn’t enough for the country to be a permanent member on the security council? well, this is a bad joke anyway.

  3. I don’t think $0.00 goes far enough, you commie symp pinko lib.

    Let’s get repaid for all the cash that’s been wasted for the last 60 years.

  4. Did you just call me a fucking communist? The fact that I think the UN could, with some major reform and leadership changes, become the valid and helpful world organization it was intended to be makes me a communist?

    Pal, I’m about as far as you can get from a communist. I think you need to start looking before you leap because that last comment made it seem like you’re just a few IQ points away from needing to wear a helmet.

  5. Rob, I’m sure Vince was talking to me. He is always insulting me in a similar fashion. And I’m pretty sure he knows you’re not a commie.

    The UN started as a good idea after WWII, but they are too far gone over the cliff of corruption and anti-Semitismto be resurrected, which is why I want to completely pull out.

    I also believe that this hangover is one of the more brutal I’ve had in recent years.

  6. Sheesh, talk about looking before you leap. Preston was right, I was talking to him.

    Preston, just be glad we’re not going to the Dixie Blogfest. Today’s hangover would be paltry by comparison.


  7. Ah, my apologies then Eric. You’re right, I should practice what I preach.

    As far as hangovers go, my girlfriend is nursing a nasty one. She got so drunk last night she was making out with her friend. It was crazy…and pretty hot, though I’m sure she’s going to be feeling pretty awkward when she finally wakes up.

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