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We were enjoying a delicious Father’s Day pizza this evening at the Mellow Mushroom when I noticed that one of their TVs was showing some type of hideous bass fishing program on ESPN. No offense to you bass fishermen, but the only thing worse than watching fishing on television is watching fishing in person. No offense of course.

Anyway, that got me to thinking. First I thought… should I have another black-and-tan? Then I thought – what the hell are they doing trying to pass this crap off as sports? Then I realized that this is the same network that actually shows hours upon hours of people playing cards and calls it “entertainment”. This all leads up to tonight’s Sunday Night Poll…

Which pile of unentertaining crap that ESPN tries to pass off as programming sucks the most?
PBA Bowling
Bass-O-Rama Tournament Fishing
Horse Racing
Cheerleading Competitions

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7 comments on “Sunday Night Poll

  1. Just as I suspected, cheerleading competitions have ZERO VOTES right now. Why? because I LOVE THEM. I have never.. EVER been able to surf past one of these programs. I live for the back flippin mascot, the skirts bouncing to that song “Are y’all ready for this!“, the rare but always satisfying moment when the pyramid goes wrong and some hot chick bounces butt first off the mat.

    I even saw Bring it on in the theatre.. Twice.

    Kill me please.

  2. Whew! I was hoping you wouldn’t throw NASCAR up there (even though ESPN doesn’t have its rights anymore). Try being a NASCAR fan in Philadelphia – it’s like being a Tampa Bay Devil Rays fan, well, anywhere!

  3. Shawn – I almost threw Auto Racing (NASCAR, IRL, etc) in there, but decided that racing is more of a sport than Golf in terms of physical exertion, so I left it alone.

    Hans – glad you’re back. And I have to admit, that when I pass the High School Cheerleading Competition shows, I have to stop and watch myself. Then I go lock the door. Then I…. well…..

  4. Brittany Jackson = Hotness.

    Although I am considered a “yankee,” I find Pat Summit very attractive – even at her age. I’m not sure if it’s a Women In Power thing, but I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating Fritos.

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